July 1, 1999

The Birth of Nunavut 3233

The Birth of Nunavut

No two nations are built the same way or from the same materials. Canada is the product of many varied and distinctive accomplishments, from the CBC to medicare, free trade and, most recently, the Inuit territory called Nunavut.
Survival, Then and Now 5455
Essays on the Millennium

Survival, Then and Now

Canada’s premier woman of letters takes a razor-sharp look at the state of Canadian literature
The Great Depression 4849

The Great Depression

Compared with other countries, Canada has been exceptionally fortunate to avoid catastrophes, natural and manmade. But we have not escaped entirely, and no account of the century would be complete without mention of some of our dark times.
The Centennial and Expo 4243

The Centennial and Expo

Canada came of age in the second half of the century. They were years of great pride and achievement.
Vimy Ridge 2223

Vimy Ridge

Canada is a country with no military ambitions. Yet war has played a large part in our evolution as an independent nation. We won recognition and respect in two world wars, and peacekeeping gives us a distinctive role in the world.
The Persons Case 2829

The Persons Case

A significant part of the story of Canada in the 20th century has involved the struggle for rights and fair treatment for such diverse groups as women, workers, aboriginals, gays, immigrants and the poor.
A Heart-wrenching Task 6869

A Heart-wrenching Task

Canadian soldiers encounter obstructive Russians and ugly tales of atrocity as NATO takes over
Northwest Passage 6061

Northwest Passage

One of Canada’s pre-eminent broadcasters and journalists reflects on the future of the North after Nunavut
The Mail 88a
The Mail

The Mail

Your cover story “The tax dodgers” (June 14) is incomplete in reporting only on ordinary citizens. The real tax dodgers are the huge corporations. If they plan well, they can roll their tax deferrals over and over so they never have to pay. The numbers of millionaires and of children in poverty are both increasing in Canada: in 1973, the income of the richest 10 per cent of families with children under 18 was 21 times that of the poorest; by 1996, it was 314 times as much.
The Wallflowers' Union 7677

The Wallflowers' Union

National Bank gets First Marathon to the altar
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