August 11, 1997

Sky King 3031

Sky King

Bombardier's new regional jet is revolutionizing the way people fly
Fontaine's vision 1213

Fontaine's vision

The new grand chief aims for unity
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Paying for the RCMP Some important points in your fine report on the RCMP seem to have been overlooked (‘Why the Mounties can’t get their man,” Cover, July 28). Regarding education, most FBI applicants possess two college degrees and come with a proven record of expertise in a specialized field.
Scaling down the B.C. salmon wars 1617

Scaling down the B.C. salmon wars

Ottawa tries to cool U.S. reactions to Glen Clark
Mayhem in the market 2021

Mayhem in the market

A suicide bombing in Israel put peace back on hold
Dawn of Spawn 5253

Dawn of Spawn

Two Canucks conceive a blockbuster
A really big show 3839

A really big show

New theatres offer a total entertainment experience
Funny girl, sad girl 5051

Funny girl, sad girl

Canadian stage veteran Fiona Reid is a master of complexity
Opening Notes 1011
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

McBean's high hopes Marnie McBean thought climbing the Olympic victory podium was a high. Now the gold-medal rower is about to experience a different kind of altitude. Toronto-based McBean is one of 15 members of an expedition to the Quajon Fjord in southeastern Baffin Island. Expedition Inspiration has two goals: the first is to climb as many unsealed peaks as possible between Aug. 2 and 11.
Were the Swiss banks really so different? 89

Were the Swiss banks really so different?

Other countries are guilty of dealing with dictators such as Hitler. Has Canada stopped selling wheat to China?
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