August 24, 1998

Haute Canuck 3637

Haute Canuck

As the car pulls up to the end of a dirt driveway clogged with chickens, geese and the odd guinea hen, a young boy runs down from the ramshackle farmhouse, shooing away two curious collies who seem to make a habit of getting underfoot. ‘You here for dinner?”
Wanting out of the slow lane 2425

Wanting out of the slow lane

Sipping a Guinness in the Dubliner, Bratislava’s Irish pub, Daniel Borsky is discussing his career plans and the state of his country. The somewhat exotic watering hole in the old part of town has become a favorite meeting place for the young and trendy among Bratislava’s 500,000 residents.
Grape White North 4243

Grape White North

Canada is now a producer of exquisite, prizewinning wines
The terror trail 2223

The terror trail

The search for survivors in Nairobi was long and gruelling. It went on for 24 hours a day, lit at night by lights from a film studio truck and using heavy equipment donated by local construction companies. Officially, it ended on Aug. 13, six days after massive bombs exploded within minutes of each other outside the American embassies in the Kenyan capital and in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 750 km to the south.
Moment of DECISION 1213

Moment of DECISION

For those who either marvel or grit their teeth at Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s ability to rise above political flak, this week may include a crucial day of reckoning. On Aug. 20—at least three months before they were expected to do so—the nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada will rule on a case that Chrétien’s Liberals first did not like—and then made a key element of their national unity strategy.
Getting the hook at Livent 2829

Getting the hook at Livent

Imagine what it must have been like for Garth Drabinsky, a person who is, above all else, accustomed to getting his own way. Whether he is being charming or bombastic, whether it involves mounting an extravagant Broadway musical or raising millions of dollars on stock markets, Drabinsky has made bullying and cajoling the people around him into an art, rivalling whatever he accomplishes on the stage.


Shirtless in the smoke-filled, 30°C heat, Richard Vancamp, 41, points to the blackened grass that marks where fire came within seconds of consuming his rented one-storey house south of Salmon Arm, B.C.. The flames advanced until they licked at one of the building’s bare wooden corner posts.
The thrill of success 3031

The thrill of success

Cinar Films wins awards and profit in television for kids
Clinton has no choice now: he must resign 5253
The Nation’s Business

Clinton has no choice now: he must resign

What this is about is lying, not sex. Consensual sex between adults is not a crime. But lying to the people should be.
Clinton defenders are rewriting history 89

Clinton defenders are rewriting history

At least Nixon had the decency to see that his trial would profoundly embarrass and rend America— and he resigned
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