November 15, 1999

Stepping Out into the Light 3233

Stepping Out into the Light

New Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wants a more open Supreme Court of Canada
Reading the Rankings 7071

Reading the Rankings

From class size to student services, a complete guide to the facts and figures behind the Maclean's rankings
Learning on the Front Lines 9091

Learning on the Front Lines

In a borderless world, the hot new trend is expenential education
Opening Notes 1617

Opening Notes

At the North American première of Dogma, its writer and director Kevin Smith stood up in front of a Toronto International Film Festival audience to introduce his controversial religious satire. “Well, the roof hasn’t fallen and lightning hasn’t struck, so I guess we’re OK in the eyes of the Lord.
When kids go hungry 128129
The Maclean's Excerpt

When kids go hungry

Can we afford not to spend the $9 billion a year needed to overcome child poverty?
The Mail 89
The Mail

The Mail

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the overuse of the word “millennium” (“Millennium countdown,” Cover, Nov. 1)? What is so compelling about this particular word that makes it dominate the media like no other 10-letter word has done in the history of the English language?
Measuring Excellence 4849

Measuring Excellence

Faced with the great expectations of the next generation, Canada has an urgent need to reinvest in its future
First-year Confidental 8687

First-year Confidental

In a competitive market, universities are trying to smooth the transition for newcomers
Tragic Mystery 4243

Tragic Mystery

The roller-coaster crash of EgyptAir 990 puzzles investigators—and torments families of the 217 dead
Reliving the '80s 124125
Pop Culture

Reliving the '80s

The music and spirit of the ‘Greed Is Good’ decade are back with a vengeance
Field of Dreams 9899

Field of Dreams

In the battle for students and funding, sports has emerged as a star player
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