August 9, 1999

Sex & Marriage 2223

Sex & Marriage

Experts say sex is vital to healthy relationships. Why is it so difficult for couples to do what’s good for them?
From Plonk to Praise 3637

From Plonk to Praise

Canada’s flourishing young wineries are in vintage form—racking up awards and European rivals
Legacy of a Sick War 1213

Legacy of a Sick War

Everybody agrees it was a dirty job. When Canadian peacekeepers arrived in Croatia in 1993, many had to work near abandoned industrial sites destroyed during the war that had torn apart the old Yugoslavia. Some got covered in reddish grit while filling sandbags.
GONE But Not Forgotten 2829

GONE But Not Forgotten

Sexually inactive marriages are startlingly common, and they leave most spouses feeling hurt, confused and angry
Hard times for Mounties 1819
Canada Focus B.C.

Hard times for Mounties

Straitened circumstances have left the province’s RCMP crying the budgetary blues
A Tory tortoise plods to victory 1617

A Tory tortoise plods to victory

John Hamm comes from behind to lead his Nova Scotia Conservatives to a majority government
A Presidency for Sale? 3031

A Presidency for Sale?

As campaign costs spiral, the vote hinges more on fund-raising
Comedians without a net 4849

Comedians without a net

Improv comedy, long popular with live audiences, is crashing the TV mainstream
An industry on the line 4041

An industry on the line

As a ruling against the Auto Pact looms, Canada weighs broader tariffs
Inexplicable slaughter 3233

Inexplicable slaughter

A troubled man goes on a killing spree
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