September 21, 1998



There was something entirely fitting about the way Bill Clinton began what must surely have been one of the most trying days of his long political life. Just ahead lay a kind of public humiliation that few have known—the most intimate details of an illicit sexual liaison laid bare for all the world, or at least all the world with access to the Internet, to read.
The Mail 4A1

The Mail

As your cover story “Why kids can’t read” (Sept. 7) points out, the dyslexic brain is “wired differently.” This makes it difficult for the dyslexic to master skills like reading, writing and calculation. But this different brain is superior to the nondyslexic brain in other ways.
A time to mourn 1819

A time to mourn

Relatives of the victims of Flight 111 coped with their loss as the investigation continued
The battle beings 5455

The battle beings

Bankers prepare for trouble as a federal task force delivers its report
Masked men and disco kings 76H77

Masked men and disco kings

Documentaries cover rebels, writers and DJs
Lethal treatment 7071

Lethal treatment

The death of a patient puts chiropractic on trial
A pursuer who would not quit 4445

A pursuer who would not quit

Kenneth Starr may look nothing like Darth Vader: he is bespectacled and professorial, seen most often in television clips clutching a travel mug of Starbucks coffee, getting into his car outside his modest Virginia home to go to work. He also enjoys taking long walks in the countryside, singing hymns and thinking about passages from the Bible as a way of unwinding—a habit learned in childhood as the son of a strict Church of Christ minister.
The body hunters 3031

The body hunters

It was dark, cold and dangerous, but Tim MacFarlane was in his element. The glacier-fed waters of Alice Lake, 60 km north of Vancouver, had claimed one life already that mid-August day. Just hours earlier, 22-year-old athlete Allen Yan, training for a coming triathlon, had been seen swimming across the lake.
Opening NOTES 1415
Opening NOTES

Opening NOTES

It was a warm autumn day in the exercise yard of Stony Mountain Institution, 11 km north of Winnipeg. And as the film crew laid out cables and sound equipment last week, dozens of convicts wearing identical prison greens watched from the sidelines.
Why Clinton should survive as president 4647

Why Clinton should survive as president

Richard Nixon really was a crook; Clinton is just a man with a zipper problem and a slippery hold on the truth
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