January 10, 2000

Repairs with Spare Parts 4849

Repairs with Spare Parts

Replacement organs and tissues will come from animals and cultured human cells
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

We must be talking to two different groups of Canadians because those I talk with shudder to think what would happen to Canada and our Canadian identity if the border vanished (“The vanishing border,” Cover, Dec. 20). As a Canadian temporarily living in the United States, it concerns me that other Canadians see this as an inevitable situation.
Opening Notes 1011

Opening Notes

They make a powerhouse couple for a new century: King Koss and the boss’s daughter. In New Year’s Eve nuptials near Vail, Colo., Norse speed-skating legend Johann Olav Koss, 31, married Canadian Belinda Stronach, 33, the heir apparent to Frank Stronach’s Magna International auto-parts empire.
The Planet Celebrates 1819
Special Report

The Planet Celebrates

Howard Mann laughed as he threw himself into the fresh snow. Propping himself up on his elbows, he snapped a photo of his sons, Ben, 10, and Sam, 9, tumbling in snowsuits in front of the Peace Tower in Ottawa, its imposing gothic skeleton reflecting the Christmas lights festooning the surrounding trees.
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