March 8, 1999

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The Mail

The Mail

your cover report on "Men's health" (Feb. 22) was a welcome and long overdue piece of journalism, but I was disappointed you neglected the entire field of men's reproductive health. Even in this day and age, sex is as much a matter of procreation as recreation.
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Even reading goes better with Coke. Or at least it does for best-selling author Barbara Taylor Bradford. Diet Coke buyers, almost all of them women, are four times more likely than regular Coke fans to read while sipping their drinks, according to Coca-Cola Ltd. So the soft-drink Igiant stuffed 8.5 million copies of the 14-page prologue to Bradford's new novel, A Sudden Change of Heart, into packs of Diet Coke in the United States.
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Sentenced to die for the grisly killing of a black man in Jasper, Tex., John King defiantly muttered an obscenity when asked if he had anything to say to the dead man’s family. King, 24, was convicted of dragging James Byrd Jr. behind a pickup truck in what prosecutors said was a bid to gain credibility for his newly formed hate group.
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Alanis Morissette

Imagine. You are 23 years old and you have made the biggest-selling album ever recorded by a female singer. You have won four Gram mys and six Junos. You have toured the world, and everywhere you go, from Milwaukee to Manila, you can hear echoes of your own voice rag ing from car radios.
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