September 27, 1999

Building New Bridges 2425

Building New Bridges

Art dealer Jacques St. Goddard got his start a long way from the world of chic galleries. In a dingy underpass in Winnipeg’s hard-scrabble North Main district, he assembled ladders, paint buckets and six aboriginal artists for his first project three years ago.
TV Old Ideas New Packages 6263
Special Report

TV Old Ideas New Packages

Every Canadian knows that autumn brings three constants with it—school, hockey and a new season of TV shows. At school, students learn something new each year (or so parents hope), while hockey invariably offers its share of surprises. On television, no matter how much the networks crow about their new fall lineups, viewers learn the same lesson over and over: never underestimate TV's ability to serve up the same product in a different package.


It took the father and son four months to paint their masterpiece. A kaleidoscope of colours shoots from the white-hot light at the centre of Alex Janvier’s glorious mural Morning Star. Featured on the domed ceiling of the Museum of Civilization’s River Gallery in Hull, Que., the abstract swirls tell the history and hopes of native peoples.
The Mail 66a
The Mail

The Mail

Diana Krall’s success is based on tremendous vocal talent, her choice of material, a warm, winning personality and, in part, her striking appearance (“Sweet seduction,” Cover, Sept. 13). But what about her much underestimated piano skill? I dont know whether her vocal career will one day surpass that of the legendary Nat Cole, but she plays better than almost anyone alive.
The big screen heats up 7273

The big screen heats up

It is after midnight at a crowded party for the world première of American Beauty. The movie s star, Kevin Spacey, sits at a table stoking a gigantic cigar. And all evening, starstruck fans are walking up to a woman who looks a lot like his co-star, Annette Bening, and telling her, “I love your work,” or things to that effect.
Opening Notes 1011

Opening Notes

The fifth estate co-host Linden MacIntyre has made the world his beat during his acclaimed 35-year journalism career. But when he decided to write his first novel, MacIntyre stayed close to home. Not Toronto, though, where he lives with wife, Carol Off, a reporter with CBC TV's The National Magazine.
Cool, cute and Canadian 6869
Special Report

Cool, cute and Canadian

Andrea Beck first invented Elliot Moose 10 years ago when she entertained her kids with stories of his adventures. Even after they became teenagers, Elliot still held a place in Becks imagination. She decided to write an Elliot Moose childrens book and eventually produced Elliot’s Emergency, in which Elliot’s friends help him mend his injured leg.
Small is beautiful 7070a

Small is beautiful

Pierre Chevalier gave up on the Montreal Alouettes years ago. He had been a season ticket-holder, but lost interest in the Canadian Football League team even before it went out of business in 1987. At the time, the team was in constant turmoil in the front office, and the product on the field suffered.
The Sky's the Limit 5455

The Sky's the Limit

For a man whose company’s future is on the line, Air Canada CEO Robert Milton seems to be in an awfully good mood these days. On the surface, it’s hard to see why: two months after taking the top job at the Montreal-based carrier, the 39-year-old Wunderkind is being forced to defend his company against Onex Corp.’s hostile bid to merge it with archrival Canadian Airlines International Ltd. Yet colleagues insist that Milton is in high spirits.
Terror at Home 4041

Terror at Home

Olga Yershova lives in northwest Moscow, on the opposite side of the sprawling capital from the sites of two devastating and mysterious apartment bombings that killed more than 200 people. But her fear is undiminished by distance. Who might be next? “Moscow sometimes appears to be its normal busy self during the day,” says Yershova, a 41-year-old sales clerk, “but everyone is frightened at night.
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