September 20, 1999

The Search for Roots 4243

The Search for Roots

Aided by technology, Canadians are scrambling to fill out their family trees
Romancing the Reader 5859

Romancing the Reader

Heady doses of love— and lust—keep romance novel fans intensely loyal
Adrienne's Ottawa 1819

Adrienne's Ottawa

Will the new governor general settle for a ceremonial role?
Reprisal in East Timor 3031

Reprisal in East Timor

Gunmen terrorize Indonesia’s province after its overwhelming vote to separate
Hollywood stars and Canadian style 5656a

Hollywood stars and Canadian style

Toronto’s festival is awash with big names and quirky films
Wired for Success 3435

Wired for Success

A self-taught nerd spearheads AOL’s big push into Canada
A case of Prairie pragmatism 2425

A case of Prairie pragmatism

The NDP looks for votes in the middle of the road
Days of discontent 5253

Days of discontent

Public school students face a new season of turmoil
Lunch with John Galbraith 1617

Lunch with John Galbraith

When it comes to lunch with John Kenneth Galbraith, getting there isn’t half the fun. The house where he, his elegant wife of 62 years, Kitty, and their family have spent most summers since 1947 lies atop a hill at the end of a bumpy dirt road in southern Vermont.
Yawning to be free 3637

Yawning to be free

It used to be called “the graveyard shift.” It was the exclusive domain of security guards, custodial staff, nurses and bakers. But while our society and our culture are still geared to daytime activity, a growing number of people work around the clock in an era of global business markets.
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