Contents of the May Magazines

May 1 1908

Contents of the May Magazines

May 1 1908

Contents of the May Magazines

Army and Navy.


THE PAGEANT OF THE SHIPS. D. S. Jordan. —Pacific Monthly.


McA. Anderson.—Pacific Monthly.

IF WAR SHOULD COME. Capt. R. P. Hobson. —Cosmopolitan.

THE GREAT NAVAL CRUISE OF MODERN TIMES. W. L. Marvin.—American Review of Reviews.


THE REAL ARMY AND THE SHAM.—Saturday Rev. (March 21).




THE GIANTS OF MODERN WARFARE. Geo. Gregory.—Metropolitan.

THE CARDWELL SYSTEM. Ontis.—Fortnightly Rev.

CAN SCIENCE ABOLISH WAR ? Col. F. N. Maude.—Cont. Rev.


AMERICAN SOLDIERS WILL FLY. R. C. Black.—Technical World.


Moultrie.—Technical World.


Architecture and the Arts.

The Art Season in New York. E. Knaufft—Am. Rev. of Rev's.

Religion in Art. M. Lindal.—Pearson's Mag. The Art of Sir Noel Paton. F. V. Conolly.— English Illustrated.

Cats in Sculpture. W. G. Fitz-Gerald.—Smith's. On Some Modern Music. A. Symons.—Sat. Rev. (March 7).

The Decline and Fall of Wagner. R. de Koven. —North Am. Rev.

The Art of Horatio Walker. M. Winthrop.— Craftsman.

The Resurrection as a Theme for Painters. E.

Dangerfield.—Western Home Monthly.

The Nude in Art.—Lone Hand.

George de Forest Brush. M. C. Smith.—Int.


Norwegian Peasant Architecture. W. Peters.— Int. Studio.

Pictures of Old Prague by Modern Artists. M. Glaser.-—Int. Studio.

Spanish Mediaeval and Renaissance Ironwork.

A. Vallance.—Int. Studio.

Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture.—Int. Studio.

Business and Industry.

The Coal Fields of the West. W. Blakemore.— Westward Ho 1

The Hudson Tunnels. Louis E. Van Norman.— Am. Rev. of Rev's.

To Farm America’s Swamps. G. E. Mitchell.— Am. Rev. of Rev’s.

The Fisheries of Canada.—Can. Grocer (March


The Undiscussed Issue. Will Payne.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 21).

Domestic Industries Among the Indians.—Canada (March 14).

Utilization of Waste Products. F. F. Gairns.—


The Erie Barge Canal. Jas. C. Mills.—Cassiers. Copper in Electrical Industry. H. M. Hobart.— Cassiers.

The Hard Luck Seed. Alfred B. Tozer.—Canadian Grocer (April 3).

Evolution Towards Cash System—Hardware and Metal (March 21).

Canada’s Bid for Paper Manufacturers.—Am. Business Man.

The Ratio of Expense in Retail Hatoerdashery.— Am. Business Man.

Profit and Pleasure in the Florist's Shop. Ed.

J. Blohm.—Am. Business Man.

Waste Paper and Its Business Utilization. O.

Adams.—Am. Business Man.

The Bible Business. Jno. Mappelbeck.—Sat.

Eve. Post (April 4).

The Golden Rule in Business. H. G. Alleman.— Sat. Eve. Post (April 4).

Business Economy of Good Building Construction. F. W. Fitzpatrick.—Book-Keeper. Steam : Its Profitable Utilization. Geo. H. Gibson.—Book-Keeper.

Varnish Making and a Governorship. Geo. P.


Paying Publicity.—Book-Keeper.

Time Keeping and Distribution of Cost Systems.—Book-Keeper.

Some Pointers for Bookkeepers.—Book-Keeper.

A Single Form for Following up Collections.

L. Unckless.—Book-Keeper.

The Flour Barrel. H. Vanderhoof.—Metropolitan.

The Sales Manager of To-day.—Office Appliances.

The Typewriter as Applied to System and Billing Work. H. C. Luttle.—Office Appliances. If People Didn't Advertise.—Office Appliances. Influence of Suggestion in Salesmanship.—Office Appliances.

Trials of a Salesman.—Office Appliances. "Bucking" a "Trust." W. Wright.—Modern


House Loses by Meddling. H. Zollers.—Modern Methods.

Manufacturers' Protection. L. P. Andrews.— Modern Methods.

A Combination Manifold System. R. A.

Thomas.—Modern Methods.

How They Make Ends Meet in New York. W.

Payne.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 11).

Right and Wrong in Welfare Work. Jas. H.

Collins.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 11). Expanding a National Highway. R. Steele.— Sunset.

Domestic Service. B. Tracy.—Lone Hand.

Gold Stealing. E. D.—Lone Hand.

Frog Farming an Industry. W. E. Meehan.— Technical World.

To Cut One-Third from the World's Fuel Bill. R. Franklin.—Technical World.


Grandchildren of the State.—Saturday Review (March 28).

The American Baby.—Ladies' Home Journal. Little Children of the Rich. M. K. Warwick.— Sat. Eve. Post (April 11).

The Child's Right to the Bible.—Appleton’s. Must Your Child Lie ? G. S. Hall.—Appleton’s.

Education and School Affairs.

The Problems of Higher Education in India.

N. G. Welinkar.—Asiatic Quarterly Rev. Education and the Uneducated.—Spectator (Mar. 28).

The Aim of the High School Course in Composition. A. D. Mumford.—Education.

The College Entrance Examination in English.

L. T. Damon.—Education.

College Education and the Moral Idea. A. Meiklejohn.—Education.

Progress and Penalty as Educational Motives.

Chas. E. Dennis. Jr.—Education.

The Cultural Motive in the School. I. B. Burgess.—Education.

The Vocational Motive in the School. Victor Frazee.—Education.

Education from a Military View-Point. Col.

C. W. Larned.—North Am. Rev.

Educating Our Boys. Jos. M. Rogers.—Lippineott’s.

Education Sub Dio. J. E. G. Da Montmorency. —Cont. Rev.

Th# Public Schools Athletic League. G. W. Wingate.—Outing.


(Complete Stories).

The Breaking Out of Clab Peters. H. Pendexter.—Munsey’s.

The King's Grip. E. Boltwood.—Munsey's.

The Moment of Victory. 0. Henry .—Munsey's.

Rusty Peters. Detective. C. Mackie.—Munsey's.

The Brain Storm. L. McL. Gould.—Westward Ho I

The Trials of Three. G. M. Russell. M. D.— Westward Ho 1

The Second Claim. B. Glynn.—Westward Ho 1

The Road to Romance. Howard E. Morton.— Cosmopolitan.

The Meanest Man that Ever Lived. B. Lessing. —Cosmopolitan.

The Salting of the Golden Rule. A. H. Lewis. —Cosmopolitan.

Just Betty.—Cosmopolitan.

The Man on the Stairs. M. Hastings.—Cosmopolitan.

Laughing Eyes—Match Maker. Will Irwin.—

Sat. Eve. Post (March 21).

Young Lord Stranleigh. Robt. Barr.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 21).

The Partners. Stewart E. White.—Sat. Eve.

Post (March 21).

The Simple Lease of Susan. Jacques Futrille.— Sat. Eve. Post (March 28).

Doris Has Her Way. B. L. Taylor.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 28).

Neglected Americans—Harper Scott. G. Morris. —Collier's (March 28).

Katherine Crowley. Servant. Richard W. Child. —Collier's (March 21).

The Pursuit of the Roving Check. E. Flower.— Uncle Remus’s Mag.

Change for a Crown. M. Carberry.—English Illustrated.

Hop-Frog. Edgar Allan Poe.—English Illus-


A State-Room Secret. J. L. Hornibrook.—English Illustrated.

Cross and Crescent. F. Banfield, M.A.—English Illustrated.

The Viking’s Conquest. J. Loughmore.—English Illustrated.

In a Far Country. A. Knapp.—Smith's.

Per Consetena Tate. Holman F. Day.—Smith's.

An April Wooing. Helen Palmer.—Smith's

The Cash in Escrow. Elliott Flower.—Collier's (April 4).

Chaperoned by Nancy. M. L. Richardson.— Pearson’s (Eng.).

Her Confidential Friend. A, D. Grange.—Pearson's (Eng.).

The Life Story of a Giraffe. S. L. Bensusan.— Pearson’s (Eng.).

The Experimentalist. Barry Pain.—Pearson’s (Eng.).

The Clash of Arms. Ellis Pearson.—Pearson's (Eng.).

Render Unto Ceasar. II. W. Francis.—Overland Monthly.

The Family of Padre Juan Bautista. Geo. W. Earl, Jr.—Overland Monthly.

The Lasting Escape. A. J. Deamer—Overland Monthly.

The Long White Road. Bob Foote.—Overland Monthly.

A Change of Feeling. Frank H. Shaw.—Chambers’s Jour.

A Week Amongst Brigands.—Chambers's Jour.

Sergeant Mazet at Bouondino. W. D. Gray.— Chambers's Jour.

The Dean’s Dilemma. E. J. Prior.—Chambers's Jour.

Immortal Youth. Rupert Hughes.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 4).

Yaiti the Queen. B. Grimshaw.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 4).

The End of Make Believe. M. N. Vorse.— Craftsman.

The Heart of a Woman. H. Milecete.—People's. The Crossing at Circle 1. A. Bruce.—People’s. An Angel Assists. Jay Hardy.—People’s.

On the Waggin With Slugger Brown. L. Crane. —People’s.

The Loves of Cynthia. M. E. Roberts.—People’s.

When the Postman Was Due. E. Ward.—People's.

Pals. Jack London.—London.

The Black Mate. Joseph Conrad.—London.

A Trial Trip. C. E. Joyce.—London.

The Ace of Clubs. R. G. Hales.—London.

The Escape of Hooker. James Barr.—Royal. The Russian Conscript. W. B. Home-Gall.— Royal.

Case of Squire Harding’s Will. V. L. Whitechurch.—Royal.

The Real Thing. B. Moore.—Royal.

The Mouse. Chas. Vivien.—Royal.

A Lover’s Dilemma. Wm. J. Locke.—Collier's (April 11).

Miss Timmons’s Baby. M. H. Vorse.—Collier’s (April 11).

The Mills of the Gods. E. Robins.—Smart Set. Tillie Henrotin’s Developing Soul. E. Jordan. —Smart Set.

In Stateroom C.—5. F. A. Ward.—Smart Set. Gossamer Glory. Mrs. H. Dudenay.—Smart Set.

The Shocking of Felicia. C. Carr.—Smart Set. The Bomb Planters. A. D. Runyon.—Smart Set.

The Boss of the Two-Pole Pumpkin. B. M.


The Mother Lode. A. M. Chisholm.—Popular. Where The Trails Crossed. W. B. M. Ferguson. —Popular.

Alexander's Ascension. R. C. MacTavish.—Popular.

The Thief. K. and H. Prichard.—Popular.

In the Devil's Back Yard. Chas. K. Moser.— Popular.

The Head-Hunter. 0. Henry.—Everybody’s. Across the Fields. B. R. Hoover.—Everybody’s. The Loyalty of Willie Binnie. M. Foster.— Everybody's.

The Prodigal. P. E. Browne.—Everybody’s.

The Fishing of Suzanne. Jas. Hopper.—Everybody’s.

The White Flier. E. Macvane.—Ainslee's.

Pigtail. 0. Oliver.—Ainslee's.

Three Ways of Love. H. F. P. Battersby.— Ainslee’s.

The Romantic Mr. WallenhofT. B. D. Lloyd.— Ainslee's.

The White Hands of Miss Darrow. F. W. Wharton.—Ainslee’s.

Doctor Ellis. Substitute. M. C. Bull.—Gunter’s. For the King’s Honor. J. E. Eckert.—Gunter’s.

Deep Sea Diamonds. C. E. Lewis.—Gunter’s.

The Glade in the Forest. S. Gwynne, M.P.Gunter's.

The Song of the Priest. B. Wolcott.—Gunter’s.

The Little Faded Flag. E. L. White.—Atlantic Monthly.

The County Seat. E. Singmaster.—Atlantic


The Second Lesson. Lieut. H. M. Kelly.—Metropolitan.

Happy Hawkins and the Chinese Question. R. A. Wason.—Metropolitan.

The Lighted Candles. R. Hichens.—Metropolitan.

Wang’s Horseshoes. J. S. Thomson.—Metropolitan.

The Pirate of Alastair. R. S. Holland.—Lippincott’s.

A Man’s Game. Thos. L. Masson.—Lippincott's.

Helen’s First Sunday. Geo. H. Clarke.—Lippincott’s.

Patience Fessenden's Scandalous Story. J. Garth.—Lippincott’s.

The Tragic End of Guy de Maupassant. A. Schinz.—Lippincott’s.

The Serpent's Tooth. D. Deakin.—Lippincott’s.

The Bomb Thrower. Robert Barr.—Idler.

The Escape of Lawton Blake. St. J. Bradner. —Idler.

The Bend 0’ the Burn. K. Henderson.—Idler.

A Child of Adoption. L. Gask.—Idler.

Invention and Investment. Jos. C. Lincoln.— Idler.

The Substitute. A. Lindsay.—Idler.

Con. Men Abroad. A. Train.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 11).

Fanchon the Lobster. Geo. R. Chester.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 11).

The Record Breaker. S. F. Wynne.—Sunset.

The Headless Horseman. General.—Lone Hand.

The Boy and the Boss. H. S. Gullett.—Lone

The Big Five. A. Pratt.—Lone Hand.

The Lobster or the Wine. R. Bedford.—Lone

The Higginson Baby. L. G. McKay.—Lone Hand.

In the Green Theatre. E. S. Babcock.—Outing.

Longrope’s Last Guard. C. M. Russell.—Outing.

Section 539. E. V. Preston.—Argosy.

Broke in San Fandango. H. C. Burr.—Argosy.

At the Dentist’s. E. Y. Miller.—Argosy.

The Golden Trail. H. D. Smiley.—Argosy.

Live Cargo. S. W. Hopkins.—Argosy.

A Change of Shirts. R. England.—Argosy.

The Cherry-Colored Cat. H. McH. Davenport.— Argosy.

Pog-in-tbe-Manger. E. N. Hepburn.—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Gentle Highwayman. A. A. Winter.— Woman’s Home Comp.

A Heart Specialist. K. H. Brown.—Woman's Home Comp.

Pancake Neighbors. M. B. Denny.—Woman’s Home Comp.

An Artless Diary. R. A. Johnston.—Bohemian.

The “Sparker” at 126 Ohio. R. C. Brown.— Bohemian.

The Blood of the Celt. J. Boxford.—Bohemian.

The Telephone. T. Bailey.—Bohemian.

The Bandaged Foot. J. F. Dwyer.—Bohemian.

The Gratitude of Mr. Tubbs. F. J. Haines.— Bohemian.

The Wickedness of Phoebe. R. R. Gilson.—Century.

How the Widow Tamed the Wild. B. W. Currie.—Century.

The Young Netters. G. W. D'Vys.—Century.

Freddy's First Rescue. G. E. Walsh.—Century.

The Proud Princess and the Ugly Prince. B. J. Daskam.—St. Nicholas.

The Ward of His Country. F. C. Green.—Pearson’s (Am.).

The Island Haven. R. Wynn.—Pearson’s (Am.).

God and Gold. A. D. Runyon.—Pearson’s


Officially Dead. M. Athorpe.—Pearson’s (Am.).

The Triumph of Airly Spring. N. Lloyd.— Scribner.

The Way of Musette. D. Deakin.—Appleton’s.

The Filigree Cross. G. Anthony.—Appleton’s.

The Iron Pig. B. W. Currie.—Appleton’s.

Concerning the Company. P. E. Browne.—Appleton's.

The Wooing of Patricia. F. M. Kingsley.—Appleton’s.

A Loyal Traitor. H. C. Bailey.—Appleton’s.

The Squall. N. Duncan.—Harper's.

The Scabbard. J. B. Cabell.—Harper’s.

The Expatriates. E. Pottle.—Harper’s.

The Pack. A. H. Donnell.—Harper’s.

Her Last Day. E. Jordan.—Harper's.

The Silent Partner. M. Foster.—Harper’s.

A Daughter’s Heart. M. S. Briscoe.—Harper's.

Thieves' Honor. T. W. Stevens.—Putnam’s.

The Child. L. A. Long.—Putnam’s.

Smilley’s Tragedy. A. E. McFarlane.—Put-


Val le Morte. J. M. Forman.—Collier’s (April 18).

(Serial Stories).

The Power of the Keys. S. C. Grier.—Living Age (April 4).

Gilbert Neal. Will N. Harben.—Uncle Remus’s.

The Changed Children. H. C. Pierce.—Western Home Monthly.

The Romance of an Ox Team. Chas. C. D. Roberts.—Western Home Monthly.

The Tent Dwellers. A. B. Paine.—Outing.

Land of Lost Hope. J. McCulley.—Argosy.

An Island Corner. Jno. Oxenham.—Appleton’s.

For the Workers.

Fools. T. W. H. Crosland.—English Illustrated.

Concerning Addition. Charles B. Loomis.— Smith’s.

The Art of Being Businesslike. A. S. Richardson.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Workers for the Common Good.—Circle.


Stencil Work. J. A. Kyle.—Westward Ho !

Design in Theory and Practice. E. A. Batchelder.—Craftsman.

Artistic Value Gained by Right Use of Large Objects in Room Arrangements. M. L. Bookwather.—Craftsman.

Decorative Designs for Furniture, etc.—Craftsman.

Health and Hygiene.

The Strong Man. Wm. L. Howard. M.D.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 28).

Our Debt to Vivisection. A. H. Gleason.—Collier’s (April 4).

Mouth Breathing. Woods Hutchinson. A.M., M.

D.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 4).

Life and Death.—Living Age (March 28). Ju-Jitsu. M. Studholme.—Royal.

The Real Self and Drugs. W. H. Thomson.— Everybody’s.

The New Art of Healing. M. Eastman.—Atlantic Monthly.

Common Sense in Exercise. Chas. H. Cochrane. —Metropolitan.

The Black Art of Vivisection. Hon. S. Coleridge. Cont. Rev.

A Big Operation. Surgeon. Lone Hand.

The Public Schools Athletic League. Geo. Wingate. Outing.

The Horse vs. Health. H. Bolee. Appleton’s.


A Purposeful Picnic. Fred A. Hunt. Pacific Monthly.

The Tragedy of a Noble Poacher. H. A. Bryden. Chambers’s Journal,

Volunteering in Perthshire a Hundred Years Ago. Chambers’s Journal.

A Forgotten Revolution. M. C. Birchenough. Living Age (March 28).

The Abyssinian War : The Storming of Magdala. Geo. Dunlop. Royal.

The Dust and Ashes of Defeat. E. F. Andrews. Appleton's.

Wall Street in Colonial Times. F. T. Hill. Harper’s.

The End of the End. B. King.

House, Garden and Farm.

Four Plans for a 75x125 ft. Plot. F. C. Leible. Garden-Mag-Farming.

The Vital Points of Melon Culture. E. D. Darlington. Garden-Mag-Farming.

Growing Walnuts for Pleasure and Profit. J. W.

Kerr. Garden-Mag-Farming.

The Neglected Vegetables. Garden-Mag-Farming. Protecting Hotbeds With Mats. Garden-MagFarming.

Eggplants for Small Gardens. I. M. Angelí. Garden-Mag-Farming.

Feeding the Young Chicks. F. H. Valentine.— Garden-Mag-Farming.

All the Perennial Larkspurs Worth Growing.

W. Miller. Garden-Mag-Farming.

The Best Broad Leaved Evergeen Trees. P. J.

Berckmans. Garden-Mag-Farming.

Houses With a History. f. H. Ditchfield. House and Garden.

The Small House Which is Good.—House and Garden.

A Modified English Cottage. E. Gallandet. House and Garden.

The House and its Furnishings. M. Hodges. House and Garden.

Decorating and Furnishing the Nursery. S. E.

Ruggles. House and Garden.

Housing the Automobile. House and Garden.

An Inexpensive Garden for Any Place. F. Duncan. Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Three Thousand Dollar Bungalow. H. L.

Gaut. Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Raising Money in the Back Yard. G. A. Pierce. —Ladies' Home Jour.

Practical Plans for the Home Builders. Daedalus. Overland Monthly.

Wild. Water, and Rock Gardens. M. Woodward. Pearson’s (Eng.).

Three Months of Iris Bloom. A. Couch. Suburban Life.

Selecting Pictures for the Home. F. H. Allen. Suburban Life.

Tomatoes in the Home Garden. F. O. Sibley. Suburban Life.

Vines for Ornamental Purposes. G. Tabor. Suburban Life.

Bowling on the Lawn. C. Q. Turner. Suburban Life.

A Community Flower Garden. T. C. Cummings. Suburban Life.

How to Make a Tennis Court. N. NewhamDavis. Suburban Life.

Two Vegetables That Can be Had the Year Round. I. M. Angelí. Suburban Life.

A Garden Living Room. L. H. Wallace. Suburban Life.

Wild Strawberries in a Garden. F. L. Marble. Suburban Life.

Short Cuts in the Vegetable Garden. H. H. Henry. Suburban Life.

Can I Afford an Automobile ? H. W. Perry. Recreation.

The Good Enough Shack. E. R. Plaisted. Recreation.

Two New England Bungalows. M. H. Northend. Am. Homes and Gardens.

Garden Gates for the Bungalow. Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Summer Camp at Arden. M. T. Priestman.

Am. Homes and Gardens.

Plumbing and Drainage Problems of the Bungalow. Am. Homes and Gardens.

How I Built My Log Bungalow. E. Fesser. Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Bungalow Made From Railway Ties. M. Truman. Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Garden Room. C. Cadby. Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Hygiene of Our Homes. Geo. H. R. Dobbs, M.D. Young Man.

The New Spirit of the Farm. A. C. Laut. Outing.

What to do With the Garden in May. S. A.

Hamilton. Woman's Home Companion.

The Garden's Patron Saint, the Toad. F. Duncan. Country Life.

A Garden That Charms Both Night and Day.

T. McAdam. Country Life.

Windows and Doors. L. H. French. Putnam’s.

Immigration and Emigration.

The Hindu in America. G. Mukerji, M.S. Overland Monthly.

The West and the Hindu Invasion. A. F. Buchanan. Overland Monthly.

The Spirit and Letter of Exclusion. O. S.

Straus. North Am. Rev.

Hindus in British Columbia. Collier's (Ap. 18).

Investments, Speculation, and Finance.

Business is Improving and Securities Advancing.

F. A. Munsey. Munsey's.

There Isn't Money Enough in the World to do the World's Work. F. A. Munsey. Munsey’s. The Recovery from the Recent Panic. A. D. Noyes. The Forum.

What Insurance a Man Should Buy. World's Work.

Labor Problems.

Supreme Court Gives Death Blow to Boycott.

Jas. A. Masters. Am. Business Man. Unemployment and its Cure. W. H. Beveridge. Cont. Rev.

Government to Find Work for All. Rene Bache. Technical World.

Out of a Job. A. Ruhl. Collier'6 (Ap. 18).

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Great Men Whose Centenaries Will be Celebrated Next Year. L. Orr. Munsey's.

Unmarried British Peers. F. Cunliffe Owen.

The Kaiser and His Horses. A. Topham. Munsey’s.

Gustave Charpentier, Composer of '"Louise.” A. F. Sanborn. Munsey’s.

The Fall of Hummel. A. Train. Cosmopolitan. What About Stuyvesant Fish ? C. E. Russell. Human Life.

The Rise of David Warfield. D. Belasco. Human


Joseph Gurney Cannon—Presidential Candidate.

A. H. Lewis. Human Life.

Five Prima Donnas at Home. M. Rohe. Human Life.

John Bigelow, of New York. Am. Rev. of Revs.

G. B. Ryan, of Guelph. Ont. Dry Goods Rev. A Senator of the Sixties. Sat. Eve. Post (Mar. 21).

Memories of Authors. Wm. Winter. Sat. Eve. Post (Mar. 28).

Fulton in England. H. N. Dickinson. Cassiers. Minnie Madern Fiske. P. Tietjens. Uncle Remus's.

Was Franco Madman or Unsuccessful Genius? A. M. Low. Forum.

The Dualism of Saint Augustine. Hibbert Jrnl. The Duke of Devonshire. Sat. Rev. (Mar. 28). The Late Duke of Devonshire. Spectator (Mar. 28).

Twenty Years of a Brave Life. K. Roche. Irish Monthly.

Henry Van Dyke in His Princeton Home. R.

L. Thomas. Suburban Life.

A Friend of Queen Victoria. Cornhill.

Mr. Gladstone at Oxford, 1890. C. R. L. F. Cornhill.

The Letters of John Carne. J. C. Collins.— Cornhill.

An Eighteenth Century Gentleman.—Sat. Rev. (Mar. 7).

Frederick Van Eeden. M. I. MacDonald. Craftsman.

Florence Nightingale’s Heroism in the Crimea. S. Tooley. London.

Walt. Whitman : Trailmaker. B. De Casse ves.


Taft as a Presidential Candidate. F. H. HitchCock. Metropolitan.

Rene Bazin. Hon. Mrs. A. Lyttleton. Fortnightly Rev.

Some Eighteenth Century Men About Town. L.

Melville. Fortnightly Rev.

The Conversion of Sir Antony and of His Critics. Fortnightly Rev.

The Rt. Hon. James Wm. Lowther. A. E. T. Watson. Badminton.

Mr. Arthur Henderson, M.P. Mrs. P. Snowden. Young Man.

John and Charles Wesley. Young Man.

The Famous Preacher-Musician. (W. H. Jude).

R. B. Broomfield. Young Man.

A Naturalist in the Far North. Canada (Apr. 4).

My Yesterdays. Edith W. Matthison. Bohemian.

General Grant’s Last Days. Geo. F. Shrady. Century.

Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill. Century.

Edwin Austin Abbey. H. Saint Gaudens. World’s Work.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich. F. Greenslet. Scribner.

Claude Monet. A. Alexandre. Int. Studio. Eastman Johnson. S. Hartmann. Int. Studio. Geraldine Farrar. E. M. Burbank. Putnam’s. John A. Johnson. J. P. Pyle. Putnam’s. Evelyn B. Longman. Jas. P. Dickerson. World To-day.

Winthrop Murray Crane. G. R. Brown. World To-day.

Municipal and Local Government.

The Tramways ’’Commercial Audit.”—Saturday Rev. (March 28).

Some Principles of the Poor Law. Mrs. H. 0. Barnett.—Cornhill.

The Taxation of Bread.—Spectator (March 7). The Licensing Bill and Compensation.—Spectator (March 7).

Bread and Gas.—Sat. Rev. (March 7).

The Education Bill : The Secular Solution. J.

R. MacDonald.—Fortnightly Rev.

Our Civil Service From Within. An Ex-Civil Servant.—Empire. Rev.

The Licensing Bill. J. Gretton.—Fortnightly Rev.

The Menace of Crowded Cities. C. H. Miller.— World’s Work.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

How Birds Fish. Wm. L. Finley.—Pacific Monthly.

Insect Enemy of the Monterey Pines. R. W.

Doane.—Overland Monthly.

Raising Wild Game. W. Evans.—Sat. Eve. Post (April 4).

Odd Nesting Sites of Birds. B. S. Bowdish.— Suburban Life.

Probing the Secrets of the Hen. H. Oarlington.—Suburban Life.

Some New Lights on the London Zoo. P. C. Mitchell.—London.

The Boat With a Glass Bottom. C. R. Browne. —Badminton.

Wild Ducks and Their Flight. B. Dale.—Badminton.

The Mountain Pony. A. True.—Outing.

English Pheasants for Canada—Rod and Gun. The True Forestry Methods. E. Tinsley.—Rod and Gun.

Bird Home on a Country Estate. H. H. Saylor.—Country Life.

Some Facts About Broiler Raising. R. B. Sands.—Country Life.

The Great Dane. S. L. De Fabry.—Country Life.

The Garden's Patron Saint. The Toad. F. Duncan.—Country Life.

The Dangerous House Fly.—Country Life.

The Warden of Our Bird Life. T. G. Pearson.— World’s Work.

The Riches of the Philippine Forests. R. Crandall.—World’s Work.

Political and Commercial.

International Good Will. Baron Ivogora Takahira.—Pacific Monthly.

Insidious Treason of Campaign Contributions.

W. Clark.—Human Life.

An Improved Naturalization System. A. W.

Cooley.—Am. Rev. of Rev.’s.

The Franco-Canadian Treaty.—Canada (March


Inland Waterways in U. S.—Cassier's.

William H. Taft with the Field Against Him. H. L. West.—Forum.

Congress Cannot Prevent Interstate Liquor Traffic. J. M. Schönheit.—Am. Business Man. Senate Undesirables. C. P. Connolly.—Collier's (April 4).

The Story of Delaware. C. H. Forbes-Lindsay. —Smith’s.

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'Manigin' Things. B. H. Nance.—Bohemian.

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In Blossom-tine. R. W. Kauffman.—Bohemian.

The Garden. K. Hudson.—St. Nicholas.

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As to Fairies and Pirates. J. W. Merrill.—St. Nicholas.

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The Soul of the House. B. Johnson.—Harper’s.

In the Garden. R. H. Dunn.—Harper’s.

Railroads and Transportation.

Why Texas is Lagging in Railway Development. B. F. Yoakum.—Am. Business Man.

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Religion and the Church

Religious Transition and Ethical Awakening in America. A. 0. Lovejoy.—Hibbert Journal.

Knowledge and Faith. G. L. Dickinson.—Hibbert Journal.

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Christian Experience. Rev. Prine. P. T. Forsyth.—Hibbert Jour.

Dogmatic Authority of the Papacy. Archbishop Ireland.—North Am. Rev.

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Science and Invention.

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Modern Hydraulic Machinery. C. Wigtel.—Cassier’s.

Harnessing the Air to do Man's Work. W. 0.

Duntley.—Am. Business Man.

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Mechanism and Life. Prof. M. Hartog.—Cont. Rev.

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Gun That Makes no Noise. P. H. Middleton.— Technical World.

American Soldiers Will Fly. R. C. Black.— Technical World.

Boat to Beat the Lusitania. P. Tyner.—Technical World.

Over the Alps by Water. H. G. Hunting.—Technical World.

Novel French Air-Ship. Dr. A. Gradenwitz.—' Technical World.

Lamp of 1,500.000 Candle Power. E. Woldman. —Technical World.

'Phoning to Thirty-Five at Once.—Technical World.

Recent Progress in Photography. L. A. Lamb. —World To-Day:

Sports and Pastimes

How to Make a Success of Deer-Hunting.—Canada (March 21).

Accessories for the Power Boat. H. Greene.— Power Boating.

The Selection of a Power Boat. H. P. John.

son.—Power Boating.

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Improvised Woods Shelters. W. S. Carpenter -Recreation.

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Putting Motor Power in the Boat. H. W. Stanson.—Recreation.

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H. Wilson.—Badminton.

Betting. "Rapier”.—Badminton.

Goat Hunting in the Selkirks. E. W. Pulling.— Badminton.

The Coming Cricket Season. Sir. H. Gordon — Badminton.

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Our Moose Hunt on the Upper Keswick, N.B.

O. E. Morehouse.—Rod and Gun.

A Duck Shooting Expedition Out West. S. A.— Rod and Gun.

A Moose Hunt in the Temagami Forest Reserve. H. Weller.—Rod and Gun.

A Prince Edward Island Fox Hunt. J. D. Jenkins.—Rod and Gun.

A Moose Hunt in Northwestern Ontario. S. Staflord.—Rod and Gun.

A Successful Hunt in Northern Ontario. F. N. Clarke.—Rod and Gun.

Canoe Don’ts for Uninitiated Canoeists. J. E. Klotz.—Rod and Gun.

Reminiscences of Maskinonge Fishing. W. Hickson.—Rod and Gun.

Ontario Guides and the Game Laws.—Rod and Gun.

The Scarcity of Partridges. J. B. Temple—Rod and Gun.

When the Herring Run in the Rideau. J. A.

Moriarity.—Rod and Gun.

New Spoon Hook for Fishers.—Technical World. The Charm of Mountain Climbing. Wm. Williams.—Scribner.

The Automobile of To-morrow. H. L. Towle.— Scribner.

Baseball. Jno. T. McCutcheon.—Appleton’s.

The Stage.

The Western Gallery of Dramatic Pictures. P.

Robinson.—Pacific Monthly.

How to Make Up. Wm. H. Dills.—Pacific Monthly.

The Tyranny of Clothes. Alan Dale.—Cosmopolitan.

"The Ring” in English and Music-Drama of the Future. E. A. Baughan.—Living Age (April 4).

The Tone of the Mid-Season Plays. Clayton Hamilton.—Forum.

The Art of the Prima Donna. M. S. Fite.— Smith’s.

Economy of Attention in Theatrical Performances. C. Hamilton.—Vorth Am. Rev.

The History of English Opera. Geo. Cecil.— Idler.

David Warfield in "A Grand Army Man."— Woman's Home Comp.

The Story of the Plays. J. E. Goodman.—Bohemian.

The Stage Story of Maude Adams. P. Maxwell.—Pearson's (Am.).

Travel and Description.

Lexington. Virginia. L. McClung.—Munsey’s.

Mtovstead Abbey, the Home of Byron, fil. C. Smith.—Munsey's.

Portland. "The Rose City." R. M. Hall.— Westward Ho.

Life in Spiggotty Land. S. G. Blythe.—Sat. Eve. Post (March 21).

The Rush to Rawhide. C. P. Connolly.—Collier's (March 28).

The New Northwest.—Canada (March 7).

The Old Trail. Westerner.—Canada (March 14).

Orcadia. Jessie A. Gaughan.—Irish Monthly.

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The Cornish Harvest of the Sea. J. H. Stone, M.A.—English Illustrated.

Winter Trapping in Canada.—Canada (Mar. 28).

From Rio to Punta Arenas. F. Palmer.—Collier’s (April 4).

Pitcairn Island and Its People.—Chambers’s Journal.

The World’s Greatest Fish Pond.—Chambers’s Journal.

A Memory of Seville. Ian Malcolm.—Cornhill.

Mountaineering Expedition to the Himalaya of Garhwal. T. G. Longstafl.—Geographical Journal.

In the Tian-Shan Mountains. Dr. G. Mterzbacher.—Geographical Journal.

Through Eastern Tibet and Kam. Cfpt. P K. Kozloff.—Geographical Journal.

San Francisco Two Years After.—Sunset.

Europe on Five Dollars a Day. . Bicok.— Woman's Home Comp.

Famous Cafes and Restaurants Abroad. A. Lanston.—Bohemian.

Our Unknown Scenic Wonders.—World's Work.

Buenos Aires. A Ruhl.—Scribner.

Across Europe by Motor Boat. H. C. Rowland.^—Appleton's.

The Nile. Marie Van Vorst.—Harper’s.

Through London by Canal. S. Brooks.—Harp-

The Wonders of Underground New York. E. Wildman.—World To-Day.

A City of Dreams. Mrs. P. M. Myers.—World To-Day.

A Foreign Tour at Home. H. Holt.—Putnam’s. Ravello. Mabel Du Pont Colvin.—Travel.

Up From Florida.—Travel.

The Dilwara Temples. Estelle Flash.—Travel. The Prettiest of Rhine Ruins.—Travel.

The Sky-Line Drive. Wallace Haines.—Travel. Easter in Old Mexico. Pearl Cashell Jackson. —Travel.

A Winter Tour from New York to Savannah. R. H. Johnston.—Travel.

Woman and the Home.

Practical Garden Costumes for Women. C. A. Stafford and M. W. Ritchie.—Garden Mag.Farming.

What I Have Learned from Hundreds of Girls.

Judge J. W. Mack.—Ladies’ Home Jour.

As Ethel Barrymore .Thinks a Girl Should Dress. C. E. Laughlin.—Ladies' Home Jour. When a Girl Has no Business to Marry. A. S.

Monroe.—Ladies’ Home Jour.

The Betrothed Girl as Mr. Wenzell Sees Her.— Ladies’ Home Jour.

For a Girl’s Room In Summertime.—Ladies Home Jour.

Crocheted Laces for Girls’ Clothes. M. Wire.— Ladies’ Home Jour.

When Foolish Girls Court Danger. Mrs. S. B.

Thorne.—Ladies' Home Jour.

When a Girl Travels Alone. L. A. Smith.— Ladies' Home Jour.

How to Make Vegetables go Farthest. Mrs. S.

T. Rorer.—Ladies’ Home Jour.

The Shopper as Seen by the Salesgirl.—Ladies’ Home Jour.

Six Weeks in Europe with One Suitcase. E.

Kelley.'—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Voice, the Keynote of Woman’s Culture. F. Augustine.—Smith's.

Some Problems of the Working-Woman. Anne O’Hagan.—Smith's.

As the Working Girl Sees It. E. H. Westwood.—Craftsman.

Forecast of Fashion in London and Paris. M.

Howarth and C. Beerbohm.—London.

Woman and Dress. Jean Worth.—Royal.

My Lady’s Tantrums. M, Tindal.—Royal.

A Woman’s Plea Against Woman Suffrage. E.

M. Massie.—Living Age (April 11).

The Ideals of a Woman's Party. Lady Grove.— Fortnightly Rev.

Prison Experiences of a Suffragette. W. Mayo. —Idler.

Are We Ready for Our Children ? C. T. Herrick.—Woman’s Home Comp.

You and Your Boy.—Circle.

The Boy That Your Boy Plays With.—Circle. Your Boy and His Girl.—Circle.

Feminization in School and Home. G. S. Hall. —World’s Work.

The American Wife. A. F. Corbin.—Appleton’s.