April 13, 1998

Opening Notes

Fighting for more coverage



Another View

A fresh look at an aged institution

Fighting for more coverage 1213
Opening Notes

Fighting for more coverage

Hockey players must wear pads to avoid broken bones. Baseball players must wear cleats so they will not fall when they run. Female beach volleyball players must wear bikinis because—well, because the Swiss-based International Volleyball Federation says so.


sailor aboard HMCS Calgary starts canvassing for the United Way— and discovers that 11 members of the ship’s company cannot make a donation because they are actually receiving benefits from the charitable agency. At Canadian Forces Base Edmonton, a private gets up in the pre-dawn hours every morning to deliver newspapers in order to help support his wife and three children.
A fresh look at an aged institution 1011
Another View

A fresh look at an aged institution

You wonder if anything will ever be done about the Senate. There is too little useful public outrage over the Senate, and the institution is too useful to the party in power. For an example of the Senate’s usefulness, look at the recent appointment of Ross Fitzpatrick, a B.C. businessman and Liberal fund-raiser.
A market where anything goes 3434_1

A market where anything goes

Canadians confront Moscow’s business perils
Is he home free? 3031

Is he home free?

Kenneth Starr, the dogged prosecutor who has been digging into the dirt surrounding President Bill Clinton for the past four years, has been called many things— dedicated Christian, man of principle, right-wing zealot. It has also been said that he has a political tin ear, that when it comes to image and that quintessential Washington reality, spin, he just doesn’t get it.
A historic battle between two titans 4647
The Nation’s Business

A historic battle between two titans

As Quebec’s Liberal party prepares for its coronation of Jean Charest at month’s end, its members are beginning to realize their new leader is much more than just a guy with chutzpah and curly hair. And he didn’t move into the provincial arena just because he is a Canadian patriot.
A gumshoe for the investor 4445
Personal Finance

A gumshoe for the investor

Robert Goldin admits to owning a trench coat. But that is as close as the tall, slender South African comes to a typical private eye. Instead of snooping on wayward spouses, the self-described financial investigator from suburban Toronto tracks renegade stockbrokers and financial planners— and attempts to recover the big losses they can inflict on unsuspecting investors.
Splitting a decision 2626_1

Splitting a decision

Nine of 18 charges against Gerald Regan are stayed
The regular guy 4849

The regular guy

Larry Walke keeps baseball, and stardom, in perspective
Ready for blast-off 5455

Ready for blast-off

It takes years of training to get ready to go into space. But for Canada’s newest astronaut, it has finally come down to this. Shortly after 9 a.m. last Tuesday, Dave Williams and his six fellow crew members are strapped into their seats aboard the space shuttle Columbia, facing skyward on a launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Fla.
Gory, gory, hallelujah 6465

Gory, gory, hallelujah

A novel evokes John Brown’s violent crusade
Fame, friends, fortune 4041

Fame, friends, fortune

The press clippings are piled three inches high on a table in Michael Budman’s Toronto office. The co-owner of Roots Canada Ltd. strides into the sunny room, stops to survey the pile, plucks out a picture that features Prince William wearing the red Roots Olympic hat.
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