February 9, 1998

Clinton's comeback 2223

Clinton's comeback

The jokes were coming thick and fast last week—many of them unprintable, most of them distasteful, all of them once unthinkable about a president of the United States. But for the man at the uncomfortable centre of allegations about sex and lies in the White House, the operating procedure was Business As Usual.
Global gold diggers 5657

Global gold diggers

Tara Lipinski/ Michelle Kwan (women's figure skating) Michelle Kwan was just 15 when she became the second-youngest world champion ever two years ago. But only a year later, Kwan must have felt over the hill when she lost both her U.S. and world titles to an even younger competitor, 14-year-old American teammate Tara Lipinski.
East Meets Best 3031

East Meets Best

Where's the money? 1617

Where's the money?

Last fall’s sale of the undeveloped land around the Monterra golf course below Ontario’s Blue Mountain is, by any standards, a peculiar financial arrangement. The fact that it involves a healthy chunk of disgraced hockey czar Alan Eagleson’s personal fortune makes it all the more fascinating.
Leaps of faith 3637

Leaps of faith

The interview session at a downtown Toronto hotel is over surprisingly quickly, leaving Elvis Stojko with only one more duty—a brief photo shoot—on his afternoon agenda. “I can go home for a couple of hours,” the skater says with apparent relief.
From Russia with love 6060_1

From Russia with love

Everyone at the rink understood the significance of the banner stretched across one end of Moscow’s Sokolniki Ice Palace in December. “Moscow, Milan, Nagano,” it read. For Russian figure skaters, that was practically the entire season pared down to sports shorthand.
Opening Note 1415
Opening Note

Opening Note

When Wag the Dog premièred late last year, it was just a deft political satire— the story of a White House fixer (Robert De Niro) and a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) who concoct a phony war to divert media attention from a sex scandal that could cost the president his job.
National pride 4243

National pride

Bobby Clarke stands at the back of a Vancouver hotel reception room, silently watching dozens of reporters maul the hockey players who will put their good reputations on the line for Canada’s Olympic team in Nagano this month. Behind him, a TV set glows with highlights from the legendary 1972 Canada-Soviet series, featuring a younger, toothless Clarke in his playing days.
Trouble on the way to the altar 6465

Trouble on the way to the altar

They started out by alienating Finance Minister Paul Martin, the man who holds the fate of their $39-billion merger in his hands. Then, the Royal Bank and the Bank of Montreal watched helplessly as Liberal MPs voiced fierce resistance to the blockbuster deal.
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