July 20, 1998



Charlene Couch wasn’t planning to get rid of her 1996 Oldsmobile—she just happened to fall in love with a spanking new 1998 Lincoln Navigator. The Saskatoon homemaker was smitten while driving past a Ford dealer in December. There in the front lot was a gargantuan $64,000 sport-utility vehicle—polished to perfection, its front end a waterfall of gleaming chrome.
The Mail 44a

The Mail

Debating 'The 100' Your cover story made for very interesting reading, but it did have many flaws, not the least of which was its treatment of women. You found room for 16 women among the 100 most influential Canadians: two of these were fictional characters; one, a Nation Builder no less, was singled out because “she gave her husband perspective and contentment”; one was a fortune-teller; one was a scam artist in the mining industry; and one was chosen because she had sexual liaisons with Tory cabinet ministers.
Pitching the world 2828a

Pitching the world

A top ad exec thinks Canadian, acts globally
A cautionary tale 2627

A cautionary tale

Real estate trusts take a price tumble
Turning the tide 1213

Turning the tide

David Anderson went fly-fishing last week. Under the circumstances, it seemed an act of monumental self-control. B.C. Premier Glen Clark had, after all, gone to Washington, where he suggested, most undiplomatically, that the federal fisheries minister is a traitor—and that the salmon deal his department had negotiated with Washington state was a sellout.
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Rwandan Hutu rebels freed a 59-yearold Canadian nun after taking her to neighboring Uganda and holding her for four days, apparently to care for rebel wounded. The Hutu fighters, battling Rwanda’s Tutsi-led army, robbed a bank and a health centre where Sister Gisele Allard, a native of St.-Etienne, Que., often worked.
The money hunt 2223

The money hunt

Canadians seek restitution from Walker's riches
Blasts from the past 4041

Blasts from the past

Donelda Warren is selling pop and hamburgers to perspiring Volkswagen fanatics at the annual June Jitter Bug car show in Niagara Falls, Ont. The sky is pale blue and the sun is as hot as the demand for Volkswagen’s New Beetle. Warren, an X-ray technician, knows firsthand just how lively that market is this year.


movie season comes The Mask of Zorro, a romantic adventure starring Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas. Hopkins plays the retired Zorro, who is seeking a younger man to continue his heroic exploits.
Mismanaged care 2021

Mismanaged care

Paul Ruskin admits it: he’s obsessed. “I’m compelled to keep fighting,” he says. “Sometimes I wish I could stop.” For a few hours every week for almost three years, through icy winter days and the sweaty heat of a Maryland summer, Ruskin, 53, has paced outside a hospital run by the health insurance company he believes bungled his wife’s medical care, leaving her with permanently impaired vision.
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