June 21, 1999

Summer Reading

Beach Blanket Bonanza


The Royal Quation

Beach Blanket Bonanza 5051
Summer Reading

Beach Blanket Bonanza

Those keen to measure the differences between author Kathy Reichs and her fictional alter ego, Temperance Brennan, will find there aren’t many. Behind the often-terrifying Montreal-based thrillers Déjà Dead and Death du Jour starring Brennan, there is an attractive, sometimes impatient, fortysomething American woman who is a forensic anthropologist—a discipline that draws some astonishingly specific information from the remains of dead bodies.
The Royal Quation 4041

The Royal Quation

Can Edward and Sophie survie the spotlight that proved so punishing to other marnages in the House of Windsor?
To Keep the 2627

To Keep the

As a veteran peacekeeper, Maj. Paul Fleury is no stranger to hostile foreign terrain. But last week, as he stood in the scalding sun near the Kosovo border watching his troops load ammunition into their green Coyote armoured vehicles, he knew his assignment would be the most dangerous yet.
The Youngest Premier 1819

The Youngest Premier

Bernard Lord used to sell cars. Now, he’s succeeded in selling his Tories to the voters of New Brunswick.
The Northern Stars 5455
Summer Reading

The Northern Stars

Robert Sawyer’s novel-in-progress—some of which was written during the recent Ontario election campaign that returned Conservative Premier Mike Harris to power—centres on a debate over the existence of God between a giant spiderlike alien and a terminally ill paleontologist.
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

I am certain that many regional health boards and governments will quickly congratulate themselves on their ranking in your health-care evaluation (“The Macleans Health Report,” Cover, June 7). However, the credit belongs to the frontline health-care workers who dedicated themselves to their patients and persevered despite the despairing conditions imposed upon them by these same bureaucracies.
Amazon's kingpin 3031

Amazon's kingpin

While the critics sneer and his company’s shares plunge, Jeff Bezos digs in and expands his Web tentacles
Opening Notes 1011
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

Millions of teenage girls around the world dream about meeting the Backstreet Boys—but for Caitlin Deachman, that fantasy has come true. The 13-year-old Ottawa girl started a fan Web site {www. backstreet.net) featuring the chiselled twentysomething crooners in January, 1998.
A car that just may fly 4647

A car that just may fly

An inventor is sure his hovering craft is the answer to gridlock
Users beware 5859

Users beware

‘Quack’ sites lurk among many good Internet health links
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