Contents of the April Magazines

April 1 1908

Contents of the April Magazines

April 1 1908

Contents of the April Magazines

Army and Navy.

The Voyage of the American Fleet. S. Brooks.

—Living Age, (March 7).

Trip of a Warship to Blow up a Direlict. W.

J. Aylward.—Scribner's.

The Hell of War. L. L. Seaman.—Appleton's. The Trouble with Our Army. Lieut. P. H. Clerk.—Metropolitan.

How I Train My War Dogs. Major Richardson.—Pearson's, (Eng.).

Shooting to Hit with Big Guns. L. Wright.— Technical World.

Making Rough Riders of Infantry Officers. N.

Forest.—Technical World.

The Military Guards of London.—Chambers’s Journal.

Trick Economies at the Admiralty.—Saturday Review, (Feb. 29).

The Fleet’s Longest Run. F. Palmer.—Collier’s (Feb. 22).

The Atlantic Fleet in the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro. F. Palmer.—Collier’s (Feb. 29). Reduction vs. Safety.—Sat. Rev. (March 7).

Architecture and the Arts.

Public Art and the Wellington Monument. L.

Binyon.—Saturday Review (Feb. 15).

What is Worth While in American Music. R. Hughes.—Smith’s.

English Humor and American Art. H. P. Robinson.—Putnam’s.

Games in Art. A Margaux.—Pearson’s (Eng.). Emil Fuchs ; Work in Sculpture. Medals and Portraits. S. Brinton.—Int. Studio. Raeburn’s Technique : Its Affinities with Mod-

ern Painting. W. D. McKay.—Int. Studio. An Italian Luminist : Carlo Fornara. A. Me-

lani.—Int. Studio.

The Study of Three Forms. A. L. B.—Int. Studio.

The New Color Photography. J. N. Laurvick.— Int. Studio.

Art in the Market Place. Leila Mechlin.—Int. Studio.

The Art of Francis Auburtin. E. Ertz.—English Illustrated.

Ancient and Modern Sculpture. Thos. Hayes.— English Illustrated.

Early English Lithographs. A Moore.—English Illustrated.

Italian Majolica. M. E. Stcedman.—English Illustrated.

Lorado Taft and the Western School of Sculptors.—Craftsman.

Art in Ornamental Planting. G. Tabor.—Craftsman.

Mural Decoration and the Vitality of National Art.—Craftsman.

The Art Movement in Chicago. J. S. Dicherson.—World To-Day.

Art of Thomas W. Dewing. C. H. Coffin.— Harper’s.

Business and Industry.

An English View of the Panama Canal. A. R.

Colquhoun.—North American Rev.

The Romance of the Diamond. Sir William Cookes.—North American Rev.

Corporations in Modern Business. Geo. W. Perkins.—North American Rev.

Fruit Growing Industry of Washington. W. S.

Thornber.—Pacific Monthly.

New Masonry Bridge Across the Connecticut River. E. W. Winans.—Cassier's.

Mining Royalty Burden on British Iron and Steel. T. Good.—Cassier’s.

Golden Field for Young Men. J. O. Curwood— American Business Man.

Shackled by the Sherman Law.—Am. Business Man.

South America as a Business Eldorado. H. M.

James.—Am. Business Man.

Some “Pointers” from the Foreign Buyer. M.

F. Cleveland.—Am. Business Man.

Saving the Forests in Canada. E. K. Sutherland.—Am. Business Man.

Millions in the Fur Business. F. Walker.—Am. Business Man.

Plow Time. Agnes C. Laut.—Outing.

Silk Culture in United States. E. Mason.— Business Man’s.

Heat Economy in the Power Plant. Geo. H. Gibson.—Business Man’s.

Date Palms and Date Culture. D. S. Landis.— Business Man’s.

Yesterday’s and To-day’s Balances for Commercial Houses. C. N. Smith.—Business Man’s.

Manifold Records for the Wholesale Hardware Business. H. Hammitt.—Business Man’s. Card Payroll System for Department Store. H.

C. Annable.'—Business Man's.

Cost Accounting Methods for Shop and Foundry. E. II. Wildrick.—Business Man’s.

A New Card System or Record for Paying Bills. R. Cole.—Business Man’s.

Letter Filing, By Subject, in General Business.

Thomas Johnson.—Business Man’s.

Why Business Men Fail.—System.

The Factors that Make To-day’s Success.—System.

Soiling Goods in South Africa. H. H. Lewis.— System.

The Dollar and Cents Value In Service. E. M. Woolley.—System.

Handling Depositor’s Accounts. S. Hasade.— System.

Records that Guard Sales and Costs. V. C. Snyder.—System.

A Scheme of Appropriations for Settlement. J. Gussain.—System.

The Overdraft that Proved Profitable. C. Crow. —System.

Getting the Best Out of Employes. O. S. Marden.—Success.

The New Science of Business.—World's Work. Keep the Corporation or Kill It. Geo. W. Perkins.—Appleton’s.

The Making of Meerschaums. Fritz Morris.— Technical World.

Oil Wells in the Sea. H. H. Dunn.—Technical World.

In the City of Pills. J. Oliver Curwood—Technical World.

How Artificial Diamonds are Made. F. Lee.— Technical World.

Apprenticeship System of the G.T.R.—Canadian Machinery.

Life in Spigotty Land. S. G. Blythe.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 14).

Brussels Lace. M. Jourdain.—Connoisseur.

Linen Made in America. D. T. Pierce.—World’s Work.

An Optimistic View of the Business Situation. F. A. Munsey.—Munsey’s.


How to Keep Your Child from Fear. C. L. Burnham.—Appleton’s.

A Child’s Recollections. Lady Paget.—Living Age (March 14).

The Joys of Being Somebody Else. J. A. Middleton.—Pearson’s (Eng.).

London's Hungry Children. Will coks. M.P. —London.

Infant Multi-Millionaires. H. S. Archer.—Home Magazine.

Education and School Affairs.

Denominational Training College.—Spectator (Feb. 15).

Educational Advantages of Washington. F. B.

Cooper.—Pacific Monthly.

How to Teach Physiology. F. Overton, M.D.— Education.

Time Limits and School Sessions. Hon. Jno.

T. Prince.—Education.

Conflicting Tendencies in American Elementary Education. H. G. Hull.—Education.

Spelling in the High School. R. L. Sandwick.—Education.

Common Schools and Training of T.achers in

U. S., from German View Point. L C. Bergold, Ph.D.—Education.

Answer to the Negro Question : Education. M.

L. Bonham, Jr.—Education.

Saving College Graduates. Robert Dunn.—Outing.

A School Building up a Community. M. A. Tucker.—World’s Work.

Educating Our Boys. Jos. M. Rogers.—Lippincott’*.

Manual Training in Public Schools and industrial Education and Efficiency. A. O. Ef-nn. —Craftsman.

The Bathtub Swimming School. E. T. Brewster.—Good Housekeeping.


(Short Stories.)

Green Cushions. Mrs. Geo. Norman.—Living

Age (Feb. 29).

The King’s Champion. 0. K. Davis.—Uncle Remus's Magazine.

The Little Loves of Lizzie. Owen Kildare—Uncle Remus’s Mag.

The Sixteenth Suitor. Don Marquis—Uncle Remus's Mag.

The Twins of Yaquina. Jno. Fleming Wilson.— Pacific Monthly.

Hell’s Island. H. L. King.—Pacific Monthly.

Regina’s Call. Dorothea Deakin.—Cornhill.

A Latter-Day Hoax. D. M. Lemon.—Bohemian.

The Best in Mr. Tubbs. F. J. Haines.—Bohemian.

Her Classic Taste. G. Kahn.—Bohemian.

The Woman’s Son. Edna M. Booth.—Bohemian.

The New England Conscience. Jas. J. Carroll. —Bohemian.

A Newspaper Trust. Jno. B. Daish.—American Business Man.

Between Sovereign and Syndicate. C. Dangerfield.—People’s.

Born Again. Z. A. Norris.—People’s.

Several Burros. R. C. Pitzer.—People’s.

The Sweetness of Bell Hazard. P. Maxwell.— People’s.

The Shackles Unbreakable. J. V. des Voignes.— People’s.

On the Housetop. K. Pope.—People’s.

The Battle of Morton's Alley. L. Crane.—People’s.

The Blue-Eyed Doll and the Little Tin Soldier. B. E. Palmer.—People’s.

Romeo’s Overcoat. A. Miller.—People’s.

The Beautiful Princess. Lady M. Sackvillc.— Idler.

The Launching of Helen. Robt. Barr.—Idler.

A Legitimate Transaction. J. C. Lincoln.— Idler.

My Lord of Lithersedge. J. Haslette.—Idler.

Peter's Wife. L. Gask.—Idler.

An Elemental Girl. B. Cheyne.—Idler.

Bud Magruder, Bad Man. C. Middleton.—Popular.

The Woman-Hater. A. M. Chisholm.—Popular.

A Servant of the Fires. P. Gibbon.—Popular.

The Revenge of the Herpetologist. F. Metcalfe. —Popular.

(Complete Stories.)

The Higher Decision. T. J. Hains.—Popular.

The Brink. E. D’O. Tittmann.—Popular.

The Long Reckoniog. Anne O’Hagan.—Smith’s.

Judith : Solver of Mysteries. M. R. Warren.— Smith's.

Lydford Law'. E. Phillpotts.—Smith’s.

The “Daminiter.” H. T. Day.—Smith's.

The Forefinger. H. G. Paine.—Ainslie’s.

-The Power Behind the Throne. H. Mabie.— Ainslic’6.

The Government and Miss Silvia. A. W. Anderson.—Ainslie’s.

Clothes and the Man. C. Phillips.—Ainslie’s.

A Very Ordinary Affair. C. Hamilton.—Ainslie’s.

Easy as Kissing. M. E. Mann.—Ainslie’s.

The Battle That had no Name. Jno. F. Wilson.—Success.

The Codley Homestead. R. MacKay.—Success.

The Red Cactus. C. Thomas.—Success.

Lilacs and Lilies. M. Fenolloso.—Success.

The “Shamraken’’ Homeward Bounder. Wm. H. Hodgson.—Putnam’s.

“Jane Shore” Has Her Troubles. C. Morris.— Putnam’s.

The White Mahdi. W. L. Alden.—Putnam’s.

“Among Those Present,“ E. Flower.—Putnam’s.

A Futile Dialogue, PI. P. Robinson.—Putnam’s.

The Last Duchess of Belgarde. M. E. Seawell.— Appleton's.

Usurpation of Office. Myra Kelly.—Appleton’s.

After Dinner. T. Roberts.—Appleton’s.

The Intentions of Raoul. II. C. Bailey.—Appleton's.

The Spirit of the Day. H. Pendextcr.—Appleton’s.

The Lighted Candles. R. Hichens.—Metropolitan.

A Shattered Affinity. Thos. L. Masson.—Metropolitan.

Napoleon Patterson : Conspirator. B. Benefield.


The Fatted Calf. T. Bailey.—Metropolitan.

The Bargain's Day. E. Ward.—Metropolitan.

The Human Swede’s Luck. W. B. Holland.— Pearson's (Eng.).

A Duty for Protection Only. Anne Warner.— Pearson’s (Eng.).

Sonny and the Kid. C. G. D. Roberts.—Pearson’s (Eng.).

The Thorpe Mystery. H. Daniels.—English Illustrated.

The Horse Fair. H. Francis.—English Illus-


Letters From the Dead. E. Young.—English Illustrated.

Marie-Louise. A. Courlander.—London.

My Uncle’s Visit. A. Perrin.—London.

Labelled Laudanum. G. V. Stuart.-—London.

The World and the Door. O. Henry.—London.

The. Army of Discontent. A. D. Runyon.—Pearson's.

The Entente Cordiale. A. V.—Pearson’s.

The Girl from Araldine. Avery Abbott.—Pearson’s.

The Witness. Owen Kildare.—Pearson’s.

In the Shadow of Doom. S. MacManus.—Irish Monthly.

They Also Serve ; A Farewell Performance. V. Tracy.—Lippincott's.

The Affair of the Uptowners. E. V. Cooke.— Lippincott’s.

A Gentleman Ranker. M. E. Seawell.—Lippincott’s.

When Miss Lucy Had the Measles. L. Copinger. —Lippincott’s.

Marsh Lights. F. II. Lee.—Lippincott’s.

Poppies and a Sleep. S. (’. Page.—Lippincott’s.

Her Matrimonial Successor. S. (!. Boworman.— Home Mag.

The Little Pardner of Blossom Ranch. R. A. Phillips.—Home Mag.

My Dire Dilemma. E. Bliss.-—Argosy.

The Making of a Hero. W. Duranty.—Argosy.

A Shuffle in Flowers. Z. A. Norris.—Argosy.

The Exceptional Girl. M. G. Dunning.—Argosy.

The White Light of Publicity. Chas. B. Davis. —Saturday Eve. Post (March 14).

A Fortune in Smoke. G. R. Chester.—Saturday Eve. Post (March 14).

The Partners. S. E. White.—Saturday Eve. Post (March 14).

When Mary Ellen Left Home. D. M. Bacon.— Western Home Monthly.

Festivities at Holmwood. E. W. Pierce.—Western Home Monthly.

Dave Mackenzie’s Peavey. S. Howard.—Recreation.

Ann Going. A. PI. Donnell.—Craftsman.

Round Robin Hood’s Barn. R. G. Gilson.— Woman's Home Comp.

A Garden Lesson. A French.—Woman’s Home Comp.

A Fourth-Class Resignation. M. M. Tallman.— Woman’s Home Comp.

A Giant of Those Days. W. L. Comfort.— Woman’s Home Comp.

Tonelli's Gold. T. W. Speight.—Chambers's Journal.

The Old Woman’s Story. H. J. O’Higgins.— Collier’s (March 7).

Refuge. S. F. Whitman.—Collier’s (Feb. 29).

The Wife's Coffin. G. Morris.—Collier’s (Feb.


When Brother was Late. M. M. Robbins.—Good Housekeeping.

Three Hearts and a Head. Geo. A. England.— Munsey’s.

The Amateur Cynic. G. Barry.—Munsey’s.

Romance of a Modern American Girl. T. L. Masson.—Munsey’s.

(New Serial Stories).

Vera, The Medium. Richard II. Davis.—Scribner’s.

Gordon’s Gateway. S. Brandish.—Argosy.

Through no Fault of His Own. C. Carson.— Argosy.

For the Workers.

Get On or Get Out.—Spectator (Feb. 15).

Lessening the Gap. G. Sydney.—Young Man.

On Venting One's Spleen. C. B. Loomis.— Smith’s.

Get On or Get Out.—Living Age (March 14).

The Worrier. G. L. Walton. M.D.—Lippincott's.


Small Farming and Profitable Handicrafts.— Craftsman.

A Sunshine Clock, Home-made. A. B. Beard.— Good Housekeeping.

Application of ' Stencil Work in Home Decoration. E. Fesser.—Am. Homes and Garden.

Health and Hygiene.

The Healthy Life. E. Miles.—Young Man.

Young Men and Consumption. F. Nicholson.— Young Man.


The New Ireland. S. Brooks.—North Am. Rev. Napoleon.—Young Man.

The Drum Ecclesiastic. Major G. A. MacMuma. —Cornhill.

Champlain’s Last Journal. Ida Burwash.—Canadian.

The Passing of the Confederacy. E. F. Andrews.—Appleton’s.

House, Garden and Farm.

What Must be Planted in Spring. T. McAdam. —Garden.

How New Fruits Can be Made by Crossing. S. W. Fletcher.—Garden.

Remarkable Evolution in Garden Beans. E. D. Darlington.—Garden.

Garden Tools That Really Help. J. L. Kayan.— Garden.

Types of the American Elm. C. C. Laney.— Garden.

Best Way to Select Perennial Flowers. W. Miller.—Garden.

Working Rules for the Amateur Gardener. C. L. Brown.—Garden.

The Oldest Flowers in Cultivation. Thos. McAdam.—Garden.

Raising Early Hatched Chicks. F. H. Valentine.—Garden.

Setting and Cultivating Cabbage. R. M. Winans.—Garden.

Succession of Crops for a School Garden. J.

E. Davis.—Garden.

Sweet Cory Corn by July 1st. Julie A. Powell. —Garden.

A Chestnut Tree Disease. L. B.—Garden. Evolution of House Ventilation. E. D. Sidman.—Hardware and Metal (March 7). Pergolas. M. H. Northend.—House and Garden. Some Long Island Country Estates. R. Schermerhorn. Jr.—House and Garden.

Vines and Vine-Covered Houses. C. A. Byers.— House and Garden.

The Garden of the Suburbanite. C. B. Wynkoop.—House and Garden.

Garden Phlox. W. C. Egan.—House, and Garden.

Profitable Chicken Raising.—Outing.

The Deanery Garden. Sonning. T. R. Davison.— Idler.

Artificial Stone for Building Homes. H. C. Baker.—Success.

Bed. Bath and Dressing-Rooms. L. H. French.— Putnam's.

How to Have Berries all Summer. P. T. Barnes.—Suburban Life.

Interesting Ways of Using Thatched Roofs. P.

W. Humphreys.—Suburban Life.

Spring Draperies and Wall Coverings. R. Morton.—Suburban Life.

Three Hundred Acres of Grafted Chestnuts. Wm.

F. Gibbons.—Suburban Life.

Growing the Best Gladioli. Thos. Roby.—Suburban Life.

A Formal Garden on a Town Lot. R. S. Towne.—Suburban Life.

Reclaiming A Deserted Garden. E. L. Fullerton.—Suburban Life.

Fertilizers for the Small Garden. Jno. Craig.— Suburban Life.

Making a Temporary Cold-Frame. S. George.— Suburban Life.

Why Thoroughbred Fowls are Best. L. B. Hindman.—Suburban Life.

Best Vegetables for a Very Small Garden. Ida M. Angelí.—Suburban Life.

The Making of a Lawn. J. H. Rice.—Suburban Life.

Cobblestones in Home Building. Chas. A. Byers.—Home Mag.

Suggestions for Landscaping. T. Baker.—Home Mag.

Improving a Small Country Place. J. Jenson.— Sat. Eve. Post (March 14).

Help Yourself by Helping the Farmer.—Canadian Grocer (March 13).

Art in Ornamental Planting. G. Tabor.—Craftsman.

One Way of Securing a Country Home. M. L. Greene.—Country Life in America.

The Possibilities of Frog Farming. W. E. Meehan.—Country Life in Am.

An Ideal Arbor Vine. M. Rollins.—Country Life in Am.

Naturalizing Daffodils in the Grass. A. M. Kirby.—Country Life in Am.

Furnishing a Dining Room. M. L. Roberts.— Country Life in Am.

Building a House Around a Garden. M. Stillman.—Country Life in Am.

Herbs and Vegetables for Old-Fashioned Gardens. T. McAdam.—Country Life in Am.

The Right and Wrong Way to Plan Home Grounds. W. E. Pendleton.—Country Life in Am.

A House that Actually Cost $4,583. J. J. Lippincott.—Country Life in Am.

\ Neighbor’s Garden. V. Watanna.—Good


A Bungalow with a Patio. H. L. Gaut.—Good Housekeeping.

Hall Hanging Lamps. M. H. Northend.—Good Housekeeping.

Our Back-Yard Dairy. W. S. Bull.—Good Housekeeping.

How the Government Remakes Wornout Farms. Wm. A. Dupew.—World To-Day.

A Notable American Home. B. Ferree.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Garden Streams and Appropriate Bridges. P. W. Humphreys.—Am. Home and Garden.

A Remodeled Colonial House. C. Chauncey.— Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Garden Joys of a Country Home. A. I. Johnson.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Forced Culture of Asparagus in France. J. Boyer.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Immigration and Emigration.

Washington and the Immigrant. E. A. Bryan.— Pacific Monthly.

Investments, Speculation and Finance.

Insurance of Electrical Plant Against Breakdown. W. R. Bowker.—Cassier’s.

Monthly Review of the Financial Market.—Am. Business Man.

Burden of the Banker in Times of Panic. L. A. Goddard.—Am. Business Man.

Public Utility Bonds. Geo. G. Henry.—System.

Municipal Bonds. Chas. Lee Scovil.—Success.

If the United States Had Branch Banks. H. M. P. Eckardt.—Atlantic Monthly.

Labor Problems.

The Right to Work.—Living Age (March 7). Helping the Laborer from Slavery to Independence. G. De Lisle.—Business Man's.

The Labor War in Colorado. Chas. E. Stangeland.—Pol. Science Quarterly.

Caring for the Unemployed. C. R. Henderson.— World To-Day.

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

The Real Hero of the Northwest Passage. A.

Smythe.—Living Age (Feb. 29).

A Sterner Froissart. C. R. L. Fletcher.—Cornhill.

Bu Gidri. R. B. Cunninghame Graham.—Living Age (March 7).

My Yesterdays. Arnold Daly.—Bohemian. Leaping into Fame on Crutches. M. H. Salt.— Am. Business Man.

Mr. James J. Maher. A. E. T. Watson.—Badminton.

Prince Rupert. Cy. Warman.—Canadian.

A Great Democratic Governor. W. B. Chamberlain.—World’s Work.

Zelaya : Menace of Central America. A. Stringer.—Metropolitan.

A Danish Painter : Peter Severin Kroyer. G. Brochner.—Tnt. Studio.

A Flemish Painter : Franz Courtens. F.

KhnopS.—Int. Studio.

The Stedman I Knew. A. B. Paine.—Pearson’s. Mr. Bryan Explained. James Creelman.—Pearson’s.

A. B. Frost. P. Maxwell.—Pearson's.

Oliver Goldsmith's Early Years. Rev. M. Watson.—Irish Monthly.

Mrs. Ellen Woodlock.—Irish Monthly.

James and Caroline Watson and Their Work.

W. G. Menzies.—Connoisseur.

Kit Carson. The Man. E. L. Sabin.—Recreation. Ida M. Tarbell. M. I. MacDonald.—Craftsman. The Red Sultan and His Red Kingdom. V.

Thompson.—Human Life.

Bishop Potter, the Millionaire Prelate. E. Ranlett.—Human Life.

Colonel Cody—Hunter. Scout and Indian Fighter. W. B. Masterson.—Human Life.

Samuel Newhouse, Maker of Mines. F. L. Shellabarger.—Human Life.

The Reminiscences of Lady Randolnh Churchill. —Century.

The " Jekyll-Hyde” Harriman. E. Wildman.— Overland Monthly.

The Limitations of a Monarchy.—Chambers's Journal.

Zclia Nuttall : Archcalogist of Mexico. R.

Danenbaum.—World To-Day.

Personal Recollections of Whistler. S. Starr.-— Atlantic Monthly.

Lina Cavalieri. Wm. Armstrong.—Munsey's.


Portugal. Oswald Crosby.—Living Age (Feb. 29).

As Others See Us. Mildred Isemonger.—Living Age (Feb. 29).

The Salon.—Living Ago (Feb. 29).

Idle Figures About Working Folk.—Sat. Rev., (Feb. 15).

The Decay of Bohemia—Sat. Rev. (Feb. 15.)

The Mythology of Mice.—Sat. Rev. (Feb. 15).

For a Parcels Post. Geo. U. L. Meyer.—North Am. Rev.

The Poet’s Mind. Max Eastman.—North Am. Rev.

Why an Alaskan-Yukon.Pacific Exposition ? W. H. Parry.—Pacific Monthly.

The Ancient Timidity. Rev. T. Yates.—Young Man.

The Cymric “Confession Book.” J. E. Vincent.—Cornhill.

The Times. D. C. Lathburv.—Living Age (Mar. 7).

England and Mr. Meredith. G. M. Trevelyan.— Living Age (March 7).

American Docking Facilities on the Pacific Coast. H. A. Crafts.—Cassier's.

English vs. American Humor. E. L. Sabin.— Bohemian.

How President Roosevelt Has Debauched the Press.—Am. Business Man.

The Vagabonds of France. V. Thompson.—Outing.

The Cost of Practicable Motor Boats. H. P. Burchell.—Outing.

Northern Types. C. H. Easton.—Canadian.

In the Days of the March Brown. A. T. Johnson.—Idler.

Provincial or National. L. Howland.—Scribner’s.

Drugging a Race. S. Merwin.—Success.

Edwin Markham’s Eyrie. E. Markham.—Success.

Libraries that Reach all the People. I. Van Kleeck.—Success.

Romantic Story of a Scientist. Wm. P. Kirkwood.—Success.

Judge Pollard’s Pledges. R. D. Whytock.—Success.

Judicial Journalism.—Spectator (Feb. 22).

The Righteousness of Doctors’ Fees. Geo. C. Lawrence.—Appleton’s.

The Poetry of Mr. Alfred Austin.—Living Age (March 14).

Sisters of Fear.—Living Age (March 14).

The Sun and the Clock.—Living Age (March 14).

Experiments With the Senses. A. Williams.— Pearson’s (Eng.).

Behind the Scenes in London. Westminster. Geo. R. Sims.—English Illustrated.

Infant Multi-Million Heirs. H. S. Archer.— Home Mag.

Kaliki, the New Red Wood. P. E. Bucke.—Rod and Gun.

International Control of International Waters. C. H. Wilson.—Rod and Gun.

Vast Wealth for the State. Gov. Chas. S. Deneen.—Technical World.

Thirty-five Foot Raised Deck Cruising Launch.— Power Boating.

The Boston Power Boat Show. W. L. Barnard.

—Power Boating.

Tho Forty-five Foot Cruiser. Tolanthe, 111-— Power Boating.

Tho Bucking of Judas. Geo. L. Lawson.—Recreation-

Oriental and Occidental Civilization. Jno. A. Henshall.—Overland Monthly.

California Earthquakes of the Past. Jno. A. Reid.—Overland Monthly.

Pathfinders of the Silence. A. D. Cameron.— Overland Monthly.

“Affinities,” A Reply. P. S. Crawford.—Overland Monthly.

Letters of a Beloved Physicisn.—Chambers’s Journal.

Custom House Red Tape.—Chambers’s Journal.

The Thellusson Will. H. Childers.—Chambers’s Journal.

NMr. Haldane’s Apologia.—Sat. Rev. (Feb. 29).

The American Saloon. W. Irwin.—Collier’s (Feb. 29).

The Due Limits of Personal Influence.—Spectator (March 7).

The Jamaica Earthquake. V. Cornish.—Geographical Journal.

The Social Disability of the Jew. E. J. Kuh.— Atlantic Monthly.

Harking Back to the Humanities. J. Corbin.— Atlantic Monthly.

The French Element in English. Prof. Lownsbury.—Harper’s.

The Grave of Shakespeare.—Munsey’s. ^

The Story of the London Times. Henry W. Lucy.—Munsey’s.

Municipal and Local Government.

The Tug of Armaments.—Sat. Rev. (Feb. 15).

Lavish Expenditure and Its Consequences.— Spectator (Feb. 15).

The Taxation of Bread.—Spectator (March 7).

Bread and Gas.—Sat. Rev. (March 7).

Public Service Commission Law of New York. T, M, Osborne.—Atlantic Monthly.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

Burbank's Shasta Daisy. G. T. Drennan.— House and Garden.

The Quest and Culture of Orchids. G. B. Mitchell.—House and Garden.

Some Old and New Annuals. W. C. Egan.— House and Garden.

An Irish Garden. H, K. Moore.—Living Age (March 7).

Strange Fallacies Regarding the Honey Bee. D. E. Lyon.—Suburban Life.

Dogs and Their Ailments. E. R. LaFleche.— Rod and Gun.

What of the New Cactus ? E. S. Merriam.— Technical World.

Wild Beasts That Hunt to Order. Capt. F. Thatcher.—Technical World.

Magpies in a Garden. L. H. Soutar.—Chambers’s Journal.

The Bird of Royalty. S. Hawley.—Country Life in Am.

The Hardy Broad-Leaved Evergreens. W. Miller.—Country Life in Am.

Getting Acquainted with the Birds. D. L. Sharp.—Country Life in Am.


Fate. Susan M. Spalding.—Living Age (Feb. 29).

To the World and a Poet a Thousand Years Hence. J. Flecker.—Living Age (Feb. 29).

Twilight. Agnes Morgan.—Uncle Remus's Mag.

The Cry of the Pines. Anne McQueen.—Uncle Remus’s Mag.

Respite. C. W. Flynn.—House and Garden.

The Winter Day. R. C. Lehmann.—Living Age (March 7).

A Broken Reverie. E, F. Shepherd.—Living Age (March 7).

Bethlehem : the House of Bread. E. D. Farrar. —Living Ago (March 7).

The Dream Child. R. H. Dunn.—Ainslee’s.

’Tis April Now. M. B. Houston.—Ainslee’s.

Soldiers of Fortune. E. Pottle.—Success.

The Weaver of Snow. F. Macleod.—Living Age (March 14).

Night and Day. St. John Lucas.—Living Age (March 14).

Rondel. M. Rock.—Irish Monthly.

The Life-boat. R. M. Gilbert.—Irish Monthly.

Spring. Clara Thompson.—Irish Monthly.

Compensation. G. MacG. Cooke.—Lippincott’s.

He is My Friend. J. B. E.—Lippincott’s.

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A Pleasant Hobby.

N. T. O’Mahony.^-Irish


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Murdock.—Rod and Gun.

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