December 14, 1998



1. The Love of a Good Woman, Alice Munro (1) 2. Home from the Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean (3) 3. A Man in Full, Tom Wolfe (2) 4. The Breaker, Minette Walters (5) 5. Amsterdam, Ian McEwan (4) 6. Bag of Bones, Stephen King (8) 7. A Recipe for Bees, Gail Anderson-Dargatz (7)
Canada NOTES 3637

Canada NOTES

In a politically charged decision, the Canadian Olympic Association formally endorsed Vancouver-Whistler over rivals Calgary and Quebec City as its choice to seek the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Supporters of Quebec City’s bid claimed Vancouver organizers exploited tensions over a future sovereignty referendum that arose during the Quebec provincial election campaign.
A bad week for banks 4647

A bad week for banks

As double marriages go, they would have been whoppers—four big banks becoming two even bigger ones with billions in assets, millions of customers, thousands of employees. For nearly 11 months, the post-engagement romances were front-page news—and so were their critics.
Quebec fact or fiction? 2829

Quebec fact or fiction?

By now, their collective place among Canada’s craftiest and most cautious voters should be well-established. Despite living in one of the country’s largest provinces, they feel ill-served and overlooked by Ottawa. As a result, they take seemingly contradictory steps to attend to their needs.


The grievances are certainly there—in his six months on the job, lawyer André Marin, the Canadian Forces’ new ombudsman, has already experienced that firsthand. They have arrived in plain brown envelopes, slipped to him during his visits to bases by military personnel nervous of the potential repercussions of speaking out.
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