October 27, 1997

Eating Right 5051

Eating Right

So said the Greek physician Hippocrates, more than 2,000 years before modern science published the first of thousands of studies warning about the potential dangers of red meat, caffeine, white flour and almost everything else on the grocery list.
The mega-mayor faceoff 1819

The mega-mayor faceoff

Isolated and unprepossessing, the industrial complex at 501 Passmore Rd. in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough seems far from the sort of place where politicians usually tread. On the opposite side of the street, farmland marks the end of Metropolitan Toronto.
Millennium mayhem 3839

Millennium mayhem

Bob Juneau is willing to take at least some of the blame. As an earnest young computer programmer at CN Rail in the early 1960s, he routinely stoked the company’s massive IBM mainframe with punch cards that used two digits to denote the year.
Opening Notes 10114
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

In a region that sees more than its share of gloomy economic news, it felt like a welcome burst of sunshine. A $290,000 study commissioned by the federal department of international trade compared the costs of starting and operating a business in 42 cities in Canada, the United States and Europe.
The taverna terrorists 2829

The taverna terrorists

In the antique language of the Basques, they call the bar a herriko taverna—a people’s pub. It is difficult to find, buried in the basement of a crumbling building inside a warren of cobbled lanes deep within the old medieval quarter of San Sebastian.
Economic terrorism in a Moscow hotel 4849

Economic terrorism in a Moscow hotel

The fate of a Moscow luxury hotel, half-owned by an obscure and secretive Halifax company, will determine how much more investment the Russians can expect from Canadian firms. The item was near the top of Jean Chrétien’s agenda during his four-day visit to Russia, which began last Saturday.
The loss of a Canadian war hero 89

The loss of a Canadian war hero

Darkness was falling on June 6, 1994, at the military cemetery at Beny-sur-Mer, France, and most of the crowd assembled for the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Second World War D-Day landing had returned to their hotels. A handful of veterans and their families remained—and, in the middle of them, Jean Chrétien stood, shaking hands with each.
The tale of the tapes 3031

The tale of the tapes

It can be decidedly dangerous to be Bill Clinton’s pal. Long before controversy erupted over how he raised money for his 1996 election campaign, Washington and Arkansas were littered with people who were once the President’s good, good friends—but found their involvement with him led only to legal nightmares or even jail time.
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