August 10, 1998

That SINKING Feeling 3031

That SINKING Feeling

Count New Yorkers among the unwitting victims of the Canadian dollar’s fall: the loonie’s dive has robbed them this summer of the wide-eyed smile of 11-year-old Alyson Yaraskovitch. Alyson’s parents, who both work for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., were hoping to drive the family from their home in Chalk River, Ont., to Manhattan, but they changed plans when the weakening dollar hiked the cost of travel south of the border.
Sex, truth and consequences 2223

Sex, truth and consequences

Clinton will tell his version to the grand jury
Lonely near the bottom 3435

Lonely near the bottom

The dollar is a currency in search of some friends
The Mail 66A
The Mail

The Mail

These people buying gas-guzzling behemoths that spew ever more pollutants— don’t they care about their children’s and grandchildren’s future? (“Big wheels,” Cover, July 20). Are their egos so pathetic that they need these things to prove that they are something special?
Unwell and untreated 4445

Unwell and untreated

The mentally ill are having to cope on their own
The Jews of Asia 26T27

The Jews of Asia

Canadians urge Israel to aid a ‘lost tribe’
Social disunion 1415

Social disunion

The premiers want Ottawa to toe the line on new funding
Magic in the summertime 1819

Magic in the summertime

The heat is hellish. The thick, steamy air rises to the last row in Vancouver’s Nat Bailey Stadium and hangs over the spot where Harold Hanson and his sister, Ann Brend, are playing cards—row 17, directly above home plate. The 7:05 p.m. baseball game between the Vancouver Canadians and the Tacoma Rainiers of the Pacific Coast League won’t start for another 20 minutes, so Hanson and Brend have brought along their cribbage board and a deck of 52.
It's summertime—and the arts are in season 1011
Another View

It's summertime—and the arts are in season

You can lead a Canadian to culture, but you have a better chance of doing so when the weather is warm
A banker’s cause 3839

A banker’s cause

The Royal Bank chief seeks support for mergers
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