Contents of the June Magazines

June 1 1908

Contents of the June Magazines

June 1 1908

Contents of the June Magazines

Army and Navy. Coming of the Fleet. 11. A. Evans—Sunset. Defence of the American Navy. Admiral W. L. Capps.—Sunset. $1,000.000 a Month.—Sunset. San Francisco's Greeting. Jas. D. Phelan.— Sunset. The New Electric Ordnance. Col. F. N. Maude. C.B.—Cont. Rev. The Discipline of the Navy.—Spectator (May 2). The Big Gun. K. Snowden—Pall Mall. Our Maritime Outlook. Jno. F. Greathead.— Overland Monthly. Pacific Coast Contribution to the Navy. A. H. Dutton.—Overland Monthly. Mare Island Navy Yard. Fred. A. Hunt.—Over-' land Monthly.

The Log of an Anchored Frigate. E. G. Blakeslee.—Overland Monthly.

Target Practict on Board a Modern Man-o’War. D. L. Dawson.—Overland Monthly.

The American Fleet's Respects to Chili. F.

Palmer.—Collier’s (April 25).

Collisions and Admiralty Make-believe.—Sat. Rev. (May 2).

Our Military Forces—Lone Hand.

The Great Naval Cruise. F. J. Dyer.—World’s Work.

Is Our Standing Army a Suicide Club ? R. Plughes.—Broadway.

The American Navy's Champion Crews.—Collier's (May 16.)

Pitfalls of Army Reform. A. White.—International.

Architecture and the Arts.

Is There a Great American Composer ? R. Hughes.—Smith's.

The Function of Modern Art Criticism. L. M. Phillipps.—Cont. Rev.

Is There a Sex Distinction in Art ? G. Edgerton.—Draftsman.

Gateways. Old and New.—Craftsman.

Italian Realism and Art. M. A. R. Tuker.— Fortnightly Rev.

The Art of Bird Photography. C. and G. C. Pratt.—Young Man.

True Inspiration. W. Wheatley.—Young Man.

On a Platter at Montreuil. J. H. Yoxall, M. P.—Cornhill.

A House of Seven Rooms for $2,500. R. C.

Spencer, Jr..—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

A Narrow Six-Roorn Cottage. Chas. S. Sedgwick.—Home Mag.

The Curious “Brasses’' Found on Ancient Tombs in England. E. B. Brown.—Munsev's.

The Music of the Ring. Bart Kennedy.—London.

A Model for Many Famous Painters. V. Calhoun.—World's Work.

A Proper Village Church. R. L. Hartt.— World's Work.

The Art of Thomas Hodendon. F. F. Kelly.— Broadway.

A Genre Painter and his Critics. R. Fry.—Living Age (May 16).

Art of Edmund C. Tarbell. C. H. Coffins.— Harper’s.

Business and Industry.

How the Newspapers Handle National Conventions. T. White.—Appleton's.

The First Twentieth Century Revolution. K. Wolff.—Appleton’s.

Christian Science in Business Life. A. Farlow. —Am. Business Man.

By-Products of Electric Operation.—Am. Business Man.

Evolution of the Pawnbroker. A. Lipman.— Am. Business Man.

California’s Great Electric Plant.—Am. Business Man.

Managing an Office Building. Geo. O. Sheldon—Am. Business Man.

Vicious Labor Legislation. T. 0. Vilter.—Am. Business Man.

Science of Office Salesmanship. P. T. Wilkinson.—Modern Methods.

System for the Purchasing Department. R. W.

MacDowell.—Modern Methods.

Tools and System. C. D. Skinner.—Modern


Mystery of the Follow-up. A. P. Lawrence.— Modern Methods.

Canada's Pulp Wood Resources.—Canada (April


Tron Mining in Ontario.—Canada (April 25.) How Maple Syrup is Made.—Canada (April 25). Concrete Pier Construction on the Pacific Coast. H. A. Crafts.—Cassier’s.

The Purchase of Coal on a Ceientific Basis.

Jno. B. C. Kershaw.—Cassier’s.

Growth of the Paint Manufacturing Industry.

G. B. Heckel.—Book-Keeper.

Business Economy of Good Building Construction. F. W. Fitzpatrick.—Book-Keeper.

Steam : Its Profitable Utilization. Geo. H. Gibson.—Book-Keeper.

Paying Publicity. Jos. Meadon.—Book-Keeper. System in Business of General Building Contractor. H. Wright.—Book-Keeper.

A Simple Method of Handling Bank Pass Books. M. V. White.—Book-Keeper.


A Proper Method for the Keeping of Church Records. M. A. Bowers.—Book-Keeper. Aluska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. E. Merrick.— Westward Ho.

The Abuse of the Trail Privilege.—Office Appliances.

Reporting Debates in Congress.—-Office Appli anees.

The Art of Gaining Admission.—Office Appliances.

The United States Steel Corporation. F. A. Munsey.—Munsey's.

The Knickerbocker Trust Co. J. Cross.—Metropolitan.

Publishers Fight Paper Trust. J. A. Fleming. —Office Outfitter.

Handling Correspondence Properly. Geo. M.

Corts.—Office Outfitter.

Business Houses Seeking System. Geo. H.

Baldwin.—Office Outfitter.

Effects of First Impressions in Selling. Robt.

D. Aldrich.—Office Outfitter.

Merchandising is Business Building. Dave E.

Block.—Office Outfitter.

Sales Helps for Office Outfitters. W. C. Holman.—Office Outfitter.

The Factory Girl. B. Tracy.—Lone Hand.

The Negro as a Business Man. T. J. Callo-

way.—World’s Work.

Why an Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition ? Wm. T. Prosser.—World To-day.


My Baby’s Journal. E. P. Cahoon.—Home


The Rainbow Party. iM. B. Sterling.—Good


Babies of the Model Tenements. L. E. Dew.— Good Housekeeping.

From Baby's Trained Nurse. I. Forrester.— Good Housekeeping.

Education and School Affairs.

Educating Our Boys. Jos. M. Rogers.—Lippincott's.

Forms of High School Recitation. Prof. W. Libby.—Education.

How to Teach Language. A. W. Colley.—Education.

What Should Teachers Read. G. W. Mitchell.— Education.

Oxford as an Educational Centre for Women.

L. V. Lambert.—Education.

The English of School and College Graduates. I. Thomas.—Education.

The Worth of Music in Education. L. L. Fentress.'—Education.

Pedagogy Up-to-date.—Living Age (May 91.

The Education Compromise.—Fort. Rev.

In the Studio Photography. A. Y. Kenah.— Westward Ho.

Esperanto. A. L. Harvey.—Westward Ho. Education and the Uneducated.—Living Age

(May 16).

The Correct Use of Words. Prof. T. R. Lounsbury.—Harper’s.

Keep the Schoolhouse Open.—World's Work.


(Complete Stories).

The Path. A. Adams.—Sunset.

Marriage by Capture. E. R. Punshon --

Hors d’ (euvres. A. Adams.-—Smart Set.

The Tribute Siher. E. ('. MeMakin - Craftsman.

C\ Whittaker’s Plaee. J. C. Lincoln.—Apple-

Mv Lord of the Pillagers. B. M. Bower.—Popular.

Tne Canopy Bed. T. Bailey.—Collier’s (April


The Phantom Picture. A. S. Ebbets.—Overland Monthly.

Daffodils. A. G. Herbertson.—Living Age (May


The Gold of the "Gunsight."—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Bob. Debutant. H. G. Hunting.—McClure's.

The Derelict. E. Fowler.—Circle.

The Cotton Bag. W. W. Cook.—People's.

The Return to Eden. P. E. Browne.—People’s.

The Decoy. W. B. M. Ferguson.—Smith’s.

The Plague of a Heart. II. Milecete.—Lippin-

A Lover's Dilemma. Wm. J. Locke.—Pall Mall.

The Statue of Granite. E. S. Lopatecki.— Westward Ho.

We Ha. D. Brown.—Westward Ho.

No Ball. Roy Horniman.—Westward Ho.

McCartney. H. M. Foster.—Putnam’s.

The Other Man. Y. W. Cloud.—Home Mag.

The Law of Compensation. G. Pahlow.—Mun-

A Tillage Munchausen. D. Canfield.—Munsey's.

The Kidnapping of the K. C. Jno. Barratt.— London.

The Elopers. J. Futrelle.—Red Book.

The War on the Widow. Wm. H. Osborne.— Red Book.

The Mayor's Dovecote. A. T. Quiller-Couch.— Metropolitan.

A Grand Army Man. II. J. O’Higgins.—Woman's Home Comp.

The Tangled Web. E. W. M. Grant.—Broadway.

The Comedy of Home Building. J. L. Williams.—Good Housekeeping.

The International. W. A. Fraser.—Ainslee's.

John Jannin, Shipmaster. R. D. Paine.—Ain

The Fortunes of Blackmorton. Win. R. I.ighton —Gunter’s.

Ananias Junior. W. Aken.—Gunter’s.

Up Against It. M. Cross.—Argosy.

The Bureau of Destiny. R. M. Alden.—Collier's i May 16).

The Way to Mrs. Morpont's. II. Rhodes.— Everybody's.

Serial Stories.

Judith of the Cumberlands. A. Macgowan.— Putnam's.

The Lion and the I.amh. F. Lyndc.-—Munsey’s.

The Frozen Fortune. F. L. Pollock.—Argosy.

For the Workers.

Concerning Money. Chas. B. Loomis.—Smith's.

Do Your Gun Thinking.—Appleton’s.

Moral Manhood. Dr. P. T Forsyth.Young Man.

Why Some Men Become Bosses. Geo. Brett.— Modern Methods.

Mottoes for Every Day of the Month.—Irish Monthly.

What We Put up With. A. A. Rogers.Putnam's.

Great Opportunities for Young Men. W. A.

Stancer.—Office Outfitter.


Sheet Metal Work. A. Wilson.—Good Housekeeping.

Health and Hygiene.

Experiments on Animals. Stephen Paget.—Cont. t Rev.

The Guardian of Our Nation's Health. J. N.

Kyle.—Overland Monthly.

The Moral Treatment of Nervous Disorders.

Rev. S. McComb, D.D.—Smith's.

How to Keep in Good Condition Without Expense. E. Miles.—Metropolitan.

High Tide of Physical Conscience. Dr. L. H. Gulick.—World's Work.


The Black Officer. A. MacPherson.—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Sergeant Mazet at Borodino. W. D. Gray.— Living Age (April 25).

The Canadian Tercentenary.—Canada (April 25). Relics of Old Irish Movements.—Irish Monthly. South African Natives and Their Problems. Sir

G. Lagden.—Fort. Rev.

Makers of History.—Y'oung Man.

The Canadian Tercentenary.—Canada (May 2). Re-enacting 300 Y’ears of Quebec’s History. J.

N. Mcllwraith.—World’s Worv.

A Glimpse of the Clipper Ship Days. Capt. A.

H. Clark.—Harper's.

The Story of London Maps. L. Gomme.—Geographical Jrnl.

Abroath High School. A. Mackie.—Scottish Field.

House, Garden and Farm.

A Suburban Garden. E. Hickey.—Irish Monthly. Practical Plans for the Home Builders. Deadalus.—Overland Monthly.

The Environment of a Country Home. E. D. Ford.—Craftsman.

The Right Use of Flowering Shrubs.—Living Age (May 9).

Flower Grouping. Hon. Mrs. E. Cecil.—Sat Review (April 25).

The House of Seven Chimneys. C. H. Claudy. —House and Garden.

Discarded Favorites reinstated. E. E. Rexford.—House and Garden.

English Manor-Houses of the Early Renaissance.

B. C. Flournoy.—House and Garden.

Art of Pruning. C. L. Meller.—House and Garden.

A Cement Block House. Homer Kiessling.— House and Garden.

Walls and Their Coatings. C. Q. Murphy.— House and Garden.

Window Boxes. H. L. Gaut.—House and Garden.

A Stable Convertible into a Garage. A. R.

Ellis.—House and Garden.

Right and Wrong in Wild Gardening. Thos. McAdam.—Garden.

Indestructible Home-made Garden Furniture. E. E. Soderholtz.—Garden.

New and Better Style of Flower Bedding. H. Maxwell.—Garden.

Good Quality in Beans. E. D. D.—Garden. Better Ways of Fruit Preserving. L. B. Carpenter.—Garden.

Propogating Hardy Garden Roses. A. R. Corbin.—Garden.

In the Melon and Cucumber Patch. H. Clark. —Garden.

When Sweet Peas Fail. H. Cunningham.—Garden.

Greens for Yarded Fowls. F. H. Valentine.— Garden.

Protecting the Strawberries. F. C. B.—Garden. Country and Suburban Gardens. E. S. Mitton. —Westward Ho.

Attractive Bedrooms for the Country House.— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

A Few Dining Rooms for Country Houses.— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Inexpensive Playhouses for Children.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How to Have Success with Roses. F. Duncan.— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The House Dignified. L. H. French.—Putnam’s. The Modern Kitchen. R. Fisher.—Country Life

in America.

A Successful Country House of Stone. J.Stuyvesant.—Country Life in Am.

Mistakes I have Made in Building. H. H.

Horner.—Country Life in Am.

A Garden Vacation. N. Contant.—Country Life in Am.

Summer Flowering Bulbs. T. Baker.—Home

Beautiful French Homes. B. Cuvellier.—London. The Bungalow Era in the East. Edward S.

Irvington.—Suburban Life.

The Hardy Rhododendron. H. H. Henry.—Suburban Life.

A Good Living From Bees on Less Than an Acre. Rudolph Strong.—Suburban Life. Planning and Planting Flower-beds. Parker Thayer Barnes.—Suburban Life.

When Furnishing the Summer Home. Thomas Woodward.—Suburban Life.

Five Hundred Hens and Prosperity. George A.

Cosgrove.—Suburban Life.

Vegetables Which Look Life Fruit. Ida M. Angelí.—Suburban Life.

The Summer Care of the Lawn. H. J. Vaughn. —Suburban Life.

Canning Rhubarb and Asparagus. Edith Loring Fullerton.—Suburban Life.

How We Built Pine Lodge. Charles A. Miller.— Suburban Life.

Making a Rose Pot-Pourri. Emmett C. Hall.— Suburban Life.

“Casa-del-Ponte,” A Summer Home. Barr Ferree.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Scientific Poultry Breeding. Day Allen Willey.— Am. Homes and Gardens.

Residence of Henry M. Kneedler, Esq., Walter Williams.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Rose as a Summer Bedder. Eben E. Rexford.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Garden of Winthrop Sargent, Esq.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Residence of John M. Chapman, Esq. Francis Durando Nichols.— Am. Homes and Gardens. Private Automobile Garages. Benjamin A.

Howes.—Am. Homes and Gardens. ■‘Rocksym,” a Summer Home. C. W. Whiteway.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Forest Garden. R. Quinn.—Lone Hand.

An Adapted Swiss Chalet for $3.100. A. R.

Ellis.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Ideal Seummer Homes Afloat. E. Mayo-— Broadway.

The Maritime House. C. E. Hopper.—Good Housekeeping.

Window Draperies for Summer. D. M. C.—Good Housekeeping.

Immigration and Emigration.

Americans About to Be.—Circle.

Investments, Speculation and Finance.

Safety in Bonds for the Small Investor. Wm.

B. Steele.—Am. Business Man.

The Truth About Nevada. J. M. Carroll.— Sunset.

The Financial Situation in Canada.—Canada (April 25).

Which—Roosevelt or the System ? F. Blair.— Human Life.

All One's Eggs in One Basket.—World’s Work. Accident Insurance and the Egg Basket.— World's Work.

How the Stock Exchange Works. C. M. Keys. —World’s Work.

The Romance of Life Insurance. Wm. J. Graham.—World’s Work.

Labor Problems.

The Labor Movement.—International.

The Workers Concerned. A. Ruhl.—Collier’s (April 25).

The Greatest Problem Since Slavery. C. A. Phelps.—Broadway.

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

The New Prime Minister. G. P. F.—Young Man. Dickens as a Journalist. B. W. Matz.—Fort. Rev.

Walter Bagehot. Rev. Dr. Kolbe.—Irish Monthly-

Concerning Tourguenieff. Lady Ritchie.—Living Age (April 25).

Mr. Gladstone at Oxford, 1890. C. R. L. F.— Comhill.

A Farmer. D. Tynan.—Comhill.

Lady Hester Stanhope.—Cornhill.

Rene Bazin. Hon. Mrs. A. Lyttleton.—Living Age (May 9).

The Life and Letters of Sir Richard Jebb. F.

W. Cornish.—Living Age (May 9).

Spencer Compton Cavendish. Duke of Devonshire. 0. Seaman.—Living Age (May 9).

The Duke of Gandia.—Living Age (May 9).

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.—Living Age (May 9).

Miss Terry’s First American Tour.—McClure's. Carl Schurz as a Reporter.—McClure's. Confessions of a Middle-aged Woman.—Circle. The Fifth Summer of Our Kenrucky Cardinal.

J. Brooks.—Lippincott'6.

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.—Sat. Rev. (April 25).

Morgan—Master of the Money Mart. C. E. Russell.—Human Life.

Famous Hermit Who Lives in a Tree Top. A. Rohe.—Human Life.

‘‘Dan’’ O’Leary—the Man Who Can Walk. N. Howes.—Human Life.

Governor Johnson in Washington.—Collier’s (April 25).

The Poet and the Children. I. Cavendish.—Pall Mall.

Major Arthur Hughes-Onslow. A. E. T. Watson.—Babminton.

Sir Robert Hart.—Sat. Rev. (May 2).

The Ill-luck of the Reigning Grand-Ducal House of Baden. T. Schwarz.—Munsey's. Ex-Senator Stewart of Nevada. Sam P. Davis. —Munsey's.

James Buchanan, Pennsylvania’s Only President of the United States. L. Orr.—Munsey’s. Great Achievements of Men Over Sixty. E. B. Simmons.—Munsey’s.

Reminiscences of a Franco-American. Mme. Chas. Bigot.—Putnam’s.

Edmund Clarence Stedman. H. W. Boynton.— Putnam’s.

Jefferson Davis at West Point. Prof. W. L. Fleming.—Metropolitan.

The Experiences of Clarence. A. H. Adams.— Lone Hand.

Mr. De Morgan’s Habits of Work. B. Stoker. —World’s Work.

Chief Croker and His Fighters of the Great Red Plague. G. Willets.—Broadway.

Lord Cromer on Gordon and the Gladstone Cabinet. Sidney.—Living Age (May 16). Lawrence 0. Murray. C. H. Forbes-Lindsay.— World’s Work.

The New Prime Minister of Great Britain. T. P. O’Connor.—World’s Work.


Improving Earth Roads. W. A. McLean, C.E.

—Farmer’s Advocate (April 23).

The Highlanders of Old. The Duke of Argyll.— Pall Mall.

Diary of a Collector. E. Mew.—Pall Mall.

The Coming Censorship of Fiction. B. Tozer.— Living Age (May 2).

The New Turbine Yacht Alexandra. A. C. Hurd. —Cassier’s.

The Six Cylinder Automobile. H. L. Towle.— Cassier’s.

Graduation Day. Jno. T. McCutcheon.—Apple-

Mr. Roosevelt on the Misuse of Wealth.—Spectator (May 2).

An April Blizzard.—Spectator (May 2).

The Poems of Mary Colridge. B. Holland.— Living Age (May 9).

Likeableness.—Living Age (May 9).

The Poetrv of the Bible.—Living Age (May 9).

Gening Back JO the Base of Our Supplies. E.

.1. IB »'.lister.—('raftsman.

Tho Ostrich. A. N Wheeler.—Smart Set.

Th. Village "rub." P. C. redder.—Cont. Rev. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowledge. E. M. l'.’.illard - ('ont. Rev.

The Waste of Daylight. Sir A. West.—Cont.


A Great’r and a Greatest San Francisco. Jno.

t 'N tw ond.—Overland Monthly.

Sume .lacks that Built Houses. R. Masson.— Chambers's .Trnl.

Behind the Scenes in Printing-house Square. T.

H S Kseott.—Chambers's Jrnl.

\n Adventure with "Gray Nurses." L. Becke.— Chambers's Jrnl.

The Fair Complexion. F. Blyle.—Living Age (April 25).

The Literature of Introspection. A. C. Benson.

—Living Age (April 251.

The Village at Play.—Living Age (April 25).

The Artistic Temperament. Rev. David Bearne. —Irish monthly.

On Killenarden Hill. Mrs. X. Tynan O'Mahony. —Irish Monthly.

Letters oi Some Interest.—Irish Monthly.

The Xew York Saloon. A. H. Gleason.—Collier's (April 25i.

Mr. Billy Sanders Discusses Lawson and the People. J. C. Harris.—Home Mag.

Seven Months as Raisuli's Prisoner. Kaid Sir Harry MacLean.—London.

The Stock Exchange from Within.—London. Foreign Cheese Made in America. C. Them.— Suburban Life.

Municipal and Local Government.

Guarding Chicago's Health on Business Principles. E. R. Pritchard.—Am. Business Man. A Great City’s Thirst. Geo A. King.—Lone Hand.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

Changes in Bird Life. Canon J. Vaughan.— Chambers's Jrnl.

Birds in Flight. B. Dale.—Westward Ho.

The First of th*Season. Grasshopper.—Rod

and Gun.

The Scarcity oi Partridges. J. B. Temple.— Rod and Gun.

Our Vanishing Deer. W. H. Low and J. G.

Shaw.—Rod and Gun. daggling Sea Lions.—London.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Poultry. B. R.

Wins! o w.—Su bu rban Li fe.

How to Train Your Dog. X. Xewnham-Davis.— Suburban Life.

Lassoing Lions in the Siwash. Zane Grey.— Everybody's.

Political and Commercial.

Law in Latin America.—Chambers's Jrnl. Presidential Possibilities. A. H. Lewis.—Human Life.

The Mohmar.d Rising.—Sat. Rev. (April 25). Free Traders or Unionists ?—Sat. Rev. (April

The Hop Grower's Appeal.—Sat. Rev. (April

Liberalism and the Coming Debacle. Calchas.— Living Age (May 2).

Great Britain and the United States.—Living Age (May 2).

An Ideal Business Man for President. A. D.

Cameron.—Am. Business Man.

The Manchester Election.—Spectator (May 2). M. Clemenceau's Visit.—Spectator (May 2).

The Position of the Government.—Spectator (May 2).

The Indian Frontier.—Spectator (May 2). England, America and Japan. Capt. M. Kincaid-Smith.—Living Age (May 9 .

Sedition in India. G. D. Drenngn.—Ihler.

The House of Lords. Duke of Argyll.—Living Age (April 25).

The Colonial Marriages Act, 1906. E. S. P. Haynes.—Fort. Rev.

A Challenge to Socialism. Dr. J. BeattieCrozier.—Fort. Rev.

The Xew Liberal Policy. Vicar of Bray.—Fort. Rev.

Presidential Possibilities. S. Brooks.—Fort.

Rev. 1

Two Conspicuous Candidates for the Republican Nomination.—Munsey’s.

At the Reform Club.—Sat. Rev. (May 2).

The Temperance Pretext.—Sat. Rev. (May 2). Teers or Senators ?—Sat. Rev. (May 2).

The Canadian Parliament.—Sat. Rev. (May 2). The National Conventions and the Country. C.

W. Camp.—Metropolitan.

The American Senate as a Second Chamber. A.

Johnson.—Living Age (May 16).

The Break-up of American Parties.—Living Age (May 16).

Preparing to Nominate a President. H. L. Beach.—World To-day.

The Crisis Japan Faces.—Collier’s (May 16). What the Matter is in America and What to do About It. L. Steffens.—Everybody’s.

India and Mr. Morlay’s Reform Proposals. S.

M. Davaiswami.—International.

The Awakening of the Masses.—International.

A Revolutionist on Regicide. Angelo Vaz, ( Oporto).—International.


The Dance of the Seasons. H. Monroe.—Fort. Rev.

To My Imp. J. W. A.—Irish Monthly.

My Pain. R. M. G.—Irish Monthly.

Absence and Presence. A. Upton.—Pall Mall. The Lost City. G. Cole.—Pall Mall.

My Garden's Neighbor. J. K. Lloyd.—Pall Mall. After Sunset. W. Gibson.—Living Age (April 25).

Sailing Orders. A. D. Runyon.—People’s. Reflection. S. E. Baker.—People’s.

Recognition. H. C. X.—Overland Monthly. Affairs in Transition. J. A. Spender.—Cont. Rev.

California. D. Drake.—Sunset.

Mr. Tongue. E. Vance Cook.—Smart Set.

An Old Song. A. Ketchum.^-Smart Set.

The Idealist. E. Barker.—Craftsman.

Waste Ground at Aldwych. A. H. Fisher.—Living Age (May 9).

The Orgy on Parnassus. Wm. Watson.—Living Age (May 2).

Tne Jungfrau. K. L. Bates—Lippincott's.

What Gold Cannot Buy. M. Erskine.—Lippincott's. -

Ashes of Roses. A. L. Hughes.—Westward Ho. I Wed Thee Dear. S. Abbott.—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Books and the Man. S. W. Mitchell.—Putnam's.

The Ship of Souls. W. H. Hillyer.—Home Mag. The Mavis. Hugh Lawler.—Living Age (May 16).

The Ride of Phaethon. A. Noyes.—Living Age (May 16).

The Hidden Threshhold. Chas. B. Going.— Everybody's.

Railroads and Transportation.

Safety in American Railway Transport. C. A. Howard.—Cassier's.

The New Winning of the West. Geo. C. Lawrence.—Appleton's.

Phillippine Railroad Progress.—Overland Monthly-

Modern Wizards. H. Vancierhooi.—World To-day.


Christianity in India. J. N. Farquhar.—Cont. Rev.

Modern Attacks on Christian Ethics. J. K.

Mozley.—Living Age (May 9).

My Faith. H. A. Kelly.—Appleton's.

The Revision of the Vulgate. S. Cortesi.—Living Age (May 2).

Mrs. Eddy's Theory of the Universe and Man. —McClure's.

What Christian Science Claims. Rev. I. C.


Religion via Greasepaint. H. M. Lyon.—Broadway.

The New Ideal of the Church. Rev. Charles Strong.—International.

Science and Invention.

Are There Men in Other Worlds ? Dr. L. Robinson.—Living Age (May 2).

Remarkable Locomotives of 1907. J. F. Gairns. —Cassier's.

The Efficiency of Steam Turbines. F. A. Lart. —Cassier's.

Power Transmission by Chain. R. T. Flax.— Cassier's.

The Ether of Space. Sir Oliver Lodge.—Cont. Rev.

Can Science Abolish War ? Col. F. N. Maude.

C.B.—Living Age (May 16).

The New Theory of Light Pressure. W. Kaempfierts.—Harper's.

Iceonographic Researches of His Late Majesty King Carlos of Portugal.—Geographical Jrnl.

Stereo-photo Surveying. F. V. Thompson.— Geographical Jrnl.

Sports and Pastimes.

Village Cricket a Quarter of a Century Age.— Chambers's Jrnl.

The Past Rugby Football Season. E. H. D. Sewell.—Fort. Rev.

The Olympic Games of 1908. H. Ade.—Young Man.

Exploring a B. C. Glacier. J. C. Harris.— Westward Ho.

A Lady's Experience of Elephant and Rhino Hunting. R. J. Cunninghame.—Badminton. From Public School to Test Match. J. N. Craw ford.—Badminton.

The Fitzwilliam Foxhounds. E. Holmes. Jr.— Badminton.

Is Bowling Deteriorating. Sir Home Gordon.— Badminton.

Kooks and Rook-shooting. “East Sussex."— Badminton.

Canoeing. F. M. Tompkinson.—Badminton. Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland. A. R. Dugmore.—Country Life in Am.

How to Pitch a Tent. A. R. Dugmore.—Country Life in Am.

A Fishing Camp on the Gunnison River. L.

Lewis.—Country Life in Am.

Camping Trips in Maine. W. G. Vermilye.— Country Life in Am.

Canadian Game Permits.—Canada (May 2).

A Record-Breaking Moose Hunt. Dr. W. L. Munro.—Rod and Gun.

An Unrehearsed Bear Hunt. T. Bagley.—Rod and Gun.

The Wayside Tavern and Shooting Match. E.

B. Fraleck.—Rod and Gun.

Live Bait : How to Procure and Preserve It. A.

T. Middleton.—Rod and Gun.

When Herring Runs in the Rideau. J. A. Moriarity.—Rod and Gun.

Babbling of Bass. C. H. Hooper.—Rod and


Fresh Fields in the Rockies. Mrs. E. Spragge. —Rod and Gun.

My Experience in Shotguns. G. B. Smith.— Rod and Gun.

If You are Thinking of Camping Out. M. C.

Straith.—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Three Summer Camps for Little Money.—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Low Price Motor Boat. H. W. Perry.— Suburban Life.

Vacation Camps and Cottages. W. F. Sleight. —Suburban Life.

How to Make a Camp Fire. W. S. Waterbury. —Suburban Life.

A Successful Co-operative Camp. H. P. Nourse. —Suburban Life.

Keeping Down the Tin Bill. H. L. Towle.—Suburban Life.

A Family Camp. Mary H. Northend.—Good Housekeeping.

Mountain Climbing as a Sport. G. D. Abraham.—World's Work.

In Partnership With Nature. D. Sloers.—Good Housekeeping.

The Vacation Camera. IV. B. Thornton.—Good Housekeeping.

The Stage.

A Breathless Night With “The Follies." H. M.

Walbrook.—Pall Mall.

Polly of the Circus.—Smith's.

The Royal Opera. Geo. Cecil.—Idler.

Travel and Description.

Summer Among the May Flies. A. T. Johnson.—Idler.

The Oldest of the Cinque Ports. E. F. Stock. —Idler.

Marsh Court, Hampshire. T. R. Davison.— Idler.

Tropical Climates in the Polar Regions. Sir C. R. Markham.—Cornhill.

Across Europe by Motor Boat. H. C. Rowland.—Appleton's.

An Ocean Backwater.—Chambers's Jrnl. Canada’s Sunset City. Jas. Kerr.—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Memories of London in the Forties. D. Masson.

—Living Age (April 25).

Lif^in Edmonton.—Canada (April 25).

The Ruined Cities of Ceylon. Frank Burnett.— Westward Ho.

The Golden West in the Farthest East. F. J. Koch.—Westward Ho.

“Simon Fraser,” Explorer. E. O. Schofield.— Westward Ho.

See Canada First. J. S. Bell.—Westward Ho. Indian Legendry. Maude E. McVicker.—Westward Ho.

The Land of the Future. M. Speed.—Badminton. Baltimore, the Metropolis of the South. H. N. Casson.—Munsey’s.

Vacation Trips for Everybody. C. H. Claudy.— Country Life in Am.

Vacations in Old Lumber Camps. W. S. Carpenter.—Country Life in Am.

A Trip to the Wonderland of the Cascades.

Chas. E. Cutter.—Country Life in Am.

The Great American Abyss. Chas. F. Holder.— Country Life in Am.

A Driving Trip in Ohio and Indiana. B. C.

Harrington.—Country Life in Am.

The Wonderful Years to be. R. Kipling.—Collier's (April 25).

The Romance of the Great Lakes. J. 0. Curwood.—Putnam’s.

A Foreign Tour At Home. H. Holt.—Putnam's My Voyage in the World’s Greatest Airship.

Hon. C. S. Rolls.—London.

The City of Brilliant Night. S. Gould.—Broadway.

The Old and* New Salem. C. H. White.—Harper’s.

A Winter Among the Eskimos. V. Stefanson.— Harper’s.

Alaska and Its Wealth. W. W. Atwood.—World To-day.

An Eddy in the Stream of Modern Life. C. R. Howland.—World To-day.

Berlin and Its Burghers. S. G. Blythe.—Everybody’s.

The Volcanoes of Guetemala. Dr. T. Anderson. —Geographical Jrnl.

Dr. Stein's Central Asian Expedition.—Geographical Jrnl.

Through Eastern Tibet and Kam. Capt. P. K.

Kozloff.—Geographical Jrnl.

River and Loch.—Scottish Field.

A Rannoch Forest : Dunalastair.—Scottish Field Strathleven House.—Scottish Field.

Blackpool To-day. W. M. Bamford.—Scottish Field.

Lochearnhead and District. C. J. H. Cassels.— Scottish Field.

Women and the Home.

Oxford as an Educational Centre for Women.

L. V. Lambert.—Education.

The Price Women Pay for Liberty. L. M. Saunders.—Appleton’s.

Mothers and Daughters. Anna O’Hagan.— Smith’s.

For the Girl Who Wants to be Pretty. F. Augustine.—Smith’s.

The Successful Mother.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Six Great Moments in a Woman’s Life. E.

Calvin-Blake.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

A Woman’s Worst Emotion. L. H. Gulick, M. D.—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How to Use Things Often Thrown Away. Mrs.

S. T. Rorer.—Ladies Home Jrnl.

Pretty Girl Questions. Emma E. Walker, M.D. —Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Rice as the Chinese Prepare it. H. Copeland.— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How to Care for Household Brooms. G. Rice.

—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Some Women of France. E. J. Putnam.—Putnam's.

A Lady’s Experience of Elephant and Rhino Hunting. R. J. Cunninghame.—Badminton. Hats and Moods. Mrs. E. Pritchard.—London. Honeymoons.—Woman’s Home Comp.

A Modern Charlotte Corday.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Problems of the Business Girl. A. S. Richardson.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Lavish Weddings of American Heiresses. M. K. Warwick.—Broadway.

An Outdoor Linen Shower. Wm. E. Barton, D.

D.—Good Housekeeping.

On Going Visiting.—Good Housekeeping.

Wives of the Pseudo-Rich.—Everybody’s.