July 1, 1998

Sex, murder and audiotapes 5859

Sex, murder and audiotapes

A juror is found guilty of obstructing justice
Selling Canada globally 9091
Essays on the MILLENNIUM

Selling Canada globally

How to profit by reading the needs of nations
Canada NOTES 6263

Canada NOTES

Saskatchewan prosecutor Randy Kirkham was found not guilty of obstructing justice during the first trial of Robert Latimer, who, in 1994, was found guilty of killing his disabled daughter, Tracy. Kirkham, 44, was accused of tampering with the Latimer jury because he had police question some jurors about their views on mercy killing.
Georges Vanier 1617

Georges Vanier

As governor general, he spoke for both founding proples
Smart and sultry 76b77

Smart and sultry

Clever fare breaks the summer mould
The mystery deepens 6465

The mystery deepens

Still no answers, as a memorial summer begins
Call it Hockeytown 7676a

Call it Hockeytown

Detroit savors a second straight Stanley Cup
100 Canadians 1415

100 Canadians

Maclean's ranks the famous—and the forgotten—who most inspired the nation
Business NOTES 7475

Business NOTES

Domtar Inc. agreed to buy Ottawabased E. B. Eddy Ltd. from George Weston Ltd. of Toronto for $803 million, making it the country’s largest producer of fine papers. Montreal-based Domtar said E. B. Eddy, which posted sales of close to $1 billion last year, will still operate as a separate company.
Opening NOTES 1213

Opening NOTES

As Nepean, Ont., residents celebrated local hero Steve Yzerman’s Stanley Cup win last week with the Detroit Red Wings, three local mothers were mounting a power play of their own. After an anonymous neighbor complained to the bylaw office in May about local kids playing hockey in the street, the group went on the offensive to pressure city hall into amending the 25-year-old bylaw banning what amounts to a Canadian tradition.
Joey Smallwood 4647

Joey Smallwood

No list of important Canadians would be complete without a few rogues and weirdos. Canada has had its full share of oddballs, some of whom have influenced national affairs. Maclean's has picked one Character who almost singlehandedly changed the map of Canada—and who may have been the most adroit politician in the land.
Binding a fractious people together 2627

Binding a fractious people together

Separated by distance, language, region and religion, Canadians have always needed leaders who could make them transcend the country’s divisions. Those who could bring us together and who had a vision of a common future merit the title of Nation Builders.
Farewell to equal access 7475

Farewell to equal access

When the faculty went on strike at Dalhousie University this spring, only three weeks before the end of term, frustrated students set up a makeshift graveyard outside their student union building. Small headstones, crafted out of cardboard, mourned the fact that their degrees were hanging in the balance: “R.I.P., accessibility to education,” read one; “R.I.P., my B.Sc.” and “R.I.P., my BA” read two others.
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