May 10, 1999

Courting the Class of '99 4041

Courting the Class of '99

Corporate callers are changing the face of campus recruiting, targeting their catches early—and wooing them with a vengeance
Tragedy in TABER 2021

Tragedy in TABER

A week after the massacre in Colorado, a southern Alberta town is rocked by a school shooting
A Cloud over Canadian 2829

A Cloud over Canadian

The No. 2 airline is so deeply in the red that experts question whether it can survive the rough ride
Raising the stakes 5253

Raising the stakes

Canada deepens its involvement in the Yugoslav war
Determination under fire 5455

Determination under fire

Serbs have adapted to the horrors of war, often with humour. But there is little gas and little money. Many people are trying to leave.
Forging the links of loyalty 4647

Forging the links of loyalty

Internships and ingenuity are the keys to keeping Canadian grads at home
Puff pieces or profiles? 6667

Puff pieces or profiles?

The growing popularity of biographies sparks a heated debate among documentary filmmakers
Grads with a golden touch 4849

Grads with a golden touch

A commerce degree is a ticket to the big leagues—on both sides of the border
Sorry, Sean 5657

Sorry, Sean

Scottish voters look set to reject separatism this week
The war that makes no sense 18d19

The war that makes no sense

My stepson shoots zergs. If NATO’s war against Slobodan Milosevic was played by the rules of his video game, NATO would have won weeks ago: hundreds of targets zapped, no casualties, one pilot rescued. But NATO can’t win because it went into this war with the aim of saving the Kosovars from ethnic cleansing.
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