July 7, 1997

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The Mail

The Mail

I was pleased to see the article on Newfoundland (“A sense of place,” Cover/Essay, June 23) by Sandra Gwyn, and especially her praise for the late George Story. Still, all writers should beware of phrases such as “almost single-handedly.”
High Drama 1617

High Drama

On the morning of May 23, two Calgarians, Jamie Clarke, 29, and Alan Hobson, 39, reached the top of the world—the summit of Mount Everest, a narrow patch of Himalayan snow no larger than a dining-room table, 8,848 m above sea level. Although climbing Everest is not the novelty it once was— more than 700 climbers, including 10 Canadians, have reached the summit since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953—it remains the most perilous adventure known to mankind: for every four people who reach the peak, one dies in the effort.
Beyond the ha ndover 3637

Beyond the ha ndover

They are the ghosts at the banquet. Crumbling green bunkers built at the peak of the Cold War, they dot bare hilltops along the southern side of Hong Kong's 32 km border with China. For decades, they have deterred people fleeing China’s political and economic turbulence from crossing illegally into the comparative freedom and prosperity of Hong Kong. But increasingly, the bunkers are out of date.
Truth and consequences 2829

Truth and consequences

Ultimately, they seek truth. But the spate of government inquiries and royal commissions seemingly going on in every corner of Canada also leaves the impression that the best country in the world is undergoing systematic breakdown. The Guy Paul Morin inquiry wants to know why Ontario’s courts convicted a man of a murder he never committed.


According cules was ing god Zeus to sired Greek by during legend, the philandera bout Herof extramarital amusement with a mortal. But in its new animated feature, Disney has sanitized the story, making Hercules the legitimate son of Zeus and his wife, the goddess Hera.
500 year and counting 2627

500 year and counting

The chilling Newfoundland coming oldtimers winds, inshore call rain coast to it a and spawn. “capelin fog in that late June Last squall”—a typically week, just as as mixture hammers the the capelin Matthew— of boneare the a replica of the ship that explorer John Cabot sailed to the New World 500 years ago—made its widely anticipated landing at Bonavista, the squall was in full force.
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Opening Notes

Opening Notes

In Toronto social circles, the buzz last week centred on a Monte Carlo-based brunette who, on Aug. 23— only three months after a whirlwind transatlantic courtship—is set to marry the man billed as Canada’s most eligible bachelor: Bank of Montreal chairman Matthew Barrett.
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