July 5, 1999

A Dangerous Peace 2627

A Dangerous Peace

Amid rising lawlessness, Canadian troops in Kosovo are striving to keep order
Say It Ain't So 1415

Say It Ain't So

The debate over abandoning the loonie has fuelled new fears about preserving Canadian sovereignty
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

Someday, I hope the question people ask about public figures and media attention will change from “Can Edward and Sophie survive the spotlight?” to “Should anyone have to endure such a spotlight?” (“The royal question,” Cover, J une 21). Diana, Princess of Wales, called the paparazzi’s camera flashing “face rape.” The time has come for laws protecting a public person’s right to some privacy.
In Love With Shakespeare 5051

In Love With Shakespeare

His plays are more popular than ever. To be or not to be a fan of the Bard is not in question.
Rage in Peace River Country 2223

Rage in Peace River Country

On a brilliant summers evening last week, two childrens teams played soccer outside the Beaverlodge Community Centre. Another group of youngsters splashed with glee in an adjacent outdoor swimming pool. Inside the town hall, though, the mood was ugly.
Trimark Plots a Comeback Course 3435

Trimark Plots a Comeback Course

With a star portfolio manager, the fund company strives to regain bygone billions. But has it changed more than its face ?
The Giant Falls South 2021

The Giant Falls South

MacMillan Bloedel was in the fibre of British Columbia— but few tears are being shed for its sale
Stratford Casts a Spell 5455

Stratford Casts a Spell

A stellar production of The Tempest heads the annual Shakespearean festival
So, who really won the war 1213

So, who really won the war

All right class, who won the Kosovo war of 1999? The correct answer depends on what the objective was. But this war is unique. This war, for examBut who won? If the objective was to kill more of our opponents than take losses, NATO definitely won.
Opening Notes 1011

Opening Notes

The girls are back in town. Lilith Fair, the all-woman music festival conceived by Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan two years ago, kicks off a 40-date tour on July 8 in her home town of Vancouver. Created as a kinder, gentler alternative to male-dominated events like Lollapalooza, Lilith Fair —dubbed Chickapalooza and Estrofest—features such diverse artists as rocker Sheryl Crow, new style country stars the Dixie Chicks, Canadian R and B sensation Deborah Cox and, of course, McLachlan.
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