December 13, 1999

Rattled in Seattle 2021
Special Report

Rattled in Seattle

Torn by deep internal conflicts and massive street protests, a crucial World Trade Organization meeting ends in failure
The Mail 44a
The Mail

The Mail

I don’t think that Christianity needs to reinvent itself, as your excellent cover story suggests (“Jesus at 2000,” Nov. 29). Its message is as relevant today as it ever was. What we need to do, however, is to reinvent ways of getting the Christian message to a world that is increasingly visual and increasingly possessed of a shorter and shorter attention span.
Illuminating Pages 9899

Illuminating Pages

The season's best include stunning black-and-white photos and masterpieces of art
The banks, one year later 4647

The banks, one year later

Ottawa may have rejected some of their merger proposals, but Canada’s Big Six are still ringing up record profits
Reach for the Top 9091

Reach for the Top

Two international programs offer high-school students a passport to opportunity
Hollywood looks back in anger, and love 102103

Hollywood looks back in anger, and love

As the year and the millennium come down to the wire, the movies get serious with tales of war, strife and passion
Clicking all the way 4041

Clicking all the way

A small but rapidly growing number of Canadians are doing their holiday shopping online
Endurance Test 2425

Endurance Test

A labour dispute at the Calgary Herald is taking on coast-to-coast overtones
Will Britain Lose Its Marbles? 3233

Will Britain Lose Its Marbles?

Greece scores points in the long struggle over Lord Elgin’s treasures
Canada Notes 2829

Canada Notes

The federal government prepared legislation for introduction in Parliament this week that will set out terms for negotiations with Quebec if it votes to secede in a referendum. The proposed law was designed to comply with guidelines oudined last year by the Supreme Court, which stated that Canada and Quebec should negotiate details if Quebecers vote—by a clear majority on a clear question—to leave Canada.
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