June 7, 1999

At the Front with the KLA 4445

At the Front with the KLA

In the Mountains of the Damned along Albania s border with Kosovo, well-equipped guerrillas battle the Serbian army
When spring became winter 4849
World China

When spring became winter

Ten years after Tiananmen, China’s activists still suffer
A Run for the Money 5455

A Run for the Money

With a new deal, the magazine debate shifts from culture to how to keep ad dollars in Canada
Indicators of Excellence 2425
Health Cover

Indicators of Excellence

Factors in the ranking include numbers of doctors, specific surgeries and reasons for hospitalizations
The Mail 44_a
The Mail

The Mail

Your coverage of the new Star Wars movie was melodramatic (“The second coming,” Cover, May 24). Why does your magazine, and other media, hop onto every bandwagon to promote what has already been beaten into our heads? Must each blockbuster film be a cultural phenomenon?
A Two-tier System 3232_a
Health Cover

A Two-tier System

Rural Canadians have less access to health care
The Maclean's health Report 1819
Health Cover

The Maclean's health Report

An exclusive ranking shows how 16 cities stack up in health services
Opening Notes 89
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

It may not be as well known as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but Canadas modest equivalent just got a little larger and a little glitzier. Last week, another 10 luminaries were inducted into Canadas Walk of Fame in downtown Toronto, joining last year’s initial 14, who included actor Jim Carrey, ballerina Karen Kain and race car driver Jacques Villeneuve.
Leader of the Pack 2829
Health Cover

Leader of the Pack

Edmonton is No. 1 in the first-ever ranking of health service in Canada’s major centres
Restless Voters 3637

Restless Voters

After a nasty, negative campaign, pollsters found the Ontario electorate closely divided on its options
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