November 16, 1998



When Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest recently announced his party’s economic platform, Quebec pundits cheered at the prospect of an ideological debate during the election campaign. By suggesting turning the page on the Quiet Revolution, Charest boldly waded into delicate territory.
Will she ever be queen? 4041

Will she ever be queen?

On Nov. 14, Prince Charles will mark his half century with a glittering birthday bash attended by many of the world’s most senior royals and dignitaries. On his arm will be his longtime mistress and companion Camilla Parker Bowles, playing hostess at the high-profile gala.
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The Mail

The Mail

To summarize your excerpt from Peter C. Newman’s Titans (Cover, Nov. 2): when the anti-establishment establish themselves they will have re-established the establishment. According to my dictionary, “titan” means a person or thing having enormous strength.
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Two car bombers killed themselves and injured 21 people in Jerusalem’s main street market, forcing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s right-wing cabinet to immediately halt discussions on whether to ratify the land-for-security accord he signed with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat last month at the White House.
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