Other Contents of Current Magazines.

March 1 1907

Other Contents of Current Magazines.

March 1 1907

Other Contents of Current Magazines.

In this department we draw attention to the most important topics treated in the current magazines. Readers of The Busy Man’s Magazine can secure from their newsdealers the magazines in which they appear. :: :: ::


The Blankshire Champion. By Arthur A. Knipe.

Visions of an Optimist. By M. S.


Her Son. By Horace Annesey Vachell.

The Irresistible Force. By Jacques Futrelle.

Theophilus the Diplomat. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Character and Consequences. By

Mary Manners.


The Tariff Under Grant. By M.


The Goal. By Henry Arthur Jones. We and Our Neighbors. By J. Daskam Bacon.

Athletics Among the Blind.

Party Lines. By Mrs. Martin.


Our Next Ex-President.. By Willis J. Abbot.

The Naval Warfare of the Future.

By W. G. Fitzgerald.

The Riddle of Personality. By H.

Addington Bruce.

A Veteran Passes. By W. B. Ashley.

A Public Benefactress. By I. MacDougall.


Public Ownership of Public Utilities.

By Professor F. Parsons, Ph.D. The Postal Service of Japan. By

Mr. Flower.

Mexico Takes Control of Her Railways.

The Direct-Legislation Movement in America. By Ralph Albertson. How Mexico’s Prosperity is Made to Count for the General Good. The Co-operative Movement in America.

Democracy’s Demand on Patriotic Citizens.


The Place, The Time, and The Man.

By E. V. Preston.

Their Last Hope. By Albert Payson Terliune.

The Beautiful Madness. By G.


Flimsy Island By Garret Smith. Tragedy at Travers. By John Montague.

A Call for The Authors. By Lee


A Silver Muddle. By John Q. Mawhinney.


^The Statesmanship of Cavour. By

Andrew D. White.

Efficiency in Making Bequests. By William H. Allen.

Longfellow. By B. Perry.

The Melodrama. By Harry James Smith.

Society and Solitude. By A. C.


The Helpmate. By M. Sinclair.

The Spirit of Old West Point. By Morris Schaff.


Sportsmen of Mark. By Alfred E. T. Watson.

Badminton. By S. Mj. Massey. Strange Stories of Sport. By J. Nugent.

Shooting and Fishing on the Ice. By

S. Pitcairn-Knowles.

Freaks and Feats at Golf. By F. Kinlock.

The Life of the Woods. By Philip

T. Oyler, M.A.

Deer-Taking at Eridge Park. By

Leonard Willoughby.


The Income Tax Decision of 1905.

By H. W. Pierson.

The Importance of the Retail Trade.

By W. Maxwell Burke.

How the Accountant Traces Stolen Funds. By Edward Preston Moxley.

The Tobacco Trust and the Consumer. By J. Russell Smith.

How Fire Insurance Rates Are Made.

By S. S. Heebner.



The Stage of Former Days. By Dr.

Goldwin Smith.

Canada’s Champion Choir. By E. R.

The Governor-Generalship. By W.

D. Lighthall, K.C.

Canada’s New Immigrant.

Opsonins in Canada. By Augustus Bridle.

Patriotic Military Service. By Ltl-

Col. W. H. Merritt.

The Gateway of the North. By H.


Widening Applications of the Telephone. Wm. Maver, Jr.

Progress on the Panama Canal. Fullerton L. Waldo.

Causes and Prevention of Disasters in Mines. G. Farmer.

Recent Hydraulic Power Developments in Switzerland. E. Bignami. Construction — Inspection of Boilers and Engines. J. R. Thompson.


The Lord of the Manor. By Fred M. White.

Lake-Dwellers of the Balkans. By R. A. Scott James.

Thirty-three Years Hard Labor at Westminster. By Henry W. Lucy. The Greys at Waterloo.


Inventions When the World Was Young. By Charles H. Cochrane. Splendid Achievements of a Young Nation.

Galveston — An Example of Civic Courage and Righteousness.

Giant Laborers and Their Work. By

William G. Fitz-Gerald.

Moti Guji—Engineer. By Rudyard Kipling.


January 26. All that Glitters in Nevada, by Frederick Palmer. Children Without Childhood, by Martha S. Bensley. The Other Americans, by Arthur Ruhl. The Mormon Church To-day, by Senator F. T. Dubvis.

February 2. Why the Canal by Contract? by Frederick Palmer. The Church and State in France, by George Santayana. What the World is Doing.

February 9. The Lincoln Farm Associations. A Battle of the Giants, by Frederick Trevor Hill. Lincoln in the War Office, by Albert B. Chandler. A Little Ripple of Patriotism, by Rowland Thomas. Kingston—A Personal Narrative. February 16. The Changing Senate (illustrated with portraits). Mexico Will Control Her Railroads. Long Island Sound Fenced In (illustrated), Willis J. Abbot. What the World is Doing (illustrated). The LTn avail able Opulence of Irby Tuel (illustrated), Grace MacGowan Cooke.


Macedonia and the Neutralization of Constantinople. By Edwin Pears. Lords v. Commons. By Harold


Northeastern Asia After the War.

By Alexander Ular.

The Channel Tunnel. By Id.-Col.

Walter H. James.


Government and Discipline in the

Church of England. By Rev. JF. Wilkinson.

Japan and Russia.. Dr. E. J. Dillon.


The Royal Collection of Pictures.

By Lionel Cust, M.V.O.

Tempora Mutantur. By the Right Hon. Sir Algernon West, G.S.B. Under the Red Cross in 1870. By C. Stein.

Four Centuries of Book Prices. By

A. W. Pollard.

Browning Out West. By F. Morgan P a delf or d.

Shooting Wild Fowl from Grazes.

By C. G. Barrington.


J. Pierpont Morgan’s Pictures. The

Early English School. III. Elizabethan Furniture. By George Cecil.

Etchings by Sir Charles Holroyd. Gold and Silver Lace. Part II. Costume of Women in the Reign of Henry VII.

Chinese Postage Stamps.

,The Connoisseur Bookshelf.


A Unique Estate in Central California. French Strother.

The Show Dog. A. Radclyffe Dugmore.

Tires. Harry B. Haines.

The Country Home Reminder. H. S.

Huntingdon, Jr.

Cattle Raising on Small Capital.

Charles Briesmaster.

The Pageant of Nature. M. C. Dickerson.

A Coming Fruit, the Mango. David



Salomé—The Play and Opera. By K.

Metcalf Roof.

American Bronzes at the Metropolitan Museum. By F. Finch Kelly. Brick Restored to its Sovereignty at Columbia College.

Leather Decoration. By M. C. Frederick.

Education and the Larger Life. ECLECTIC.

The Liberal Government and its Opponents. By J. A. Spender.

The Riddle of Emotional Expression.

By J. Donovan.

Some Thackeray Prototypes. By

Lewis Melville.

The Keynote of Canada. By H. C.


The Persecution of the Poles. Electoral Reform in Austria.


Crown and Congress in India. By

Sir Charles Bruce G.C.M.G.

A National and Imperial Army. By Maurice S. Evans.

State Ceremonies in the Maidive Islands. By Captain Sir John Keane.

The Coming Conference. By M. Sidney Maurice.

Emigration and Canada. By Geral Adams.

Indian and Colonial Investments. ENGLISH ILLUSTRATED.

The Minster of Lincoln. By Walte r Calvert.

In Confidence. By F. E. Eastwick. From the Bar to the Bench. By F.

C., Phillips.

The Newer Novelists.

The London Stage. By Oscar Parker.


The “Shadow” in High Finance.

By David Ferguson.

The Needless Slaughter by Street Cars. By Jno. P. Fox.

The World’s Half-Citizens. By

Olivia Howard Dunbar.

“War Against Christ.’* By Vance Thompson.

Dogdom’s “Four Hundred.” By R.

F. Mayhew.


The Situation in Egypt. A. B. de


A New House of Lords. Alfred Russel Wallace, LL.D.

The Conditions of Franco-German Peace. Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

A German Tramp Piison. W. H.


The Graft of the Advertiser. W.

Teignmouth Shore.


The Fine Art of Sweet Pea Culture. The Whole Art of Managing Gold Frames.

Easter Plants and Flowers.

The Best Weeping Trees.

Rockery Making in California.

Wild Flowers Worth Improving.


The Trade of Literature. By E.

Temple Thurston.

The Social Life of England’s First Colony. By Philip A. Bruce.

The Admirable Crichton. By K. A. McDowall.

Bone Caves and Prehistoric Man.

By J. E. Gore.

Disraeli and His Love of Literature.

By J. A. Lovat Fraser.

In Wild Galloway. By C. Edwardes. On Colchester Oysters. By J. D. E. Loveland.


Journeys in Southeast Mashonaland.

Vincent Dickens.

Progressive Waves in Rivers.

Vaughan Cornish, D.Sc.

The Structure of Southern Nigeria.

Jno. Parkinson, B.A.

The Enclosure of Common Fields Considered Geographically. Dr. Gilbert Slater.

Dr. Stein’s Expedition in Central Asia.


Leaders in American Arts and Crafts. By A. F. Sanborn.

My New York. By C. Wells. Raising Mushrooms. By Joseph Henry.


The Best Story and Why I Think So.

By W. B. Maxwell.

A Hazardous Experiment. By Richard Dark.

A Law Officer’s Letter Bag. By Alfred Fellows.

Nicknames in Parliament. By John Campbell, ex-M.P.

Theory and Practice.

The Punishment of First Offenders.

By Thomas Holmes.


The Hayes-Tilden Contest. By Frederick Trevor Hill.

Exercise and its Dangers. By Dr.

Woods Hutchinson.

In the Old Capital of the Great Mo-

gul. By Chas. E. Russell. Cruising Off the Florida Gulf Coast.

By A. W. Dinock.

The Weavers. By Gilbert Parker.


Notable American Homes. By Barr


Three Modern Houses. By Burr


Manual Training in Public Schools.

By Charles C. Johnson.

The Cult in the Orchid. By S. Leonard Bastin.


That Promised Seven Billion. By

Albert C. Stevens.

Ice Yachting. By Frededick R. Toombs.

The Revolt of Marcia Dole. By

Sophie Swelt.

The Homeseekers’ Haven. By Hiram

M. Greene.

The Ten Charity Prizes. By S. K.



The Night Surprise. By John Haslette.

The Idler in Arcady. By Tickner


The Interpretation. By Allan Murray.

Nature’s Seed Sowing. By Percy Collins.

INTERNATIONAL STUDIO. Collection of Mr. Alexander Young.


The King’s Sanatorium at Midhurst. On Some of Mr. Joseph Pennell’s Recent Etchiings.

Exhibition of Russian Art in Paris. Imperial Arts and Crafts Schools, Vienna.

Drawings and Sketches by Modern Masters.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Winter Exhibition of National Academy of Design.

Exhibition of Arts-Crafts at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Shadow and Substance. By Rev. David Bearne.

Woman and Child. By Rev. P. A. Canon Sheehan.

The Spanish Adventurers. By M. Brown.


The Too-Traveled Kings. By Marion Butler.

Pat Cronin and the Foretellin’ Lady

By Ellis Parker Butler.

The Convict Strain. By E. Robinson.

The Accomplished Mrs. Thompson.

By Norval Richardson.

Miss Merriam’s Groom. By Harold R. Durant.

The Fighting Death. By Will Lev-

ington Comfort.

The Legend of Tannhauser. By

George L. Knapp.

The American Gentleman. By

M. Thomas Antrim.


The Story of the Savoy Opera. By

Leonard Rees.

Alcibiades. By E. Neibit.

My Impressions of America. By

Tom Browne.

The Great Parrot Story. By Frank Richardson.

The “Cockerels” of Poultry Lane.

A. Ferguson.

The Prisoner of Yeldiz.

Where is the Earth Going To ? C Flammarion.

The Heir of Otterburn.

Tales of .The Buccaneers. By M.


Two Millions of Money for Minding London.


History of The Mexican War. By Dr. Robert McNutt McElroy.

The Future of the Motor Boat. By W. S. Dudley.

The Alaskan Seal Fisheries.

The New Criminal. By Broughton Brandenburg.

The Congo Free State.

The Passion of Iron. By Homer Saint Gaudens.


The Premier and Imperial Defence. Humanity and Stimulants.

Dante and Botticelli.

The Secrets of Japanese Patriotism. Spiritualism.

Steady Floating Marine Structures. MOODY’S.

The Money Market. By John P. Ryan.

National Currency or Bank Currency. By Wharton Barker. Shrinkage in Security Values. By Charles F. Speare.7 Japan, Financially and Industrially.

By Henry George, Jr.

Confessions of a Speculator. By Ben Thayer.


What We Know About the Sun. Professor T. J. J. See.

The Home Life of William Jennings Bryan. Willis J. Abott.

The Great Stock Exchanges of the World. Alexander Dana Noyes. What New York Owes to Tweed.

Walter L. Hawley.

The Romance of Steel and Iron in America. Part XI., Birmingham and Peublo. Newton Sent.


“For the Honor of Britt’s Busters.”

By Holman F. Day.

What’s Doing at Washington. By

David S. Barry.

American Shipping and Pending Shipping Legislation. By D. Perry Rice.

New Orleans in Transition. By

Frank Putnam.

A Singer of Southcreek. By M.

Ward Cameron.

Nineteenth Century Boston Journalism.


A New Mexican Baron. By George Baker Anderson.

The Alvarado Squatters’ League.

By Charles H. Shinn.

Some Leaves From a California Calendar. By E. Griffith.

Coyote Goes the Sun Road. By

John Vance Cheney.

From Fifty Years Ago. By Christopher Stapleton.

Orleans Indian Legends. By Mel-

cena Burns.


Tournament of Roses. By A. A.


What The Stars Foretold. By E. P.


Waste Heap of Industry. By C. H.


Scaling Mount Shasta. By F. J.

Koch, A.B.

Old Plymouth Path New Trod. By

F. S. Drenning.

The City of Mexico. By N. J. Man-


Tales of The Sea. By A. H. Dutton.


Moose Hunting in Alaska. By Perci val Nash.

Sitting Bull, the Irreconcible.

Life of Frederick Norris. By Denison Hailey Clift.

The Settler. By Mr. Witaker.


The Prime Minister at Downing


How He Met The Midshipman. By

H. C. Bailey.

The Summons of Sir Ganeshpur. By

Newman Wright.

Square. By Lawrence Molt.

The Training of the Modern Detective. By Professor Reiss.

The Long Trail. By Hamlin Garland.


The Romance of Aaron Burr. By

Alfred Henry Lewis.

A Dinner to the Fleet. By Lawrence Perry.

Light-Fingered Gentry. By David Graham Phillip.

The Dethronement of Nicholas II... The New Voice of Ireland. By Andrew Dangerfield.

The Corrector of Destinies. By Melville Davisson Post.


Vaiti of the Islands. By B. Grim-


The Craze for Collecting. By Mrs. John Lane.

Barret’s Boy. By F. Pope.

A Sensational Capture. By M. Ince. How London Talks. By W. T.



The Castle of Doubt. By John H.


Chatham’s Choice. By Brand Whitlock.

The Return of Shepner. By Newton A. Fuessle.

Mr. Mitchell—Detective. By Rodrigues Ottolenque.

In the Name of Justice. By Clinton Dangerfield.

His Appointed Place. By J. Truitt Bishop.

Perfection of Artificial Gem» POPULAR.

Robbers’ Roost. By William MacLeod Raine.

The Failure of Blue Pete. By G. R.


My Oriental Partner. By F. B.


Medical Stories. By W. B. M. Ferguson.


Emily Emmin’s Papers. By C.


The Longfellow Town. By Stephen Cammett.

Walt Whitman. By Gerald Stanley.

Lord Randolph Churchill. By Henry W. Lucy.

Americans in England. By H. Ritchie.

The Unknown Isle. By Pierre de Coulevain.


Imperial Unity and Colonial Conference.

The Growth of The Historical Novel. The Charity Organization Society.. Ruskin and the Gothic Revival.

The Dukes of Athens.

British Sea-Fisheries.

Recent Developments of Old Testament Criticism.

Lord Randolph Churchill.


An Error in Proportion. By Ralph Henry Barbour.

Motor Matrimony. By Ellis Parker Butler.

1,000 Miles in 1,000 Minutes. By

Montrose J. Moses.

A Skylark and What Came of It. By

William H. Thomson.

The South American Situation. By

Albert Hale.

Shaking the Shackles. By Charles A. Bramble.

Our Own Times. By William J. Lampton.


The Nation Versus State’s Rights. The Port of Missing Men.

The South American Situation.

Afar From Elsinore.

Fact and Faith.

Our Own Times.


James Bryce as Envoy to America.

By W. T. Stead.

The Longfellow Centenary. By Frank Gaylord Cook.

Seventy Years of Systematic Giving.

By Joseph Bartlett Seabury.

The Demoralization of American Railroads.

Italian Cotton-Growers in Arkansas.

By Alfred Holt Stone.

Preventing Frauds Upon Farmers.

By John Phillips Street.

Curlizing Values of Missions. By

Cyrus C. Adams.


The Winter Sport in Montreal. By

F. W. Lee.

The Delights of a Snowshoe Tramp.

By T. Muriel Merrell.

Hake Fishing Through the Ice. By

Charles McIntyre.

Our Deer and Their Enemies. By

Ernest J. McVeigh.


Mummers Who Motor.

Big Families. By F. E. Baily.

A Day in the Life of an Undergraduate.

Where We Get Our Ideas. By W.

S. Campbell.

Survivors’ Tales of Great Events. By

Walter Wood.


January 12. Russia, Persia and Britain, Future Policy of the Unionist Party, The Coming German Elections, Our National Prosperity, Britain and the European Concert, A Bishop’s Advice to the Clergy, Rumenzori, Scholarships at Schools and Universities.

January 19. The Latest Encyclical, Devolution and Home Rule, A German Missionary of Empire, The New Year in Russia, The Motor Industry and Motor Racing, The Diffusion of Deference, Women’s Employment, The Value of Game.

January 26. Britain and the United States, Irish University Problem, A Real Yellow Peril. Rational Charity, The Edalji Case and the Home Office, Noscitur a Sociis, About Dictionaries, The Other Side of Fog.

February 2. The Elections in Germany, Mr. Bryce’s Announcement, The French Bishops and the Republic, Policy of the Labor Party, Cabs and Taximeters, A Jacobbean Educationist, History and Life, An Object for a Walk.


January 12. The Persian Future, Intercolonial Preference, The Steamship Struggle, The Unemployed Season, Clerical, Medical and General Insurance, The Golden Age, by Lawrence Bengon, Some Memories of Gardens, by Alexander I. Shand.

January 19. Election Prospects in Germany, French Christianity at Bay, Our Friend and Guest the Amir, The Thousand Million Mark,

Domestic Risks, Plays, Commercial and Uncommercial, Theatre-Music Torture.

January 26. Canada and the United States, The Last Infirmity, The House of Lords and the Government, Another Irish University Litter, The Most Suitable Insurance Policy, The Prophet and the Earthquake.

February 2. The Democratic Reverse in Germany, Mr. Birrell in Ireland, Statesmen and Contempt, The Mathematical Tripos, The Mutual Life Case, Some Memories of Gardens.


January 19—

The Tree of Dreams. By Robert W. Chambers.

The Stronger Will. By Henry C. Rowland.

Sleeping Out-of-Doors at Home. By

Charles F. Burrows, M.D. Sampson Rock of Wall Street. By

Edwin Fefevre.

January 26—

Some Unsolved Problems in Survey.

By W. W. Keen, M.D.

The Sheep Woman. By E. Elliott


Poor Man’s Land. By Rex Beach. The Unknown Door. By Arthur


The Rise of Harriman. By Will


February 2—

Simple Spelling. By Owen Wister. In Greater Grub Street. By Jas. H. Collins.

Raising the Boy. By Joseph Medill


Edward A. Sothern. By William


Hunting the Good and the Great. By

Cromwell Childe.

February 9—

The Price of Beef. By Emmerson Hough.

The Black Company. By Arthur Stringer.

Putting on a Play. By Lynch Williams.

A Trace of Poison. By Robert Herrick. I

The Cave Man. By John Corbin. The Senator’s Secretary.


Impressions of Contemporary France.

By Prof. Barett Wendells.

Abijah the Brave and the Fair Emmajane. By K. Douglas Wiggin. Dowkn the Seine in a Motor Boat. By E. C. Peixetto. .

Some Letters of E. L. Godkin.


“On Making Believe.’’ By Arthur Sullivant Hoffman.

Creeping Rails. By Arthur Stringer.

Some very fine poems by famous writers grace its pages.


The Whirlpool. By A. O’Hagan.

On Generosity. Charles Battell Loomis.

The Last of the Blackwells. E. Elliott Peake.

Shall We Tax Wealth? Charles H.


The Passing Hour.

The Understanding Mother. By L.


Where Love Leads. By Charles Garvice.

The Out-of-Town Girl in New York.

By G. M. Gould.


Porches and Verandah. Edward R. Stout

A Suburban Garden Which Paid for

Itself. W. H. Jenkins.

Some Little Tricks of Planting. Jno. E. Titus.

Unexpected Profits of a Suburban Garden. C. B. Wynkoop. Horticultural Terms, Which Everyone Should Know. S. Mendelson Meehan.

Making a Vegetable Garden Pay. E.

J. Bowley.


Putting the Lobbyists on the Square.

By Samuel Merwin.

The Dreyfus Affair. By Vance Thompson.

Fools and Their Money. By Frank Fayant.

My Life—So Far. By Josiah Flynt. Millions for Music. By Edgar Mels. From Platform to Platform. Charles Battell Loomis.


Motoring in the West.

The New West. By Elmer B. Harris. The Municipal Value of Insurance.

David H. Walker.

My Town Lot Income. Louis Gabard.

Upbuilding the West.


The Fog Fiend of London. S. M.


The Inventor of the Compass. Submarines of the World’s Navies. Motor Boats for Life-Saving.

260,000 Miles of Ocean Cable.


To Norway for a Vacation. By William Morrow.

A Two Months’ Trip to the Pacific Coast.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

A Trip Down the Yukon River.

The Sugar Cane Industry in Cuba.


What Will the West Do With Canada. E. W. Thomson.

The Valuation of Real Estate. By

W. Vaughan.

John Knox in the Church of England. By Andrew McPhail.

A Patent Anomaly. By Angus Macfadyen.

The Psychology of American Humor.

By Stephen Leacock.

Venice in the Age of Titian. By C.

W. Colby.

A Revelation of the Obvious. By

Adrien Le Maistre.

A Home of the Lost Causes. By A.

H. U. Colquhoun.


The Windfall. By Robert Barr. Chronicles in Cartoon. By B. Fletcher Robinson.

The Rout. By Burry Pain.

A Question of Identity. By D. Braithwaite.

Men and Their Hands. By Ian MacLaren.

WOMAN’S HOME COMPANION. A Talk on Good Deeds. Edwart Everett Hale.

A Suburban House for $6,500.

The First Work in the Flower Garden. S. A. Hamilton.

What the Chicago Woman’s Club Has Done for Chicago. Bertha D Knobe.


The Triumph of the Kaiser. Frederic Austin Ogg.

The Newspaper’s Contempt for the Public. By a City Editor.

The Block System and Railway Accidents. (Illusrated.) Day Allen Willey.

How Railroads Fight the Snow. H.

D. Frankel.

The Revolution in Poland. Alexander d’Heautreave

Taming the Mississippi. (Illustrated.) John Leisk Tait.

From Saddle to Senate. (Illustrated.)

Sheffield Cowdrick.


Our Lives Shortening. M. G. Cun-


Are Our Colleges Doing Their Job ? Harriman. C. M. Keys.

Training for the Trades. Arthur W.


Russia, as Seen in its Workingmen.

Leroy Scott.

Belgian Rule in the Congo. Samuel P. Verner.

Our Great River. W. J. McGee.


The March of Events.

Seven Overbonds of American Finance. C. M. Keys.

The Conquest of the Air. (Illustrated) .

Paris and Her Unemployed. Guy

Cadogan Rotheby.

Australia’s Penny Post.. (Illustrated.) E. J. T. B.

The Prevention of Railway Accidents.