Contents of the Oct. Magazines

October 1 1908

Contents of the Oct. Magazines

October 1 1908

Contents of the Oct. Magazines

Architecture and the Arts.

Work of a Western Artist. Maud Oliver—Uncle Remus's.

The Pretty American Girl in Art and Her Creators. Margaret Roke—Human Life.

Nero as Artist and Engineer.—Putnam's.

The Art of Miss Maud Earl. Austin Chester— Windsor.

Modern Miniature Painting. A Lys. Baldry— Int. Studio.

Hungarian Art at the Earl’s Court Exhibitionlilt Studio.

Leaves from the Sketchbook of A. E. Newcombe —Int. Studio.

Tapestries for American Homes. Richard Neustadt—Country Life in Am.

Pottery and China in Home Decoration. H. C. Judson—Country Life in Am.

Photography in Colors—Spectator (Sept. 5).

The Scope and Drift of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Alvan Sanborn—Forum.

A Painter of Dogs and Puppies. L. Van der Veer —Pearson’s (Eng.)

A Painter of Domestic Scenes. W. Stanton Howard—Broadway.

Army and Navy.

The Fleet’s Triumphs—World’s Work.

Between the Battle Lines. Sally Royce Weir— Metropolitan.

Army and Navy Notes. I. R.—The Throne, (Sept. 5).

Admiral Evans' Own Story of the American Navy—Broadway.

Business and Industry.

Business Men's Activity in Politics. James Van Cleave—Am. Industries.

Working Value of a Surplus. Henry Clews—Am. Industries.

Problems of Fire Prevention. Powell Evans— Am. Industries.

American Merchandising in ths Far East. H. J. M. Ellis—Am. Industries.

The Trade Situation in the United States—Am. Industries.

A Northland Eden. Lysle J. Abbott—Westward Ho.

PilnotRupert. Rosalind W. Young—Westward Ho

The Menace of the Credit System. Mrs. Irwin F. Mather—Woman’s Home Com.

Co-Operative Trading in England. J. W. Stannard—System.

The Nerve Centres of Business. Kendall Banning—Svstem.

Advertising in Operation—Its Growth. Edwin Balmer—System.

The Dress of a Business Letter. Harrison Courtney—System.

Selling to Cross-roads Merchants. R. L. De Nise —System.

Limiting Costs in Building. David Lay—System.

Gas-Power in Cotton Mills. A. Vennell Coster— Cassier’s.

The Discounters of Money. 0. Henry—American Magazine.

The Panic, a Year After—World’s Work.

A Three Hundred Million Dollar Loss from Lack of System—World's Work.

Life Insurance as a Business Asset—World’s Work.

To Prevent National Wastefulness. Raoul De Montreale—Overland.

The Making and Operation of Tariffs in Canada. J. Martin. K.C.-Em. Rev.

Mercantile Marine, Education of Officers. Right Hon. Lord Brassey, G.C.B.—Empire Rev.

England’s Greatest Department Store and Its Growth. R. Woodman Burbidge—Am. Bus. Man.

World-wide Effect of the American Business Depression.—Am. Bus. Man.

Advertising as a Business and How it is Conducted To-day. I. L. Stack—Am. Bus. Man.


The Days When Boys were Captains. Ralph D. Paine—Outing.

Mother and Child Photographs—Human Life.

Stories by Our Boys and Girls—Human Life.

What Suggestion Cam do for Children. Elwood Worcester, D.D.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How We are Injuring Our Children. Judge Ben B. Lindsay—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How a Boy Can Make a Gymnasium. A. Neely Flail—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Useful Clothes for Little Children. Mrs. Ralston—Ladies’ Home , Jrnl.

My Confidence With My Boy. A Canadian Mother—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Mistakes of Young Mothers. J. P. Crozer Griffith—Good Housekeeping.

Are Babies Moral ? Woods Hutchinson. A.M., M.D.—Woman’s Home Com.

The Boy. Everett T. Tomlinson—Woman’s Home Com.

How to Make a Microphone. A. Russell Bond— Woman’s Flome Com.

Titania’s Auto Car. T. Cromwell-Lawrence— Woman’s Home Com.

Boys as Policemen—St. Nicholas.

Nature and Science for Young Folks—St. Nicholas.

The Singing Boys of Jena. Arthur Upson—St. Nicholas.

The Flower of the Sun. Alice M. Long—St. Nicholas.

Country Holiday Children—Sat. Rev. (Sept. 5).

Education and School Affairs.

Inefficiency of the Public Schools. C. W. Larned —North Am. Rev.

Some Vital School Questions. Kate Ames— Overland Mthly.

The School Day Question. Charles J. Woodbury —Overland Mthly.

Physically Defective School Children—Sat. Rev. (Sept. 5).

A New Educational Policy—Spectator (Sept. 5). Indian Students in England—Spectator (Sept. 5) Getting at the Essentials of Geography. Jacques Redway—Education.

Socrates, the First Educator. A. D. Call—Education.

The Question of the School Excursion. Lewis W. Hi ne—Education.

The Training of a Teacher of English. Alice M. Dunbar—Education.

Essays and General Literature.

The Service of Fear. G. L. Knapp—Lippincott's The Racial Pot-Pourri on the Isthmus. Herbert Dunlap—Lippincott’s.

A Letter to President Roosevelt and His Response—Uncle Remus’s.

Social-Reconstruction To-day. John Martin—Atlantic Mthly.

The Transmission of Acquired Characters. Professor Marcus Hartog—Cont. Rev.

The Pleasures of Re-Reading—Spectator (Sept. 5).


(Complete Stories.)

A Jewel of the Seas. Jessis Kaufman—Lippincott’s.

The Perfidy of Scottson Pottleby. Patrick Booth —Bohemian.

Mrs. Van Twiller’s Dinner Guest. Catharine Carr—Bohemian.

Simple Septimus. Wm. J. Locke—American M. The Message. Louis Tracy—Pearson's (Am). Khosran, the Son of Bistam. Felix Benguiat— Pacific Mthly.

The Story ol “Soapy” Smith. Bad Man and Bluffer. Don Steffa—Pacific Mthly.

Princess Lela’s Publicity. Hy. Spede Cubb— Gunter's.

Old Round-about, the Terror of the Tories.

Lynn Tew Sprague—Outing.

The Return of Norroy. George Bronson-Howard —Popular.

Tale of the Hard Luck Guy. Irvin S. CobbPopular.

The Gold-Throwers. Albert Dorrington—Popular. The Submarine. T. Jenkins Hains—Popular. Macbeth. Charles Francis Bourke—Popular.

The Microbe of Fear. Charles Steinfort Pearson —Popular.

The First Speculator. Robert Barr—Idler.

The Romance of the Sea Trout. Arthur Tysilio Johnson—Idler.

Nicholas the Painter. G. D. Drennan—Idler.

Easy Money. Bertram Atkey—Idler.

The Mayor's Honeymoon. Leroy Scott—Everybody’s.

The Thorobred. Edith Macvanc—Ainslee’s.

Something that Happened in October. Eleanor Abbott—Everybody's.

Bluebeard’s Vestibule. Edgar Franklin—Argosy.

Cupid in a Crushed Hat. John Montague— Argosy.

A Conspiracy in Greenbacks. Fred V. Green, Jr. —Argosy.

The Wedding Present Problem. Anne Warner— Putnam’s.

An Incident at the Pelham. T. P. Struthers— Grand.

The Beginning of Wisdom. Mark Hardy—Grand.

“Hamlet" and the Baby. Ralph England— Argosy

When the Returns Come in. Howard R. Garis— Argosy.

The Executors. Charles Belmont Davis—Scribner

A Policy that Sat Above Conscience. Francis Rivers—Windsor.

The Dalton Case. Arthur Davies—Westward Ho.

The Dollar With the Cross. J. De Q. Donehoo— Westward Ho.

The Measure of his Love. Isabel B. Macdonald —Westward Ho.

The Hansom Baby. F. Vaux Wilson—Good Housekeeping.

The Greatness of Mr. Watherstone. R. E. Vernede—Harper's Mag.

Priests in Fiction. Katharine Roche—Irish Mthly.

Her Little Boy. Jessie Tulloch—Irish Mthly.

(Serial Stories.)

Father. Open the Door. Max Nordau—Pacific Mthly.

Martin Eden. Jack London—Pacific Mthly.

The Ghost Kings. H. Rider Haggard—Gunter’s.

A Million a Minute. Robert Aitken—Gunter's.

The Man in the Motor-mask. Fred Jackson— Gunter’s.

A Fall Out of Fate. Edwin Bliss—Argosy.

For the Workers.

One Woman’s WTay of Making a Living. George L. Thorn—Suburban Life.

Pleasant Evenings for Business Girls—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Young Man and His Problem—Western Home Mthly.

“Pensioners of Peace.” William Hard—Everybody’s.


Mural Decorations. Claude W. Gray. A.R.C.A.— Westward Ho.

Exhibition of Tapestries. Textiles and Embroideries—Int. Studio.

The Hessian National Exnibition at Darmstadt —Int. Studio.

Enamels and Pottery at the Paris Salons—Int. Studio.

The Munich Exhibition. L. Deubner—Int. Studio.

Health and Hygiene.

About Good Health. Elbert Hubbard—Lippincott’s Mag.

The Curiosities of Sleep. Woods Hutchinson. M.D.—American Mag.

How a Physicisn Told His Children—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

How We Can all Avoid the •‘Grippe.” Richard Cole Newton. M.D.—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

If You Would Have Healthy Sleep—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

That "Real Cure" for My Rheumatism. E. B.

Leni—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Eyes and Vision From Worm to Man. Edward A. Ayers.. A.M., M.D.—Harper’s Mag.

The Meaning of Human Suffering—Irish Mthly. In Case of Illness. Dita H. Kinney, R.N.— Woman's Home Com.

Beauty Sleep. Hereward Carrington—Woman’s Home Com.

The Study of the Human Body—Shorthand Writer.

Insanity as a Blood Disease. Dr. William Hanna Thomson—Everybody’s.

House, Garden and Farm.

Your Opportunities in Fall Planting. Leonard Barron—Garden Mag.

Four Ways of Planting Bulbs. Leslie HudsonGarden Mag.

A New Idea for Trimmed Hedges. A. S. Warthin --Garden Mag

Protecting Roses from Winter Cold. Harriet E. Tilton—Garden Mag.

Seven and one-half Billions from the Farms. E.

A. Forbes—World’s Work.

My House. Designed by my Neighbors. John K. Bangs—Suburban Life.

Pictures for the Living Room and Library. Fred H. Allen—Suburban Life.

Queer Farms and Unique Methods of Farming.

Rene Bache—Suburban Life.

Tree-Guards, Ornamental and Otherwise. William Solotaroff—Suburban Life.

How to Avoid Disappointment in Fall Planting. H. H. Henry—Suburban Life.

The Treatment of Colonial Halls. Myrtle Hyde Darling—House and Garden.

Japanese Gardens in America. Mrs. Phebe W.

Humphreys—House and Garden.

Furnishing a House of Seven Rooms for $1,500. —House and Garden.

Typical Lighting Fixtures of the Twentieth Century. Elizabeth Foster—House & Garden. Harvesting the Wheat. Agnes C. Laut.—Outing. The Apple Orchard. E. P. Powell—Outing. Possibilities of Grape Culture in California. T.

B. Wilson—Overland.

Country and Suburban Homes. E. Stanley Mitton—Westward Ho.

Simplicity in Furniture. John D. Adams— Woman’s Home Com.

Now is the Time to Build. W. A. Dyer—Country Life in Am.

A Conservatory that is a Beautiful Part of a Home—Country Life in Am.

Modern Houses in Colonial Style. Aymar Embury—Country Life in Am.

What You Can Build for $1,000. John Guthrie— Country Life in Am.

The Country Home Water Supply. C. M. D’Enville—Country Life in Am.

Problems in Home Furnishing. Alice Kellogg— Am. Homes and Gardens.

Indoor Bulb Culture. S. Leonard Bastin—Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Speculation in Abandoned Farms. A. S. Atkinson—Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Novel Scheme for a Suburban House Proposition. Charles Chauncy—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Reclamation of Swamp Lands in United States. G. E. Walsh—Cassier’s Mag.

Immigration and Emigration.

A Common-sense View of the Immigration Problem. W. S. Rossiter—North Am. Rev.

Imperial State Aid to Emigration. Charles Stuart-Linton—Empire Rev.

The Judgment of the Steerage. Lewis E. Macbrayne—Harper’s Mag.

Investments, Speculation and Finance

The Regulation of the Stock Exchange. Charles Conant—Atlantic Mthly.

Indian Colonial Investments—Empire Rev.

The Crisis and Panic of 1907. J. F. 'Johnson— Pol. Science Qu.

Choosing Your Bank. Alexander Dana Noyes— Woman’s Home Com.

Proprietary Life Offices—Sat. Rev. (Sept. 5).

Church Finance—Spectator (Sept. 5).

Labor Problems.

The Labor Unions and the Campaign. Henry White—North Am. Rev.

Labor and the Tariff. Lucius F. C. Garvin— North Am. Rev.

The Labor Vote—World’s Work.

Can “Labor” Boycott a Political Party ?— World’s Work.

Injunction in Labor Disputes. G. G. Groat—Pol. Science Qu.

The British Socialist Party. Edward Porritt— Pol. Science Qu.

The Executive’s Telescope. H. A. Springett— System.

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Edwin Lawrence Godkin. James Ford Rhodes— Atlantic Mthly.

Anthony Comstock, John R. Meader—Bohemian.

Why We Love Lincoln. James Creelman—Pearson’s (Am.)

Captain “Bill” McDonald. Albert Bigelow Paine —Pearson’s (Am.)

Some Random Reminiscences of Men and Events John D. Rockefeller—World’s Work.

The Pacifier of the Philippines. Robert H. Murray—World’s Work.

The Farmer Governor of Ohio. John A. Kelley —Human Life.

Simon Fraser. R. O. S. Scholefield—Westward Ho.

Three Famous Englishwomen. E. L. Kirton— English 111.

How Big Men do Big Things. Kendall Banning —System.

Lewis Carroll : the Friend of Children. Helen M. Pratt—St. Nicholas.

A Methodist Baronet. Arthur Page Grubb— Young Man.

Rudulph Eucken. Rev. W. Warschauer—Young Man.

From Candle Factory to British Cabinet. Arthur P. Grubb—Young Man.


A Chronicle of Friendships. Will H. Low—Scribner.

A Hypnotic Fraud. Reginald Turner—Windsor.

The Tragedy of the Marriage Altar. Abram L. Wolbarst, M.D.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

What We Have Really Found Out About Ourselves. John Corbin—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

When a Club Can do Good Work. Hamilton W. Mabie—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Franco-British Exhibition. Bernard Weaver —English 111.

Pocket Appeal of Premium Wages. W. Poole Dryer. M.E.—System.

The Patent and the Price. Henry Cartwright—

• System.

How Hunters Might Help the Deer. C. H. King —Rod and Gun.

Historical Sketch of the Toronto Canoe Club. —Rod and Gun.

What Shall I Read ? Wilfred Whitten—The Tatler (Sept. 2).

Rome, Then and Now. Rev. Gerald S. Davies— Cornhill.

Amusing the Million. Frederic Thompson— Everybody’s.

Around the Bridge Table—Ainslee’s.

Every Man has His Own Symphonist. Rupert Hughes—Ainslee’s.

The Cholula Pyramid. R. S. Cauvin—Travel Mag.

The Ladder of Life. George H. R. Dabbs, M.D. —Young Man.

Hydraulic and Electric Power for Harbor Work. Brysson Cunningham—Cassier’s Mag.

The Supreme Court. Eugene P. Lyle, Jr.— Broadway.

The Present Craze for Dancing—Broadway.

Newspapers—are Trouble-makers. Lindsay Denison—Broadway.

The Adventure of the Silver Greyhound. Aubrey Lanst on—Bohemian.

Foreign Criminals in New' York. T. A. Bingham —North Am. Rev.

The Fool and the Idiot. Maarten Maarteos— Metropolitan.

Red Tape. Will Adams—Metropolitan.

Reunion and Intercommunion. Archbishop of Melbourne—Cont. Rev.

Our Timber Supplies. A. D. Webster—Cont. Rev.

Canada’s Herd of Buffaloes—Can Life and Resources.

Winning an Empire. James Oliver Curwood— Putnam’s.

Municipal and Local Government.

The New Ireland—VII. Sydney Brooks.

The Government as an Industrial Peacemaker— W7orld’s Work.

The Silent Revolution in Turkey, Dikran Mardiros Bedikian—World’s Work.

Georgia's Barbarous Convict System. Alfred C. Newell—World's Work.

Taft's Record in the Philippines. Robert B. Westeott—Overland Mthly.

The Turkish Revolution. Edwin Pears—Cont. Rev.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

The Oldest Flowers in Cultivation. Thos. McAdam—Garden Mag.

Out-of-doors Training for Army Officers. Maj. L. Macdonald—Recreation.

On the French Shore of Cape Breton. Harry James Smith—Atlantic Mthly.

And We are Glad We Moved into the Country. Frank E. Channon—Suburban Life.

Camp Life for Ladies. J. C. Bristow'-Noble— The Throne (Sept. 5).

River and Lock—Scottish Field.

A Dweller on the Hill Tops—Scottish Field.

The Life Story of a Golden Eagle. S. L. Bensusan—Pearson’s (Eng.)


Out in the West. Margaret Erskine—Westward Ho.

The Recognition. Mary Lord—Harper's Mag.

The Wind in the Poplars. Louise Morgan Sill— Harper’s Mag.

October. Roscoe Gilmore Stott—Lippincott's.

An Autumn Song. Robert Loveman-Uncle Remus’s.

A Beckoning at Sunset. Edith M. Thomas—Atlantic Mthly.

What Makes a Home. Ralph M. Thompson— Gunter's.

To-morrow’s Land. Roscoe Gilmore Stott—Putnam’s.

Political and Commercial.

The Heart of the United States. James P. Munroe—Atlantic Mthly.

The English Working Woman and the Franchise. Edith Abbott—Atlantic Mthly.

The New Federalism. Henry Wade Rogers—North Am. Rev.

The Regenerated Ottoman Empire. Mundji Bey— North Am. Rev.

Italy and the Triple Alliance. Salvatore Cortesi—North Am. Rev.

The World at Large—Metropolitan.

The Turkish Revolution. Viator—Fort. Rev.

Tolstoi and the Tolstoians. Francis Gribble— Fort. Rev.

Australia and the Empire. W. E. Graham—Empire Rev.

A Plea for Unification. Dominion of South Africa. Alfred Barker—Empire Rev.

The King and the Constitution—Contemporary Review.

The Relations of Hungarv and Austria. Count Jos. Mailath—Cont. Rev.

The Belgian Parliament and the Congo. E. D. Morel—Cont. Rev.

Pen Rambling in the Realm of Politics. Alfred H. Lewis—Human Life.

The Rulers of Elast and West. Joseph Conrad— Putnam's.

Democracy and the Main Chance H. W. Boynton.—Putnam's.

Present American Politics. J. W. Burgess—Pol. Science Qu.

M. Clemenceau's Half-measures—Sat. Review. (Sept. 51.

Germany. Morocco and the Powers—Spectator. (Sept. 5).

Japanese Retrenchment—Spectator (Sept. 5). Unforeseen Factors of the Current CampaignHenry L. West—The Forum.

The Century of Constitutions. A. Maurice Low —Forum.

Railroads and Transportation.

Enforced Railroad Competition. Ray Morris— Atlantic Mthly.

Lighting the Path of the Motor Car. Herbert L. Towle—Suburban Life.

Repairs by the Roadside. Fred D. Taylor House and Garden.

The Aeroplane and its Future. Henri Farman— Metropolitan.

The Good Roads Campaign. P. X. Beringer— Overland Mthly.

The Royal Yacht Alexandra—Overland Mthly. The Needs of the Railroads. L. G. McPherson— Pol. Science Qu.


Talks About the Sunday School Lessons. Dean Hodges—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

$200 For Church Workers—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Science and Invention.

The Wonderland of Delirium. Charles Roman— American Mag.

The Most Famous Medium in the World. Rupert Hughes—Pearson's (Am.)

The Paradox of Research. John G. Hibben— North Am. Rev.

The New Theory of Organic Liie. James R.

Kendall—Pacific Mthly.

Osteopathy. E. M. Downing—Metropolitan.

The New Drydocks at Mare Island. Billie Glynn —Overland Mthly.

Wireless Telegraphy—Can. Life and Resources. New Work in Biology—Sat. Rev. (Sept. 5).

The Determination of the Hardness of Metals. J. F. Springer—Cassier's Mag.

Sports and Pastimes.

American Duck Hunting. Ernest McGafiey—Recreation.

To North Pole Lake for Caribou. James L. Pequignot—Recreation.

America and the Olympic Games—Recreation. Deer Hunting on the Taquamenon—Recreation. Duck Shooting ior the Upland Hunter. Samuel C. Camp—Recreation.

Some Ways of Hanging up a Deer. John Boyd—


Canoeing. Walter Mayfield—Uncle Remus's. Mountain Climbing in Mexico. Edmund 0. Hovey—Outing.

The Cricket Season. 190S. E. H. D. Sewell— Fort. Rev.

The Wildest Corner of Mexico. William Hornadav—Scribner.

How to Swim and Dive. C. Holland—Badminton.

Big Game Shooting of the White Nile. H. G.

M. Railston—Badminton.

Hunting Countries for Men of Moderate Means.

C. E. Rumbold—Badminton.

Does Golf Affect Cricket ? Sir Home Gordon— Badminton.

How to Become an Archer. Maud F. Drummond—Badminton.

Driving Fish by Sound. Major H. A. Forbes Knapt on—Badminton.

What America Spends on College AthleticsWaiter Camp—Windsor.

Holiday Making on Old Roads. T. W. Wilkinson—Windsor.

A Successful Sporting Trip in the North. Dr.

J. W. Marshall—Rod and Gun.

Provincial Ministers in New Brunswick Woods— Rod and Gun.

A Deer Hunt on Deer River. Geo. Broadway— Rod and Gun.

Salmon in the Northland—Rod and Gun.

Deer Vanishing Deer. Dr. V. A. Hart—Rod and Gun. *

Deer Stalkers and Deer Stalking. Alex I. McConnochie—The Throne (Sept. 5).

Otter Hunting. L. C. R. Cameron—The Throne (Sept. 5).

The Stage.

The Spanish Drama of To-day. Elizabeth Wallace—Atlantic Mthly.

The Playwright and the Playgoers. Brander Matthews—Atlantic Mthly.

When They Smile and When They Don't—Bohemian.

The Absurdities of Stage Business. Henry E. Warner—Bohemian.

Great Actors of Old San Francisco. Peter Robertson—Pacifie Mthly.

The Spread of Musical and Dramatic Taste— World's Work.

The Drama of the Month—Metropolitan.

Chamber Drama. G. V. Williams—Cont. Rev. Actors of Note—Human Life.

Actresses af To-day—Human Life.

Richard Mansfield. Paul Wilstach—Scribner.

The Career of a Violinist. Marie Hall—EnglishIllustrated.

The Old Home Plays and Players. Robert Sloss

—Woman's Home Com.

Travel and Description.

A Florida Paradise. Charles T. Hopkins—Uncle Remus's.

The Moods of the Mississippi. Raymond S..

Spears—Atlantic Monthly.

On the Slopes of Parnassus. Agnes Repplier— Atlantic Mthly.

When East Meets West. Patrick Vaux—Bohemian.

Are We to Abandon Pacific Traffic ?—World SWork.

A Trip Through Airica. S. P. Vernei^-World's.


The De La Guerra Mansion. Catherine R. Hamlin—House and Garden.

The Puget Sound Country. Clifton Johnson—


Motoring Through the English Villages. Ekin Walliek—Metropolitan.

Concerning San Francisco. T. B. Wilson—Overland Mthly.

In and About Honolulu. Milo K. Temple—Overland Mthly.

The Colonies and Our Challenged Sea Supremacy. Capt. Von Herbert—Fort. Rev.

Through the Mackenzie Basin—Can. Life and Resources.

The Villa of Jove. Eliot T. Putnam—Putnam's

A Foreign Tour at Home—Henry Holt—Putnam's.

A Journey 10 Jerash. Henry Van Dyke—Scribner.

The Rampart Range Ten Years Ago. Walter Wyckoff—Scribner.

The Country of "Evangeline.” Rev. Fred Hastings. L.C.C.—Windsor.

The Opening of the Season. Bonnycastle Dale— Westward Ho.

The Alpine Club of Canada. S. H. Mitehell— Westward Ho.

Motoring in South Africa. Capt. G. Godson— Westward Ho.

The Gateway of India. Charles H. Gibbons— Westward Ho.

Around the World with Burton Holmes. Burton Holmes—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

My Discoveries in Tibet. Dr. Sven Hediu—Harper’s Mag.

A Tale of the Far East. Gertrude Donaldson— English 111.

The Most Beautiful Canoe Trip in the World. Dr. N. A. Powell—Rod and Gun.

Dr. Cowan’s Hunting Trips in British Columbia—Rod and Gun.

Salomon Gessner and the Alps. I. H. Yoxall. M.P.—Cornhill.

A Mediterranean Cruise. L. DeB. Handley—Travel Mag.

Paris as a Touring Centre. W. F. Bradley—Travel Mag.

On the Trail of the Fleet. Oliver Bainbridge— Travel Mag.

Suggestions for a Mexican Traveler. Katherine L. Smith—Travel.

Woman and the Home.

Big Gamei Hunting for Women. Margaret Ware —Recreation.

Woman’s Influence Upon Language. Charles W. Hutson—Uncle Remus’s.

The Strength of Women. Rem A. Johnson—Bohemian.

Do Women Dress to Please the Men ? Louise C. Evans—Bohemian.

The Constitutional Basis of Women’s Suffrage. C. C. Stopes—Fort. Rev.

Sick Nursing in the Territorial Army. Elizabeth Haldane. L.S.D.—Cont. Rev.

The Moral of Clothes. Madam D’Alberta—Westward Ho.

What Being a Woman has Meant to Me—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Wife of Andrew Carnegie. Lucy Leffingwell Cable—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

How Girls Can Make Pin-Money—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Why Mrs. Roosevelt Has not Broken Down.

Helen McCarthy—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

When You Must Dress With Economy. Mrs. Ralston—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

My Future Daughter-in-law-Christine. T. Herrick—Woman’s Home Com.

Home Earning Versus House Renting—Woman’s Home Comp.

Beautiful Women I Have Painted. Percy Anderson—'Tatler (Sept. 2).

Housekeeping in the Philippines. G. B. St. John—Travel Mag.

The Business Woman. James H. Collins— Broadway.

If you and I—just you and I —

Should laugh instead of worry:

If we should grow—just you and I—

Kinder and sweeter hearted,

Perhaps in some near by-and-by A good time might get started ;

Then what a happy world ’twould be For you and me —for you and me.

-A. M. T.