March 9, 1998




Lingerie ladies


Martin's balancing act



Does a doctor have a right to end a patient's life?
Lingerie ladies 6263

Lingerie ladies

Wendell Coldtart got me into it actually, even though he wasn’t such a close friend of mine. He didn’t live in our end of Khartoum or go to Haig School with me and Fat and Hodder and Rin and Peanuts and Mate and Ike. Quite often though he would be in our part of town to visit his aunt who taught us in Grade 4.
Martin's balancing act 1617

Martin's balancing act

There were still three weeks remaining before budget day when Finance Minister Paul Martin sat down one afternoon for a strategy session in his fifth-floor office in the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings. For more than a month, Martin had known—since receiving government revenue totals at the end of December—that the first balanced budget in 29 years was now within reach.
Debating the deal 3031

Debating the deal

Annan's mission reaps kudos—and criticism
Prairie godfather 6061

Prairie godfather

William Ormond Mitchell, who in his first novel penned perhaps the most-quoted opening line in Canadian literature, died last week in his Calgary home after a long struggle with prostate cancer. Over his 60-plus years of writing, teaching and storytelling, he had become so familiar to Canadians that he was known across the country simply as “W.O.”
Brave new strings 6465

Brave new strings

A raunchy, high-decibel arrangement of Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze is its standard encore. The four members of the Kronos Quartet—three men and one very blond woman—stare out from promotional photos sullen as rock stars, and they travel with a sound man and a lighting designer.
Seeing red through the black 2021

Seeing red through the black

The budget increases federal-provincial tensions
Cooling on Cuba 4041

Cooling on Cuba

Many Canadians may detest it, but Helms-Burton is having an impact
Harkening back to sunnier days 2425

Harkening back to sunnier days

Costly initiatives in an era giddy with promise
The Mail 45

The Mail

The inevitable soul-searching in the wake of two national hockey disasters at the Olympics brought a flood of irrelevant verbiage directed at Canadian and American managers, coaches and players (“Hockey meltdown,” Cover, March 2). Let’s face it: what we have seen is a well-deserved defeat of NHL hockey by European hockey.
Opening Notes 1415
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

The Canadian Olympic athletes returned home last week, some victorious, others not. The men’s hockey team—which came a disappointing fourth—landed in Vancouver, where only 40 fans were waiting. But for the longand short-track speed skaters, it was a different story.
'Everyone knows it happens' 5051

'Everyone knows it happens'

There is still remarkable beauty in Joanna Chan’s face: the almond eyes highlighted by the stroke of eyeliner, the sculpted cheekbones, the rosebud mouth. But when she looks in the mirror, Chan sees a horrible parody of herself, a wraith with skin stretched taut across a bony face, a sallow complexion and parched lips.
Pushing home care 5455

Pushing home care

Ottawa shifts its focus away from hospitals
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