July 13, 1998



Critics say the military justice system has failed
Refuge from the rat race 6061

Refuge from the rat race

Wolfville's new boom-town status
Adieu to two pioneers 6667

Adieu to two pioneers

Joyce Wieland 1931-1998 Bill Reid 1920-1998
Turn back the clock with Joe Clark 1213
Another View

Turn back the clock with Joe Clark

The other day they opened up something called the Walk of Fame in Toronto. There had been a hope, vainly cherished by some people, that Canada could be one of the few countries of the world without a Walk of Fame in it. But you can’t have everything, or not have everything, these days.
Hong Kong's dreams 3233

Hong Kong's dreams

Somehow, Bill Clinton and Hong Kong seemed really ready for each other. The U.S. President had just completed eight gruelling days travelling around mainland China, and he arrived in the former British colony looking weary. Hong Kong, meanwhile, had just marked its first anniversary as a special administrative region of China without much hoopla—not because of political problems, but due to tough economic times.


Insiders say the Forces have covered up a 1987 assault
Native connection 6465

Native connection

A writer and convicted murderer tells her story
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

Your choice of former Gov. Gen. Georges P. Vanier as the most important Canadian in Canada’s history is right on target (“The 100 Most Important Canadians in History,” Cover, July 1). In the 1960s, I had the honor of being on the household staff of the Vaniers, and if ever Canada had a statesman who was loved and respected not only in Canada but around the world, it was Georges Vanier.
How could K. C. Irving make the list? 6869
The Nation’s Business

How could K. C. Irving make the list?

I’ve been hanging around Maclean’s for something like 40 years, but never realized how helpful the magazine can be. In the July 1 edition, with its usual dedication to what’s best for Canada and its customary dash of diligent research, Maclean’s picked the country’s leaders in every category over the past 100 years.
Canada's culture cash 2627

Canada's culture cash

On the afternoon before Canada Day, CBC president Perrin Beatty sat in his Ottawa office straining his voice to be heard over Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, the infectious hit song by U.S. movie star and hip-hop recording artist Will Smith. The beat pulsating from Beatty’s desktop computer was blasted out over the Internet by Radio VBC in Vladivostok.
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