November 29, 1999

JESUS AT 2000 6061


Rev. Shirley Gosse serves as rector of Canadas most easterly parish, overseeing All Saints Anglican in Pouch (pronounced Pooch) Cove, Nfld., about 25 km north of St. Johns. The white wooden church—built in 1882—stands a stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean, and in rough weather, the enormous rollers that hammer the rocky shoreline douse the front doors with a salty spray.
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

My friends and I were pleased to see our school, the University of Guelph, come out on top in the Comprehensive university category (“The winners,” Cover, Nov. 15). I felt a certain joy when I realized I could now tell my folks that I made the right choice in moving 300 km from Windsor to attend Guelph.
Taking on the retail world 4445

Taking on the retail world

Savvy international merchants are turning to a hot Toronto team for designs with a difference
Shocking Green 88h89

Shocking Green

Nasty shock trooper or courageous comedian of the absurd, Tom Green is hot, hot, hot
A faltering party’s search for a new leader 2223

A faltering party’s search for a new leader

Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh is the front-runner in the race to replace Glen Clark as head of British Columbia’s New Democrats
A New Boss at McCain 4243

A New Boss at McCain

Allison McCain came home in August. But his roomy office atop McCain Foods Ltd.’s international headquarters in tiny, out-of-the-way Florenceville, N.B., looks like he arrived just yesterday. Several framed pieces of art lean in a pile waiting to fill big empty spaces on the walls.
Fearing an American deluge 3637

Fearing an American deluge

Ottawa and Washington square off over schemes to divert water into Canada
‘Make them feel the suffering’ 2627

‘Make them feel the suffering’

Day after day, the torrential spring rain bore down on Ed Arndts grain and cattle farm in southwestern Manitoba. By the time it finally abated, most of Arndt’s land sat flooded and useless. Normally Arndt seeds 1,500 acres; this year he managed one-tenth of that.
Trading Insults 3435

Trading Insults

International activists gear up for a confrontation in Seattle with the gurus of globalization
Ready to sing for the world 9495

Ready to sing for the world

Susan Aglukark won’t take a fall anytime soon if she can help it. Standing still, head bowed, on the set of CTV’s Open Mike with Mike Bullard, Aglukark has just finished her third rehearsal of One Turn Deserves Another, the first single from her latest album.
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