July 19, 1999

Live From New York . . . 2223

Live From New York . . .

It's Hillary Clinton! But she faces a tough fight in her emerging campaign for the Senate.
Hip-Hop Rules 4243

Hip-Hop Rules

Urban music and its Canadian stars are getting love
The Mail 45

The Mail

A common currency with the United States is not advisable if Washington has control over monetary policy (“Say it ain’t so,” Cover, July 5). Canada would have to have input on these policies before a common currency was adopted, which the United States would likely not agree to.
DEBORAH COX Queen of R & B 3839

DEBORAH COX Queen of R & B

The singer is at the forefront of music’s fastest-growing genre
Chissy's Challenge 1415

Chissy's Challenge

Can Robert Chisholm’s NDP unseat the Nova Scotia Liberals?
The Hidden Horror 4849

The Hidden Horror

Many elderly are abused by the people they trust the most— their own kids
Opening Notes 89

Opening Notes

Since it was painted 400 years ago, St. John the Baptist, a masterpiece by Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, has been in Rome. Considered a cultural treasure in Italy, the painting has hung in the worlds oldest public museum, the Capitoline, since 1750.
Defiance on the picket line 1819

Defiance on the picket line

Quebec nurses stood tough in the face of government threats and fines
Cuba's Sweet, Uneven Beat 2829

Cuba's Sweet, Uneven Beat

The Prime Minister tosses ‘northern ice’ on relations with Cuba, but many businesses stay warm
Blood on the tracks 2425
World United States

Blood on the tracks

U.S. and Mexican police hunt the ‘railway killer’
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