June 15, 1998

Healthy habits, longer life 3031

Healthy habits, longer life

Being passed through the giant metal doughnut of a computerized tomography scanner, patients in a modern hospital might easily conclude that the wonderful advances in medical science surrounding them are responsible for Canadians living longer than ever.
Expert evaluations 4040_1

Expert evaluations

'The Maclean's Health Report clearly demonstrates that medicare is facing challenges'
The Mail 45

The Mail

Nuclear big leagues
The fall of a senator 4647

The fall of a senator

The Cogger affair fuels the debate over the Senate
The Health Report 1415

The Health Report

The statistics reveal uneven levels of care
Becoming DiGITAL in the 21st Century 35_135_2

Becoming DiGITAL in the 21st Century

More and more, we live in a digital world. The CDs we listen to store music as digital bits and bytes. When we use a debit card to pay for the week's groceries, funds are transferred digitally from our bank accounts to the store's. When we send an e-mail message to someone on the other side of the planet, digital bits carry our missive along sophisticated computer networks.
On duty around the clock 3839

On duty around the clock

Dr. John Rottger had already worked a full week when, at 8 a.m. on a spring Saturday, he was back on call for 48 hours. He knew he would be in and out of the small hospital in Pincher Creek in southern Alberta virtually around the clock. By midnight Saturday, the 46-year-old father of three and stepfather of two was home and in bed—only to awaken to take three phone calls, go back to the hospital at 4 a.m. to check on a sick child and then again at 9 a.m. to do rounds.
Missing the real issue in the medicare debate 6061

Missing the real issue in the medicare debate

We sell off most of our profitable companies, we allow our politicians to lie to us, and we take being Canadian for granted, treating the Maple Leaf as a flag of convenience—or more often, inconvenience. But there is one aspect of being Canadian that makes every citizen jump to attention: medicare.
The high cost of healing 1617

The high cost of healing

It's not how much, but where it's spent that counts most
Saving for school 5455

Saving for school

RESPs are gaining in popularity
Why small is not always beautiful 1011

Why small is not always beautiful

About 20 years ago, an aspiring journalist used to listen for hours to stories from a family friend named Tracy Ludington. Tracy was in his mid-60s then, and his best anecdotes concerned the 1940s, when he was a prominent figure in Montreal journalism.
The China syndrome 5051

The China syndrome

The deep thinkers at the White House had a plan. By the last week of June, they thought, their boss would need a break—badly. Paula Jones’s sexual harassment lawsuit against him was set to start on May 27. It was sure to be messy and embarrassing.
Why people go to hospitals 2424_1

Why people go to hospitals

Read as an indicator of health problems, statistics that track reasons for hospitalization generally set off warning signals in the Atlantic provinces. Their hospitalizations for respiratory problems, heart and stroke conditions, and tumors of all kinds are the highest in the country.
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