September 28, 1998

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Canada NOTES

Toronto fashion designer Vivienne Poy, 57, became the first person of Chinese descent to be named to the Senate when Prime Minister Jean Chrétien filled four vacancies last week. But whatever positive response the federal government might have expected from her appointment, and those of two wellknown Quebec Liberals—former Montreal Gazette editor Joan Fraser, 53, and aboriginal activist Aurélien Gill, 65—was lost in the uproar over Chrétien’s move to fill an Alberta seat.


It may be the steamiest sex scandal in political history, but most teens are too cool to care. Last week, only days after the release of independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s tell-a11 report about President Bill Clinton’s illicit affair, students at Toronto’s Jarvis Collegiate Institute shook their heads in emphatic indifference.
Why does Clinton do it? 3637

Why does Clinton do it?

The politicians, pollsters and pundits have weighed in— endlessly—on Bill Clinton’s problems. Now, it’s time for the psychologists and psychiatrists. The President, they say, has a sexual addiction. Or merely a sexual compulsion. He is secretly insecure, or afflicted with an arrogance bordering on megalomania.
The Mail 44a

The Mail

It was not without empathy that I heard the news of the Swissair disaster at Peggys Cove, N.S., yet any tragedy of this magnitude always seems a little removed from everyday life. The morning after receiving my Maclean’s, I read: “The final signal for that action from the cockpit to the crew seconds before impact would be the code words ‘Brace, brace,’” (“Lost in the depths,” Cover, Sept. 14).
The tube's cult of youth 6465

The tube's cult of youth

The protocol for accepting a lifetime achievement award is pretty simple: pick up the statue, say a few nice words and slink off into obscurity. But this June at the Banff International Television Festival, Don Hewitt was not about to go gently into that good post-prime-time night.
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Education NOTES

Education NOTES

For the blind, talking computers and keyboards in Braille have been around for a few years. But navigating the icon-rich environment of Windows or the Internet demands the equivalent of an electronic seeingeye dog. Enter the Virtual Reality Mouse, the brainchild of research associate Kevin Krauel and PhD student Dan Madill at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.
The U.S. President is a 'dry drunk' 5455

The U.S. President is a 'dry drunk'

The Bill Clinton fiasco marks the beginning of the end of the current version of democratic leadership and not a minute too soon. Worldwide, the leaders at the turn of the 20th century mostly consisted of monarchs or colonial appointees.


1. Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy (1) 2. I Know This Much Is True, Wally Lamb (2) 3. A Recipe for Bees, Gail Anderson-Dargatz 4. The Love of a Good Woman, Alice Munro 5. A Widow for One Year, John Irving (3) 6. Sailing to Sarantium, Guy Gavriel Kay 7. The Eleventh Commandment, Jeffrey Archer (4)
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Hundreds of thousands of people on opposite sides of the globe faced death and devastation as both Mexico and Bangladesh suffered the most horrific flooding in decades. The death toll in Bangladesh passed 1,000 before the country gained some relief late last week from two months of monsoon rains that left three-quarters of the country submerged.
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