August 2, 1999

Regulations and risks in the night sky 2829

Regulations and risks in the night sky

John F. Kennedy Jr. would most likely not have been allowed to make that fateful night flight if he had been a Canadian pilot with—as he had—only an initial private licence. “You might say our requirements are a bit more stringent in Canada,” says Ken Mansfield, a spokesman for Transport Canada.
Desperate journey 2223

Desperate journey

Across China, North America is known as the Golden Mountain, where hard work can bring great wealth. Early in June, 123 men and women crammed into a rusting fishing boat off Chinas southeast coast and set out to find their fortune. For 39 days, their decrepit ship churned across the Pacific, where it became little more than a floating cattle car, which one RCMP officer said smelled like a “dead body” when it was finally intercepted last week off the west coast of Vancouver Island.
A dynamic duo decamps 3233

A dynamic duo decamps

Anand Bahl and Kim Cameron have no regrets. Despite the recent handwringing about Canada’s “brain drain,” the partners are unabashedly thrilled to be part of the exodus of high-tech talent to the United States. The pair and another partner just sold their privately owned software company, Zoomit Corp. of Toronto, to Microsoft for an undisclosed sum.
The Mail 44_a
The Mail

The Mail

Although I was surprised to see an article on hip-hop in your magazine (“Hip-hop rules,” Cover, July 19), I must commend you for its inclusion and content, and for the accompanying story “Deborah Cox, queen of R&B.” In a time when Shania, Celine, Alanis and Sarah dominate the headlines as Canadian success stories, it is nice to see Deborah getting the recognition she deserves, not only as an international success, but as a Canadian.
A liberal’s debt to Canadians 4041
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A liberal’s debt to Canadians

No subject, Quebec of course apart, is more discussed in Canada, and with recurrent periods of silence also in the United States, than relations between the two neighbours. One matter, however, is neglected, even ignored: that is the debt that American liberals, whom I rightly regard as the responsible and compassionate part of the American polity, owe to Canada—to the Canadian initiative on a wide range of international and social issues.
Courage and the art of war 4444_a

Courage and the art of war

Orville Fisher was already an accomplished professional artist when the Second World War broke out in 1939. But when he joined the army the following year, it was as a private in the Royal Canadian Engineers. The army soon recognized what it had, transferred Fisher to officer training and made him an official war artist.
Nortel's Driving Force 1213

Nortel's Driving Force

John Roth was not at all happy. For two months last winter, a Dallas-based advertising agency had been working on a hip new TV commercial for Nortel Networks Corp., the Canadian telecommunications giant of which Roth, 56, is chief executive officer.
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