August 30, 1999

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Glen Clark protested his innocence. But a criminal investigation into a casino deal forced him to resign.
The End of EATON'S 3435

The End of EATON'S

It seemed like a simple, last-minute, prenuptial task. Jim Pole and Nicole Pelletier from Thunder Bay, Ont., were to be wed on Aug. 21 in the lush Montreal suburb of Vaudreuil. The day before the big event, they just wanted to pick up the grooms new $1,000 suit.
Battle for Timor 3031

Battle for Timor

The beached dugout canoe was far from the best seat in the house for the big pro-independence rally held on Dili’s dusty waterfront last week, but Domingo Do Santo seemed perfecdy happy with his perch. He drew on his clove-flavoured cigarette and swayed gently to the music wafting from across the street.
No Quick Fix 4243
Sports Special Report

No Quick Fix

Canadians say their hockey system has problems. Can the Open Ice summit provide answers?
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Having worked in the fields of oncology and palliative care as a pharmacist for more years than I care to admit, I am surprised at the negative tone of your cover story “Coping with pain” (Aug. 16). You don’t stress that, contrary to popular belief, we are actually able to control pain in the vast majority of patients.
Herding the Prairie voter 2021

Herding the Prairie voter

When Gary Filmon stepped into the political limelight in the mid-1980s as leader of the provinces Progressive Conservative party, the public response was underwhelming. Filmon struck many observers as stiff, indecisive—and found himself derided in the press once as “a five-star nerd.”
Master of a grim universe 4647

Master of a grim universe

The creative force behind Homicide: Life on the Street and Oz uses his bleak subject matter as a way of refracting the meaning of life
Opening Notes 89

Opening Notes

The Canadian rowing team was looking forward to having the homecourse advantage at this weeks World Rowing Championships, being staged near St. Catharines, Ont. The team is coming off a dominant performance at the Pan-American Games in Winnipeg, where it collected 10 medals in 12 events, including four golds.
In search of a safe landing 3637

In search of a safe landing

It would be hard to find two companies with a more open dislike of each other than Canadian Airlines and Air Canada. In addition to competing for passengers and routes, they have very different histories, corporate cultures and management styles.
Terror in Turkey 2627

Terror in Turkey

A devastating earthquake sparks anger over relief efforts
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