May 17, 1999

Canada Cover

The HARRIS Factor

Opening Notes


The cowboys of commerce

The HARRIS Factor 1819
Canada Cover

The HARRIS Factor

Ontario’s election is turning into a referendum on tough policies that have polarized the province
Opening Notes 89

Opening Notes

Cannes. Some people pronounce it “can,” and some pronounce it “con,” but either way this is the year of CanCon at the Cannes International Film Festival (May 12 to 23). This week, director David Cronenberg becomes the first Canadian in the 52-year history of the festival to preside over the jury.
The cowboys of commerce 4445

The cowboys of commerce

Move over fat cats. Discount stock brokers have their keyboards loaded to corral the deals
Flight from Terror 3435

Flight from Terror

Amid glimmers of peace, Kosovo refugees land in Canada
Out of this world 5455

Out of this world

The dream of a permanent lab in orbit is quickly becoming a reality —with a price tag
The Mail 44a

The Mail

Once again, tragedy has struck the lives of our young people (“The lessons of Littleton,” Cover, May 3; “Tragedy in Taber,” Canada, May 10). We discuss the topic ad nauseum, but I fear we are unwilling to come to grips with the answers. Here in Canada, government makes it increasingly difficult for single-income families to exist.
Hot Water 2627

Hot Water

Ottawa and the provinces grapple with the question of selling a precious resource
Ambition accomplished 5657

Ambition accomplished

The multitalented Julie Payette joins the roll of Canadian space travellers
Straight, but with an Edge 3232a

Straight, but with an Edge

A philosophy born of punk rock has some young adults choosing to live without sex, booze and drugs
Dividends in a hard place 2829
Canada Focus B.C.

Dividends in a hard place

A unique institution brings banking to the poor and destitute
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