October 4, 1999

The Mail 44a

The Mail

I enjoyed your article “The search for roots” (Cover, Sept. 20) and was amazed when I took a look at the Mormons’ Web site. After entering some basic information, I was able to trace my husband’s family back four generations. What a wonderful gift to the world.


They called him “Mr. Smooth.” In 1990, Chatelaine magazine plucked Gary Doer from relative obscurity by proclaiming him one of Canadas 12 sexiest men. Doer, then the fledgling leader of Manitoba’s third-ranked political party, was suddenly vaulted into the unlikely company of fellow finalists Kurt Browning, Wayne Gretzky and Michael J. Fox.
The networking CEO 4445

The networking CEO

Micheline Bouchard cuts a striking figure in her Montreal office—dressed to the hilt in a cream suit, shoes with a shimmer and ample gold jewelry. The 52-year-old engineer clearly isn’t a female executive hiding her femininity. Almost two years ago, Motorola Inc., the American electronics pioneer best known for its cellular phones and pagers, named her president and chief executive of Motorola Canada Ltd.
The man no one knows 6465

The man no one knows

Manitoba voters have just inherited a very queer duck. They have elected a chameleon who doesn’t really care by what route he achieves power as long as he gets there. Blushing new premier Gary Doer as a grown man has fooled close friends and even a former girlfriend as to his exact political leanings.
The Wat the Ball Bounces 3435

The Wat the Ball Bounces

Bill Bradley has been very, very famous for a long, long time. In 1965, when he was just 21 and an all-American on the Princeton University basketball team, The New Yorker devoted almost an entire issue to profiling the young man who seemed to embody every ideal—athlete, scholar, social conscience and model of self-discipline.
Aging hormones 6060a

Aging hormones

Beside Margaret Lloyd-Hart as she flew from her home in Tucson, Ariz., to New York City last February was an extraordinary seatmate: a case containing a frozen ovary that surgeons removed from her body during treatment of a non-cancerous condition eight months earlier.
Opening Notes 1011

Opening Notes

It has been 17 years since Canadian classical pianist Glenn Gould died of a stroke at age 50, but worldwide interest in him and his work has not diminished. His original and rereleased recordings continue to be best-sellers, new books about his life are published each year and hundreds of Web sites are dedicated to him.
Watch the Liberals and learn 1617

Watch the Liberals and learn

During the 1990 Liberal leadership campaign, organizers for candidate Paul Martin cooked up what they thought was a surefire scheme to take the mickey out of front-runner Jean Chrétien. The race was taking place during the height of the bitter debate over the Meech Lake constitutional accord, which was highly popular in Quebec.
Bucking the big trend 4849

Bucking the big trend

It is a Friday morning in late summer, and Scott Paterson is not supposed to be at work. Rather than lounging by the lake with his three young daughters, however, the 35-year-old CEO of Yorkton Securities Inc. has interrupted his vacation to return to the office.
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