June 14, 1999

Memories Of D-Day 16b17

Memories Of D-Day

The event that will stay with Patrice Collin all his life began this time last year on the beach at Berniéres-sur-mer, France, and ended, weeks later, in tears and exultation at a graveyard in Holland. Collin, 23, a Montreal native and history student at the University of Ottawa, was one of a dozen students who accompanied Canadian war veterans to mark the 54th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Europe by Allied forces.
World Notes 4041

World Notes

Despite a high-level peace initiative, heavy shelling continued to rock the disputed Kashmir region that divides Indian and Pakistan. Indian troops backed by air strikes were struggling to flush out 600 Muslim guerrillas dug into the sides of steep mountain slopes in Indian-held Kashmir.
Opening Notes 88a
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

Buying a book in Vancouver over the past 42 years often meant a trip to the venerable Duthie Books Ltd. Founded by the late Bill Duthie in 1957 and now run by his 48-year-old daughter, Celia, what has become a 10-store chain is known for supporting local writers and providing intellectual nourishment to British Columbia readers, the most avid bookworms in Canada.
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Your cover story “The best and worst jobs” (May 31) found that a healthy work/life balance was the most important factor affecting job satisfaction and employee commitment. Meanwhile, companies are having to work harder to attract and retain talented employees.
Canada Notes 32h33

Canada Notes

Facing a barrage of questions in the House about patronage, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien threatened to sue Reform party MP Jason Kenney. Kenney accused him of conflict of interest in the awarding of a $6.3-million contract to a Liberal party donor who also had business connections to Chrétiens blind trust.
He was reborn 52b53
Health Monitor

He was reborn

After nearly two weeks of testimony involving allegations of force-feeding, physical confinement and verbal abuse at Victorias Montreux Clinic, some patients and their relatives praised the institution at a hearing called to determine whether it will be allowed to continue in operation.
The Tax Man Cometh 2425
Canada Cover

The Tax Man Cometh

When Canadians hiding money offshore looked at the first page of their income tax return this year, many couldn’t help but be concerned. There was the clearest signal yet that Revenue Canada was taking aim at them. In blunt, boldfaced lettering, taxpayers were asked to “please answer the following question: Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in 1998 worth more than $100,000?” Anyone who ticked the yes box was then required to file a “foreign income verification statement” listing details of their offshore investments.
The CBC at the Brink 4647

The CBC at the Brink

For Canadians who care about the CBC, there were contrasting images last week. In Hull, Que., president Perrin Beatty and senior executives appeared before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to make the case for a seven-year renewal of their licences.
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