Contents of the August Magazines

August 1 1908

Contents of the August Magazines

August 1 1908

Contents of the August Magazines

Army and Navy.

Canadian Militia. C. F. Hamilton—Canadian. Army vs. Navy Life. A. H. Dutton—Overland Monthly.

Brigade of Guards—Spectator (June 27).

New British Army Officer—Chambers’s Jrnl. Photographing the Navy. H. Symonds—Pearson’s (Eng.).

Menace of Elsenborn—Fort. Rev.

Missing Regimental Honors—Blackwood’s.

Our Navy’s Great Task. Jno. R. Winchell— Metropolitan.

Architecture and the Arts.

An Old Revolt in Music. J. A. F. Maitland—


American Art Scores a Triumph. G. Edgerton—


Illustrators of the Magazines. G. C. Widney— World To-Day.

Things Worth Knowing About Wedgewood Ware. E MacDonald—Circle.

Alleged Passing of Wagner. L. Gilman—North Am. Rev.

Miss F. Soule Campbell—Overland Monthly. Diary of a Collector. E. Mew—Pall Mall.

Honi Soit—Sat. Rev. (June 27).

Old Pewter. R. Weston—Harper’s Bazaar.

Mr. John G. Johnson’s Collection of Pictures in Philadelphia. J. K. Grant—Connoisseur. The Years of Walnut.' H. Macfall—Connoisseur. Old Dieppe Ivories. 0. M. Rae—Connoisseur. Shakespeare Marriage Picture. M. H. Spielmann—Connoisseur.

Technique of Samuel Cousins. R. A., P. H. Martindale—Connoisseur.

Memorial Porcelain in the Franks Collection.

R. L. Hobson—Connoisseur.

Art of the Age—Pearson's (Eng.).

Snapshot Drawing. E. Myrall—Pearson’s (Eng.) Two Beautiful Arts. L. Benyon—Sat. Rev. (July 4).

Art oí Mr. Frank Bramley, A.R.A. A. Chester —Windsor.

Fountains, Ancient and Modern. Ade Burgh— Windsor.

Business and Industry.

Card Index Principle—Office Appliance. Reclaiming Arid Lands Near Denver. W. C. Jenkins.—National.

A Railway Across the Sea. G. A. Sekon—Pearson s (Eng.).

Story of Export Success. E. J. Bliss—World's Work.

Pioneers of Export Trade. U. D. Eddy—

World’s Work.

American Trading Around the World—World’s Work.

Freighters of the Seas. E. A. Forbes—World's Work.

The Standard Oil Co. C. M. Keys—World's Work.

Technique of Foreign Trade. E. N. Vose—

World's Work.

American Farmer Feeding the World. W. M. Hays—World’s Work.

Control and Use of Our Water Powers. C. H.


Agricultural Extension Among Negroes. R. E. Park—World To-Day.

Irrigating an Empire. H. Vanderhoof—World To-Day.

Window Attractions that Hold Attention. R.

Nattan—Brains (July 11).

From Ad-Writer's Note Book. C. L. Chamberlin—Brains (July 11).

Science of Office Salesmanship. R. G. Ruxton— Brains (July 11).

By Their Stationery They are Known. J. M. Lee—Office Outfitter.

Machines Compile Crop Reports. J. A. Fleming —Office Outfitter.

American Business Devices in Chili. A. A. Winslow—Office Outfitter.

Plea for Novelty in Stationery. C. G. Garretson—Office Outfitter.

Should Seek Foreign Trade. Hon. W. H. McKinley—Office Outfitter.

Assuming Civic Responsibility. A. Wishart—Office Outfitter.

Elimination of Long Trial Evils. C. H. Hunter —Office Outfitter.

Managing Duplicator Department. W. G. AllenOffice Outfitter.

Boston Ready to Greet Her Guests. W. G. Allen—Office Outfitter.

Science of Office Salesmanship. R. G. Ruxton— Brains (June 27).

Executive’s Buffer. K. Banning.—System. Crossroads of World Trade. A. H. Ford—System.

Keeping Touch with the Trade. F. T. Day—System.

Finding the Point of Contact in Advertising— System.

Finding the Dead Line in Price Making. H. A. S pr i n gett—System.

Raising the Workman’s Efficiency. H. Gentle— System.

Penny Savings that Build Profits. JHO. M. Eaton—System.

Why They Failed. A. Reed—System.

Economy Through Organization. W. P. Dryer— System.

Making of Edison Business Phonograph. F. E.

Tupper—Office Appliances.

Premium oi Prompt Payment. G. H. Benedict— Office Appliances.

Developing a Specialty Market—Office Appliances. Building up the Personnel—Office Appliances. Unhealthy Repair Shops. Val—Office Appliances. Trade Mark as an Advertiser. G. S. Buck—Office Appliances.

The Burroughs Produces New Adding MachineOffice Appliances.

Practicality in Invention. H. C. Tuttle—Office Appliances.

Universal Folding Machine—Office Appliances. Profit Making in Shop and Factory—Office Appliances.

Office Salesmanship—Office Appliances.

Berlin's Greatest Store. I. Lichtenstein—Am. Bus. Man.

Pushing Cash Registers in Foreign Markets. F.

A. Groves—Am. Bus. Man.

Primitive Methods in Department Store Advertising. J. Schneider—Am. Bus. Man. Growth oi Glassware Industry in U. S. H. Peck—Am. Bus. Man.

Modern Development of Business of Bonding. F.

M. Blount—Am. Bus. Man.

Obstacles Met and Overcome in Building up Foreign Trade, J. G. Sharrat—Am. Bus.

Work of Merchandiser in Great Department Store. J. Basch.—Am. Bus. Man. Money-Making Opportunities in a Modsrn Laundry Plant. R. C. Riordon.—Am. Bus. Man. Concrete as a Building Material. J. K. Black— Am. Bus. Man.

Brazil an Inviting Field—Am. Bus. Man. Advertising the Staples. C. L. Chamberlin— Brains (July 4).

Tom-Fool Advertising. A. E. Edgar—Brains (July 4;.

Lace Makers of New Ireland.—Smith’s.

Trade and Resources of Tibet. C. E. D. Black— Asiatic Wuar. Rev.

Development of Alberta.—Canada (June 20).

How a New Drug Store Made Good.—Brains (June 20).

Hints on Boot and Shoe Sales. C. L. Cham1 berlin—Brains (June 20).

Weather Conditions and Advertising. A. E.

Edgar—Brains (June 20).

Practical Talks on Retail Advertising—Brains (June 21).

The Girl in Waiting. B. Tracy—Lone Hand. Australian Salt Harvest. W. H. Macfarlane— Lone Hand.

The Gokteik Viaduct. J. H. K. Shannahan—


New Reckoning Machine. 0. Miller—Book-Keeper Physical Eflect of Business Integrity. E. Christian—Book-Keeper.

Employers' Association. T. C. Hart—BookKeeper.

Paying Publicity. M. Hartman—Book-Keeper. Fictitious Values in Appearance of Pianos. G. W. Htoderson—Book-Keeper.

Accounting Methods for Small Municipality. C. C. Hunt—Book-Keeper.

Accounting Methods for Navigation Company.

R. L. Bright, Jr.—Book-Keeper.

Accounting System for Bottling Works. 0. A. Bonheim—Book-Keeper.

Postal Check System for Germany—Book-Keeper Simple System of Cost Accounting. G. T.


Perpetual Inventory and Record of Stock to Sell. H. A. Tienken—Book-Keeper.

Pecan Nut Industry—Garden.

Practical Campaign for Smoke Prevention. Geo. H. Cushing—Am. Rev. of Revs.


Need of Departments of School Hygiene. W. H.

Allen—North Am. Rev.

Children on the Sands—Spectator (July 4).

What Our Cities are Doing for Their Children.

G. E. Walsh—Craftsman.

Children’s Carnival. H. E. Denegar—World ToDay.

Education and School Affairs.

Carnegie Institution of Washington. H. T.

Wade—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Mistakes : Must we Have so Many ? F. & Hanna—Shorthand Writer.

Study of the Human Body—Shorthand Writer. Lessons in Every-Day English. C. C. Marshall Shorthand Writer.

Master the Principles. W. F. Cooper—Shorthand Writer.

Hints to Business Students. E. A. Williams— Shorthand Writer.

Suggestions for Home Study. E. B. Cutting— Harper’s Bazaar.

Education of Our Girls. W. M. Wedd—Eng. 111. International Moral Education Congress. Lady Grove—Fort. Rev.

Commercial Education in Germany. A. E. S. Beard—World To-Day.

Essays and General Literature.

Little Essay on Boarders. Kodak—Lone Hand. Francis Thompson's Cricket Verses. E. V. Lucas —Cornhill.

The Introduction. A. O’Hagan—Smith's. Difficulties of Translation. Rev. J. F. C. Hogan —Irish Monthly.

Alice Furlong. Port—Irish Monthly.

Mr. Chesterton on Anonymous Journalism—

Spectator (June 27).

Constructive Criticism of Fiction. B. Hooker— Forum.

Rousseau from Counter-Revolutionary Stand-

point. G. H. Casamajor—Forum.

Creation in Language and Creation in Literature. G. P. Krapp.—Forum.

What Business Means. E. Hubbard—System.

My Lord Hamlet. J. McGowan and J. E. Hall —National.

Milton—Spectator (July 4).

Goethe’s West-Eastern Divan. Prof. Dowden— Cont. Rev.

Influence of English Thought on the French Mind. M. Y. Guyot—Fort. Rev.

The Pose of Mr. Arthur Symons. F. Gribble— Fort. Rev.

Temperament of the Ancient Egyptians. A. E.

P. Weigall—Blackwood's.

The Tipping Dementia. W. Bennett—Bohemian. Our First Love Affair. F. Irving-Fletcher—Bohemian.

Group of Aldrich Letters—Century.

House of Rimmon. Dr. H. van Dyke—Scribner's


(Complete Stories.)

Chance at the Threshold. D. V. Casey—System. Voice of His Call. R. M. Wooley—National.

Mail for a Grave. L. A. Sutter—National, tíñele Peter’s Putter. J. Mackenzie—Pearson's (Eng.).

uninvited. B. Pain—Pearson’s (Eng.).

How the Way Was Opened. C. Mellvane—Idler. The Man on the “White Heather.” Mrs. B. Ross —Idler.

There's Many a Slip. F. C. Philips—Eng. Illus. A Man of Sentiment. Lusmoor—Eng. Illus.

Break O’ Day. J. M. Forman—Windsor.

Percy Biggs Lorelei. A. Beardsley—Windsor.

Three Women. C. P. Gilman—Success.

The Country Doctor. Eugene Wood—Success. Silent Service. G. Bronson-Howard—Popular. The Waddy. W. B. M. Ferguson'—Popular.

Women of the Plains. P. Stapleton—West. Home Monthly.

The Tempered Wind. E. Pottle—Craftsman.

The Humanizing of Mr. Van Irgen. D. Osbourne—London.

Another. G. M. Foxe—London.

Undine Adrift. H. C. Rowland—Cosmopolitan. Mr. Penny's Aerial Submarine. E. J. Rath— Cosmopolitan.

The Emperor's Ball. M. Maartens—Pall Mall.

A Lodge Beyond. Sir G. Parker—Cornhill.

The Native Born. L. F. Peaster—People’s. Streamer in the Sun. L. Crane—People’s.

’Bijah's Experience. C. Barnard—Smith’s.

Hand of Hatred. F. Metcalfe—Smith’s.

A. Sproul : Knight Errant. H. F. Day—Smith's The Road to Gretna Green. D. Deakin—Lippincott’s.

A Sister to Jimmy. E. Mirrielees—Lippincott’s. His Inheritance. S. Ballard—Chambers's Jrnl. Apotheosis of the Minx. F. E. Dugdale—Living Age (July 4).

Running of the Sioux. C. R. Greenley—Home Magazine.

Eddie and His Chum Gets Lost. A. B. Paine— Outing.

The Cigarette. J. Claretie—Grand.

Mystery of the Duke’s Engagement. Mrs. C. N. Williamson—Grand.

The First Born. D. Deamer—Lone Hand. Diplomacy. E. Cox—Lone Hand.

Viewless Chains. C. Dangerfield—Gunter’s.

A Bit of Lace—Gunter’s.

Kalsomining of Dakota Sam. A. Stringer.—Putnam’s.

Sherwell’s Holiday. A. Kinrose—Putnam’s. Backsliding of Ezekial. J. F. Wilson—Pacific Monthly.

The Spider Man. H. Wickham—Pacific Monthly. Battle of Pankow. G. W. Johnston—Everybody’s The Mother-in-Law. H. J. O'Higgins—Everybody's.

Symphony in B. Flat. E. Atkinson—Everybody's

The Forest’s Secret. G. Geijerstam—Canadian.

The Story of Anna. D. Grayson.—American.

The Native Born. O. Roberts—American.

The Unchartered Valley. K. Rossiter—Overland Monthly.

Across the Table. W. A.r Roberts—Overland Monthly.

In Lieu of Edith. K. Cowles—Bohemian.

Flitting of Princess Sonia. A. Lanston.—Bohemian.

Flower O’ Sagebrush. M. Michelson—Ainslee’s.

One Day of Jimmie. M. J. Vorse—Ainslee’s.

Paul and "Pike Country Ballads.” L. A.


Forty Minutes Late. F. N. Smith—Scribner’s.

Many Daughters. T. Bailey—Woman's Home


Poverty’s Wealth. M. Hill—Woman's Home


The Unutterable. R. L. Harriman—Circle.

Riches Thrust Upon Him. G. Smith—Argosy.

Mr. Smith Dines Out. R. Russell—Argosy.

The Reverend Bong. H. M. Rideout—Metropolitan.

By Faith Alone. H. S. Thomas—Metropolitan.

Her Business Manager. G. W. Pangborn—Collier's (July 18).

(Serial Stories.)

Less than Kim. A. D. Miller—Putnam's.

Priscilla of the Good Intent. H. Sutcliffe—Cornhill.

The Point of Honor. J. Conrad.—Forum.

Wounds of a Friend. D. Greenwell—Geltlewoman

Flavia’s Fortune. M. E. Burton—Eng. Illus.

The New June. H. Newbolt—Blackwood’s.

Secret Enemies. F. K. Scribner—Argosy.

Taking Big Chances. S. W. Hopkins—Argosy.

For the Workers.

Too Much Success. E. S. Martin.—North Am. Rev.

The Happy Habit. J. M. Chappie.—National.

Lord Cromer’s Advice to Boys—Spectator (July


New Thought—New Life. O. S. Marden—Success

A Minister’s Confession—Success.

Respect of Others’ Rights Wins Respect. J. A. Howland—West. Home Monthly.

Commonplace Business Career. F. Crissey— World To-Day.


Patch Quilts and Philosophy. E. Daiagerfield— Craftsman.

Among the Craftsmen—Craftsman.

Health and Hygiene.

Physical Effect of Business Integrity. E. Christian—Book-Keeper.

Need of Departments of School Hygiene. W. H. Allen—North Am. Rev.

Baths and Bathers. W. Hutchinson. M.D.—Cosmopolitan.

First Aid on Field. River and Wheel. T. Bowser —Young Man.

Nervous Miseries and How to Fight Them. Rev. S. McComb—Harper’s Bazaar. /

One Man’s Experience in Sleeping Outdoors. F.

N. Westcott—Suburban Ufa.

Improvement in Hospital Methods. E. K. Tompkins—Craftsman.

Routing Germs from Railway Coaches. E. C. Hall—World To-Day.


What Quebec Has Meant to U. S. H. A. Bruce —North Am. Rev.

Winning of Canada. R. J. MacHugh—Cornhill. Napoleon’s Return from St. Helena. K. P. Wormeley—Cornhill.

Suppression of Mutiny of Bengal Army. Lieut.

Gen. F. H. Tyrrell—Asiatic Quar. Rev.

The Greek—Young Man.

The Quebec Pageant—Canada (June 27).

Outlaws of Silver Star—Chambers's Jrnl. Faithful Servant of Mary Stuart—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Memories of London in the Forties. D. Masson —Living Age (July 4).

The Hero of Quebec. W. Wood—Pearson's (Eng.) Political Murder. N. Foison—Eng. Illus. Tercentenary of Canada—Empire Rev.

Champlain Tercentenary at Quebec—West. Home Monthly.

Mistress of Great Tew. J. A. R. Marriott— Fort. Rev.

Reviving Elizabethean Pageant. P. P. Foster— World To-Day.

House, Garden and Farm.

Fences. Good and Bad. F. H. Brown—Suburban Life.

Dangers to be Avoided in Country Living. A.

L. Blessing—Suburban Life.

Good Evergreens for Home Grounds. P. T. Barnes—Suburban Life.

Gaining a Year in Growing Peonies. H. H. Henry—Suburban Life.

Pot Grown Strawberries for August Planting.

T. Parks—Suburban Life.

Beautiful Gardens. M. Woodward—Pearson’s (Eng.).

Outlook for Homesteaders in Western Canada.

W. H. Belford—Empire Rev.

Small Farms—Large Returns. C. J. Hollister— Craftsman.

Thatched Roofs of England. H. M. Lome— Craftsman.

Qhemieal Fertilization. A. Gradenlvitz—World To-Day.

New Water Features for Country Estates. T.

McAdam—Country Life in Am.

Indoor Fountains. H. H. Saylor—Country Life in Am.

Artificial Lakes. C. H. Miller—Country Life in Am.

Two Kinds of Bog Garden. W. H. ManningCountry Life in Am.

Financing Modest Country Home. J. W. Reed— Country Life in Am.

Sanitary Inside Walls. C. Q. Murphy—Country Life In Am.

Value of a Pleasant Sun Room. D. Austrian— Am. Homes and Gardens.

Home Shrubbery. E, P. Powell—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Economic Methods in Mushroom Growing—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Sun Dials. R. I. Geare—Am. Homes and Gardens.

"White Lodge." C. Chauncey—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Well Designed Applique. M. T. Priestman—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Ornamental Fruits of August. A. Rehoer—Garden.

Vegetables for August Sowing. I. Mamgell— Garden.

Pleasures and Profits of Small Greenhouse. W. C. McCollom—Garden.

Home-Made Greenhouse for 580. V. R. Bruce— Garden.

Summer Flowers for Porch and Window'. P. T. Barnes—Garden.

Trees Loved for Their Flowers. P. J. Breekmans—Garden.

Planting Flowers and Vegetables. T. J. Steel— Garden.

Everyone Should Grow Celery. E. Jenkins— Garden.

Geraniums Raised from Seed. L. S. B. S.—Garden.

Sow Pansies Now. Thos. J. Steed—Garden.

Growing Celery with Corn. R. Bebb—Garden.

Practical Garden Hose Arrangement. J. W. Blake—Garden.

Spirea and Goldenrod—Garden.

Chickens in the Garden. F. H. Valentine—Garden.

Practical Plans for the Home-Builders. Daedalus—Overland Monthly.

How a Log Hut is Built. Westerner—Canada (June 27).

Farm Butter-Making—Chambers's Jrnl.

Care and Restoration of Mahogany. M. Cutler— Harper’s Bazaar.

Black Eyed Susan and Other Rudbeckias. T. B. Parker—Suburban Life.

Tying the House to the Grounds. J. Wood— Suburban Life.

Revolution on the Farm. A. C. Laut—Circle.

Great People and Their Gardens. E. Colson— Circle.

Well-Planned Country House—Circle.

Investment, Speculation and Finance.

Delusiveness of Fire Insurance. F. W. Fitzpatrick—Book-Keeper.

Worst Banking System in the World. A. Carnegie—Overland Monthly.

Fifty Years of Banking—Am. Bus. Man.

Prospects of Industrial Prosperity. A. D. Noyes —Forum.

Small Loans for Poor People—Spectator (July 4)

Industrial Bonds. I). G. Evans—Success.

Ways of Foreign Investors—World’s Work.

Endow-ments—World’s Work.

Romance of Life Insurance. Wm. J. Graham—

World To-Day.

Labor Problems.

German and English Workmen—Spectator (July 4).

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Englishman and Soldier. "Tommy"—Young Man

Famous Tenor Singer—Young Man.

Louis Honore Frechette—Spectator (June 27). Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery—(Eng.) World (June 24).

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. H. Spender— Living Age (July 4).

Sir Redvers Buller—Living Age (July 4).

H. G. Wells. H. Jackson—Idler.

Glimpses of Dr. Thomas Fuller. H. C. Minchin —Fort. Rev.

Louis Rossel. B. A. Crackanthorpe—Fort. Rev. Redvers Buller—Blackwood's.

The Victorian Chancellors—Blackwoods.

Mr. Walter Winans. A. E. T. Watson—Badminton.

Sovereigns as Yachtsmen. G. A. Wade—Badminton.

Governor Cleveland's Life at Princeton. A. H. Samuels—Bohemian.

Study of Alexander Hamilton. F. T. Fox—Watson’s Jeffersonian.

President Cleveland as I Knew Him. A. Stevenson—Circle.

Genius of Alexander Lysander. O. L. McClintiek —Circle.

John Longstaff : Portrait Painter. J. D. Fitzgerald—Lone Hand.

Cardinal Gibbons Forty years Ago. D. A. Willey—Putnam's.

Augustus St. Gandens. G. B. McClellan—Putnam's.

Capt. Thomas A. Scott—Master Diver. F. H. Smith—Everybody's.

Queen Victoria's Letters. Rt. Hon. J. Bryce— North Am. Rev.

Durham White Stevens. B. K. Takahira—North Am. Rev.

Grover Cleveland—North Am. Rev.

Pitt, the Empire Builder. A. H. U. Colquhoun— Canadian.

A Great Librarian. T. E. Champion—Canadian. Sir Wm. Van Horne as Humorist. C. Eaton—


Story of Duke Kung. A. Ford—Overland Mthly. Galisha. A. Grow. E. Maxev—Overland Mthly. A Valjean oi To-day. B. Millard—Cosmopolitan J. Pierpont Morgan. A. H. Lewis—Cosmopolitan Sixty Years in the Wilderness. H. W. Lucy— Cornhill.

Mother Stanislaus. K. Hogan—Irish Monthly. Famous North Country Evangelist—Young Man.


Letters of Some Interest—Irish Monthly.

A Draught of Solitude. Rev. M. Watson—Irish Monthly.

Presents—Spectator (June 27).

''Bits” oí Edinburgh Sixty Years Ago and After—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Royal Visits to Canada—Canada (June 20). Dining Clubs and Banqueting Clubs. B. Matthews—Forum.

Civilization in Danger. Rene L. Gerard—Hibbert Jrnl.

An Appeal to Those at the Top. Sir E. Russell —Hibbert Jrnl.

The Right to Constraint. Prof. W. M. F. Petrie —Hibbert Jrnl.

Cult of the Vagabond. J. Mortimer—Idler. Wade's Method of Determining Longitude. E.

J. Scott—Geographical Jrnl.

Big Facts About Latin America. John Barrett —World's Work.

Watch-Dogs of the Treasury. P. E. Stevenson— World’s Work.

Saving Three Countries from Drouth. H. H. Dunn—World To-Day.

Moral Suasion in Work of Prohibition. sRev.

B. F. Riley—Watson's Jeffersonian.

As the Lawyer Sees It. L. Arata—Circle.

Some Outdoor Honeymoons—Circle.

Scars of War in the Shanandoah. John D. Wells—Metropolitan.

Romance and Tragedy of the Inland Seas. J. 0. Curwood—Putnam's.

Chinese Absence of Feeling. C. D. Perkins—Pacific Monthly.

Why Moqui Indians Perform the Snake Dance.

J. W. Schultz—Pacific Monthly.

Ship Must Sail on Time. E. Poole—Everybody’s.

Shadow World. H. Garland—Everybody’s. Centennial of Lincoln and Darwin. W. R. Thayer —North.' Am. Rev.

Swiftness of Justice in England. F. M. Burdick—North. Am. Rev.

Outcome of Southern Race Question. A. B.

Hart—North. Am. Rev.

The New Ireland. S. Brooks—North. Am. Rev. Quebec Tercentenary. Jno. A. Ewan—Canadian. The Color Line. R. S. Baker—American. National Sensitiveness. Will Scarlet—Overland Monthly.

The Cowboy Baronet. Sir G. Cave-Brown-Cave —London.

Celebrations at Quebec. E. Bosbom—Pall Mall. West Country Fishermen. E. Fhillpotts—Pall Mall.

Prohibition—From Foreign-Born Citizen’s Point oí View. M. Bianucci—Am. Bus. Man. Philosopher Judge in India—Asiatic Quar. Rev. Japanese Monographs. C. M. Salwey—Asiatic Quar. Rev.

“Voodoo.'' M. Dana—Metropolitan.

Municipal and Local Government.

Burden of Rates and Remedy—Spectator (June 27).

Speaker of the House of Lords—Sat. Rev. (June 27).

Vindication of the Police.—Sat. Rev. (July 4). Local Government Board. G. Haw—Cont. Rev.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

Deceitful Insect. E. Jarvis—Lone Hand.

Monkey Puzzle and Its Kin. H. Clarke—Lone Hand.

Noble Bird-Citizen. M. F. Hudson—Overland Monthly.

Bird Watching at Lighthouse—Chambers'6 Jrnl. Are Wild Animals Born Wild—Living Age (July 4).

Common Sense in Care of Horses. N. NewhamDavis—Suburban Life.

Hunting Woodchuck Without a Gun. E. F. Bigelow—Suburban Life.

Anthers of Stags—Scottish Field.

Mountain Goat Breeding in Captivity—Rod and Gun.

Salmon and Pigeons. Cinna—Rod and Gun.

Luminous Owls and the “Will O’ the W'isp.” Sir T. D. Pigott—Cont. Rev.

Life of a Thousand-Year Pine. E. A. Mills— World’s Work.

Do Birds Love Sport. 0. G. Pike—Badminton.

American Horse. C. B. Whitford—World To-Day.

Photographing the Great Northern Diver. B. Dale—Country Life in America.

Balanced Aquarium. C. 0. Morris—Country Life in America.

Animals That Live in Houses. C. Hawkes—Circle.

Political and Commercial.

Taft of Ohio. Bryan of Neb. H. L. West—Forum

Accession of Mr. Asquith. A. M. Low—Forum.

Neglected Aspects of Entente Cordiale. Ignotus— Living Age (July 4).

Between Socialism and Militarism—Living Age (July 4).

All in Convention Array. J. M. Chappie—National.

On Roll-Call Day—National.

Making of Presidents. J. M. Chappie—National

Indian Debate—Sat. Rev. (July 4).

South African Crisis—Sat. Rev. (July 4).

Mr. Haldame—Sat. Rev. (July 4).

Parliamentary Government and Our Indian Empire—Spectator (July 4).

Turmoil in Persia—Spectator (July 4).

Guilotine and its Consequences—Spec. (July 4).

Sir Edward Grey and Macedonia—Empire Rev.

Mulai Aziz and Mulai Hafid—Empire Rev.

Caste System in India—C. Powell—Emp. Rev.

Awakening of China. A. C. Lambert—Emp. Rev.

Handwriting on the Wall. C. E. T. Stuart-Linton—Empire Rev.

Liberals and Egypt—Empire Rev.

How We Administer our Native Dependencies. Maj. A. G. Leonard—Empire Rev.

Polish Question in Prussia. J. Koscielski—Cont. Rev.

Future of India. N. MacNicol—Cont. Rev.

Food Adulteration—Lone Hand.

Coming Struggle in the Far East. S. Saito—Pacific Monthly.

Japan’s Object Lesson in Corea. W. B. Hulbert —Pacific Monthly.

How Aggressive Japan is Dominating the Pacific. W. T. Prosser—Pacific Monthly.

Birth-Year of Japan. P. Robertson—Pac. Mthly.

Fallieres. Ideal French President. A. Cohn—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Government as a Spender. E. G. Walker—Am. Rev. of Revs.

The New Bryan. W. J. Abbott—Am. Rev. of Revs.

One Way of Governing Malays. E. W. Wright— North Am. Rev.

Repeal of the Fifteenth Amendment. T. B. Edgington—North. Am. Rev.

The Socialist Manifesto. Goldwin Smith—Canadian.

A Congressman’s First Speech. V. Murdock— American.

New Ministers at Work. F. J. H.—Pall Mall.

Lancashire and India : Relation to Imperial

Preference. Sir R. Lethbridge—Asiatic Quar. Rev.

Indian Frontier Question. Maj. A. G. Leonard— Asiatic Quar. Rev.

Problems of Indian Administration. J. B. Pennington—Asiatic Quar. Rev.

Bombardment of Casa Blanca—Asiatic Quar. Rev

Miner’s Eight-Hour Bill—Spectator (June 27).

Women and Politics—Sat. Rev. (June 27).

Reform Movement in Persia. Wanderer—Cont. Rev.

Luxemburg Succession. L. Appleton—Cont. Rev.

The Socialist Bugaboo. W. Mailey—Success.

Our Era of Commercial Greatness. 0. S. Straus —World’s Work.

Triple Entente. Calchas—Fort. Rev.

Britain and Belgium. Sir H. H. Johnson, K. C. B.—Fort. Rev.

Challenge of Socialism. Dr. J. B. Crozier—Fort. Rev.

Restoration of Unionist Party. W. G. H. Gritten—Fort. Rev.

Who Will Choose Our Elisha ?—World To-Day.

Philippine Assembly. J. A. LeRoy—World ToDay.

Oregon. Home of Direct Legislation. E. E_ Decon—World To-Day.

Republican Platform for 1908.—Watson's Jeffersonian.

Did Sherman Law Cause Panic in 1893 ?—Watson’s Jeffersonian.

Mr. Watson's Letter of Acceptance of 1396—Watson’s Jeffersonian.

My Conception of the Presidency. Wm. J. Bryan—Collier’s (July 18).


The Storm. A. Tassin—Everybody’s.

Wolfe and Montcalm. J. Boyd—Canadian.

Plains of Abraham. A. L. Fraser—Canadian.

Tasso and Leonora. G. Sterling—Cosmopolitan.

The Old Garden Seat. S. Gibney—Pall Mall.

A Prayer. S. G. Bugbee—People’s.

Cradle. C. Á. M. Dolson—People's.

The Deathless Thing. G. N. Wiley—Smith’s.

Chevalier of the Rocking Horse. N. B. Turner— Lippincottjs.

A Fragrant Prayer. A. Furlong—Irish Monthly.

A Song of Devon. W. L. Randeil—Living Age (July 4).

England’s Fields. L. Roberts—Liv. Age (July 4).

To-Day. R. Loveman—Home Mag.

At the Sign of the Smile—National.

There is no Failure. Thos. S. Mosby—Success.

Heimweh. W. G. Tinckom-Fernandez—Ainslee’s.

Joy. W. W. Whitelock—Ainslee’s.

Back to the Farm.—Scribner’s.

Sunshine Boomerang. Capt. J. Crawford—Watson's Jeffersonian.

Railroads and Transportation.

Baghdad Railway—Spectator (June 27).

Canadian Car-Ferry—Canada (June 27).

Religions and the Church.

New Methodist Bishops. F. C. Iglehart—Am. Rev, of Revs.

Spiritualism. W. G. Kidder—Overland Mthly.

New Light in India. R. N. Puri—Overland Mthly

Huge Church Parliament. C. S. Kent—Londoh.

Beecher and Christian Science. M. B. White— Cosmopolitan.

Mr. Balfour on Faith and Materialism—Sat.

Rev. (June 27).

Anglican Communion—Sat. Rev. (June 27.)

Imperial Conference. Rt. Rev. Bishop Welldon— Living Age (July 4).

Pluralism and Religion. Prof. W. James—Hibbert Jrnl.

Science and the Purpose of Life. Dr. F. Nansen —Hibbert Jrnl.

Religionist and Scientist. Rev. G. A. J. Ross— Hibbert Jrnl.

Religion and Our Schools. Prof. J. Dewey— Hibbert Jrnl.

Enlightened Action. True Basis of Morality. Prof. A. H. Lloyd—Hibbert Jrnl.

Romantic Element in Ethics of Christ. S. G. Dunn—Hibbert Jrnl.

Problem of Immortality. Prof. R. Ericken— Hibbert Jrnl.

Religion of Sensible American. D. S. Jordan— Hibbert Jrnl.

Church of Scotland. Rev. A. J. Campbell—Hibbert Jrnl.

Burden of Language in Religion. W. J. Williams—Hibbert Jrnl.

American Episcopal Church. G. Hodges, D.D.— Cont. Rev.

Science and Invention.

Aerial Navigation. R. Bchaeffer—Lone Hand.

Electric Theory of Matter. W. A. Shenstone— Cornhill.

This Trolley Wheel Cannot Jump. M. H. Salt— Am. Bus. Man.

Vapor Preservation of Food—Chambers's Jrnl.

High S.eas of Space. T. F. Baldwin—National.

Why the Sky is Blue. W. G. Bell—Windsor.

Scientific Results of Antarctic Expeditions. 1901-4. Prof. J. W. Gregory—Geographical Jrnl.

Subjective Science. E. M. Gaillard—Cont. Rev.

Sports and Pastimes.

Big Game Conditions in N.B. A. Moore—Rod and Gun.

Night With Coons. W. Carrell—Rod and Gun.

Our Vanishing Deer. J. Dickson, O.L.S.—Rod and Gun.

Shotguns and Their Loads. G. B. Smith...Rod and Gun.

Open Season for Hunting and Fishing Throughout Canada—Rod and Gun.

Why I Revived Olympic Games. Baron P. de Courbetin—Fort. Rev.

Mrs. Battles’ Opinion on Bridge. A. Cecil— Blackwood’s.

Diary of Country Cricketer—Blackwood’s.

Reindeer Stalking on High Field of Norway— Blackwood’s.

Moose Hunting in New Ontario, Can. G. C. Hacking—Badminton.

Ladies’ Golf—Spring. 1908. Miss M. E. Stringer —Badminton.

Mountaineer’s Equipment. M. Steinmann—Badminton.

Public School Cricket. Sir H. Gordon—Badminton.

Tiger Experiences in the Central Provinces. E. Dobbs—Badminton.

Fads and Fancies Before the Camera. W. B. Hayw'ard—Bohemian.

Rocky Mountain Endurance Race. M. Muir— World To-Day.

Fishing for Yellow-Tail off Santa Catalina Island. A. R. Dugmore—Coun. Life in Am. Sport in all Kinds of Water Craft. W. P.

Stephens—Coun. Life in Am.

Running a Gasoline Motor-Boat. H. Greene— Country Life in Am.

Vital Facts About Sailing. L. A. Camancho— Country Life in Am.

Mighty Hunting in Africa'—Lone Hand.

Olympic Games in London. E. G. Hawke—Am. Rev. of Revs.

World’s Greatest Pastime. W. Henry—London. Virtues of Unorthodox Cricket. H, D. G. Leveson-Gower—Pall Mall.

Real Olympic Games. A. E. Johnson—Pall Mall. Boxing for Boys.' F. W. B.—Pall Mall.

Imperial Cricket Trigonometry—Sat. Rev. (June 27).

The Fisherman’s Nightingale. A. T. Johnson— Idler.

Yachting on Finest Harbor in Dominion. N. M. Browne—Rod and Gun.

Cycling Through British Columbia. S. O. H. Pope—Rod and Gun.

British Bisley. W. Rowson—Rod and Gun.

Still Hunt With a Camera. F. B. Doud—Rod and Gun.

Hunters’ Experiences in North Countree. W. H. Allison—Rod and Gun.

In Glow of the Camp Fire. W. A. Warren—Rod and Gun.

Fishing in Kootenay, B.C.—Rod and Gun, Successful Moose Hunt. A. Phillips—Rod and Gun.

Protective Work in B.C.—Rod and Gun.

The Stage.

Australian Chorus-Girl. F. Young—Lone Hand. Some Women of Pinero’s. W. H. Rideing—Nth. Am. Rev.

The Summer Show. A. Dale—Cosmopolitan. Lessons of the Recent Season. C. Hamilton— Forum.

On the Road With the Players. C. B. Davis— Outing.

Travel and Description.

The Faroe Islands. - A. C. Little—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Cobalt and its Prospects—Canada (June 20). Important Manitoban City—Canada (June 20). A Prairie Capital—Canada (June 20).

People of the North Georgia Mountains. I. Dooly—Home Mag.

French Peasant in Ilis Fields. V. Thompson—


Romance of an Old Cape. T. F. Day—Outing. Brodie Castle—Scottish Field.

Dunure and Vicinity—Scottish Field.

A Patriotic Pilgrimage—English Illus.

Fine B. C. Falls. C. F. Nelson—Rod and Gun. Exploration in Southern Nigeria. Lieut. E. A. Steel—Geographical Jrnl.

Topography of Northwestern Greece. Rev. Canon C. M. Church—Geographical Jrnl. Geographical Distribution of Rainfall in British Isles. H. R. Mills—Geographical Jrnl. Memories of Papua. J. B. Higginson—Lone Hand From the Oldest World. L. Esson—Lone Hand. German-Australian Village. H. Heyson—Lone Hand.

Foreign Tour at Home. H. Holt—Putnam's. Skyland in the Andes. M. Wilcox—Putnam's. Quebec 300 Years After Champlain. L. E. van Norman—Am. Rev. of Revs.

On the Other Side. T A. DeWeese—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Ten Days at Atlantic City. F. D. O'Malley— Everybody's.

Home of the Sea Gull. E. W. Mahon—Canadian. Country of the Mad Mullah. H. S. S. Harden— Canadian.

The New Forest. E. P. Weaver—Canadian.

Seeing Seattle. N. A. Arndt—Overland Mthly. Romantic Cruising Ground. F. H. Mason—Pall Mall.

Last Home of Oliver Goldsmith. W. Bell—Pall Mall.

In Iceland. I. Malcolm—Cornhill.

Letters from an American Girl Abroad. Mrs. J. Van Vorst—Smith's.

Birds' Eye View of Malta. M. Nolan—Irish Monthly.

Interesting Facts About Australia. T. H.

Smeaton—Chambers's Jrnl.

On an Indian Canal. Col. J. K. S. Jloncrieff— Blackwood's.

Gaping Ghyll. R. Farrer—Blackwood’s.

Et in Arcadia Ego. P. R. Butler—Blackwood’s. Travels with a Donkey. F. W. Huard—Century. When We Were Tramps—Century.

Across the Desert in the Southwest. H. J.


‘‘Castlewood.” Villa of Louis Bruguiere. B.

Ferree—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Japanese Garden of “Yademos.” J. F. Carr— Ana. Homes and Gardens.

Huck-ween Lodge. F. D. Nichols—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Glimpses of old Annapolis. E. Singleton—Am. Homes and Gardens.

At the Throttle of a Flyer. W. De Wagstaffe— Travel.

To the Midnight Sun. F. L. Warr—Travel.

New York to Boston by Trolley. S. I. Mc ore— Travel.

Shoshone Falls. H. P. Kieffer—Travel.

Along Thames Waters. B. Wilby—Travel.


Real Camping in the Wisconsin Wilderness. A. E. Bartlett—Suburban Life.

A Piazza Vacation. H. W. Clarke—Sub. Life.

Where to Spend the Holidays.—Gentlewoman

(July 4).

How to Enjoy a Tour. H. L. Towle—Circle.

Woman and the Home.

Some Women of Pinero's. W. H. Rideing—Nth. Am. Rev.

The Business Girl—Canadian.

Fifty Years iof Fashion. Ignota—London.

New Crop of English Beauties—London.

The Littlest Woman in the World. A. Brisbane —Cosmopolitan.

Royal Housekeeping. C. Beerbohm—Smith's.

The Out-of-Town Girl in New York—Smith's.

For the Girl Who Wants to be Pretty. F. As gustine—Smith's.

Women and Politics—Sat. Rev. (June 27).

Practical Talks to Women. E. S. Moody—anor«.hand Writer.

The Housemother’s Problems—Harper's Bazaar.

Luncheons for Hot Days. J. Grenier—Harper's Bazaar.

The Girl Who Comes to the City—Harper's Baz.

Club Houses Owned by American Women. B. D. Knobe—Harper’s Bazaar.

When the College Girl Comes Home. A. B. Stimson—Harper’s Bazaar.

Canning and Preserving of Fruits. M. R. Flickner—Suburban Life.

Suffragettes in Canada—Empire Rev.

Rebellion of Woman. T. Billington-Greig—Cont. Rev.

Liberalism and Women’s Suffrage. Hon. P. Russell—ContRev.

Canning Fruit. I. G. Curtis—Success.

Mistress of Great Tew. J. A. R. Marriott— Fort. Rev.

Ladies’ Golf—Spring 1908. Miss M. E. Stringer —Badminton.

Women in Journalism. E. Farley—Bohemian.

Ideas for College Girl. E. Parsons.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Cold Dishes for Hot Days. C. T, Herrick— Woman’s Home Comp.

Meat Substitutes. F. M. Farmer.—Woman's Home Comp.

Seasonable Dishes. F. M. Farmer.—Woman’s Home Comp.

Women Who Travel in Sleeper. C. F. Boldtmann—Woman's Home Comp.

Letters to Girl at Columbia University. Jean McLean—Watson's Jeffersonian.

Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman—Circle.

Midsummer Meals and Their Making. C. F. Benton—Circle.