Contents of the Sept. Magazines

September 1 1908

Contents of the Sept. Magazines

September 1 1908

Contents of the Sept. Magazines

Army and Navy.

Strategy and Tactics. Sir R. Blennerhassett— Fort. Rev.

Exit the Militia—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1).

Divers of a Navy. W. G. Fitz-Gerald—St. Nicholas.

Some Costly Naval Mistakes. A. H. Dutton— Overland Mthly.

Defence of the American Navy. A. W. L. Capps —Sunset.

Key to the Pacific. H. A. Evans—Sunset.

Our Helpless Coasts. R. Hughes—Broadway. Naval Battle of the Future. H. Maxim—Metropolitan.

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. R. Guinness— Empire Rev.

Federation and Defence in South Africa. Col. F. G. Stone—Empire Rev.

Architecture and the Arts.

Art of Mr. Frank Craig. R. C. Traflord—Wind-

Is Marriage a Failure ? A. Margaux—Pearson’s (Eng.)

Famous Scenes from Famous Novels. W. Calvert—Eng. nius.

A Painter of the Good Old Times. P. Dunbar—


French Impressionists. H. Verne—Lone Hand. Harmony of Everyday Things. J. W. Guthrie— Smith’s.

National Sculpture Society's Exhibition at Baltimore. Leila Mechlin—Int. Studio.

Bavarian National Museum, Munich—Int. Studio Recent Etchings of D. Y. Cameron. F. Rutter— Int. Studio.

Plaquettes and Medals of Henry Nocq—Int. Stu. New Indian School of Painting. E. B. Havell— Int. Studio.

Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture—Int. Studio.

Salon of Société Nationale Des Beaux Arts— Int. Studio.

Salon of Société des Artistes Francais—Int. Studio.

Modern Adaptations of Dutch Colonial. A. Embury—Int. Studio.

Albert Sterner’s Sanguines. A. Hoeber—Int. Stu. New English Art Club’s Exhibition. T. M. Wood.—Int. Studio.

American Water Color Society Exhibition. M. C. Smith—Int. Studio.

Lustre Ware. W. A. Dyer—Coun. Life in Am. President Roosevelt in Bronze. R. S. Sartz—National.

Painter of Cheerful Yesterdays. P. Dunbar.— Broadway.

Music of Poland—Woman’s Home Comp.

Aims of Indian Art. A. K. Coomaraswamy— International.

Modern Spanish Art in Salon of 1908. E. E. Fenollosa—Craftsman.

Pioneers in Modern Am. Art. G. Edgerton— Craftsman.

Photographs of Mist and Twilight—Craftsman.

Business and Industry.

Where Irrigation is King. P.F.G.—Westward Ho. Business of Millions a Year Managed by a Woman. M. H. Salt—Am. Bus. Man.

Lack of Loyalty in Business Life—Am. Bus. Man.

Where Custom House Broker Earns His Money.

J. L. Levy—Am. Bus. Man Soap-Making in Modern Establishment. F. E.

Edwards—Am. Bus. Man.

Advice to Prospective Buyer of Rugs. P. H.

Bogardus—Am. Bus. Man.

Growth of Vending Machines. C. H. Levin—Am. Bus. Man.

St. Louis’ Pre-eminence in Stove Making. H. G. Clifford—Am. Bus. Man.

Chicago’s Advance in Art of Printing. James Regan—Am. Bus. Man.

Canadian Banking Methods Compared with American. E. D. Hulbert—Am. Bus. Man. Business Methods Essential in Big Clubs. C. J. Walsh—Am. Bus. Man.

Making a Finished Pair of Shoes Every Second of the Day. J. M. Hockmuth—Am. Bus. Man Demand for Scientific Instruments in Italy—Am. Bus. Man.

Sweated Industries. G. R. Askwith—Fort. Rev. Summer Advertising. H. Peake—Brains (Aug 8) Effective Floral Advertising—Brains (Aug. 8). What Merchandiser Does in Great Dept. Store— Brains (Aug. 8).

Faculty of Art Comparison—Brains (Aug. 8). Art in Booklet Making—Brains (Aug. 8).

Forty Years for Forty Millions. E. M. Wooley— System.

Advertising in Operation. E. Balmer—System. The Today of a MO-Year-Old Store. S. Hamada —System.

Analysis as an Aid to Business. J. H. Hanan— System.

Why Business Men Fail. A. Reed—System. Executive’s Telescope. H. A. Springett—System The Letter that Sells Goods. F. B. Rae—System What Machines are Asked to do. F. M. Feiker— System.

Building Business Through Branches. J. W. Stannard—System.

Profit Making Cost System. W. 0. Dryer—System.

Keeping Railway Accounts. F. H. Crump—System.

Bringing the Buyer to the Counter. F. M. Low —System.

England's Market in Australia. H. Stevenson— System.

Where Profit Distances Loss. J. A. White—System.

Record of Depositors' Accounts. L. Sumner—


Insuring Quality of Product. E. Stanbury—System.

The Ministering Angel. B. Tracy—Lone Hand. Whaling at Eden. H. S. Haw'kins and R. A. Crook—Lone Hand.

Practical Talks on Retail Advertising—Brains

(July 25).

Mechanical Side of Issuing a Store Paper. C.

L. Chamberlain—Brains (July 25).

Seasonable Sales Arguments—Brains (July 25). Co-operative Delivery—Brains (July 25).

Carnage of Peace. W. Kaempffert—Sat. Eve.

Post (July 25).

Getting Out of the Rut. J. Sylvester—Office Appliances.

Trial Privilege Demands Higher Salesmanship.

I. Franks—Office Appliances.

Some Hints in Window Display—Office Ap. European Calculating Machines. H. Goldman-

Office Ap.

Dealer and the Typewriter, J. P. Davis—Office Appliances.

Adaptability of Steel Furniture for Office Systems—Office Appliances.

Aiding the Employment Bureau—Office Ap. Reaching the Consumer—Office Ap.

Remington with Wahl Adding and Subtracting Attachment—Office Ap.

What Ingenuity has Accomplished—Office Ap. Modern Office Appliances in Factory Management. C. S. Conner—Office Ap.

What Makes a Salesman. B. C. Simmons—Office Ap.

Value of the Business Show.—Office Ap.

What Becomes of all the Repairmen. Doctor Val —Office Ap.

The Employer's Responsibility. T. L. C. Gerry— Office Ap.

Enclosures. C. A. Stevens—Office Ap.

Boost Spirit in Business. Wm. P. Christopher— Office Ap.

Should the Manufacturer Sell the Consumer? F. B. Gibbs—Office Ap.

Relationship of Traveling Man to Manufacturer.

W. H. Redingyon—Office Ap.

Relation of Traveling Man to Retailer. C. E. Falconer—Office Ap.

Amateur Athletics as a Business—World To-Day Need for Better Building—World's Work.

How Standard Oil Co. Does its Business. C.

M. Keys—World's Work.

Seeing Through the Employer’s Eyes. J. H. Collins—Circle.


How Boys Can Give a Vaudeville Show. A. N.

Hall—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Awkward Age. G. S. Hall—Appleton's.

Dosia's Day. M. Johnson—St. Nicholas.

Boys’ Paradise in the Pacific. A. H. Ford—St.


Boy Who Rode on the First Train. M. K. Maule —St. Nicholas.

Famous Indian Chiefs. Maj.-Gen. 0. 0. Howard —St. Nicholas.

Divers of a Navy and Their Adventures. W. G.

Fitz-Gerald—St. Nicholas.

Nature and Science for Young Folks—St. N. Barefoot'—Living Age (Aug 1).

Children of the White Plague. C. S. Bailey— Good Housekeeping.

Toy Furniture Without Glue. A. B. Beard—Good Housekeeping.

Teeth of School Children in Germany—International.

Education and School Affairs.

Experience on Board of Education. T. L. Masson—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Helping Teachers in a Common Problem. A. E.

Starr—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Falacy of Studying Music Abroad. C. von Sternberg.—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

School for Cowboys. M. Tindal—Pearson's (Eng) International Moral Education Congress. Lady Grove—Living Age (Aug. 8).

Ruskin College. C. S. Buxton—Cornhill. England’s Neglect of Mathematics. Prof. G. H. Bryan—Cornhill.

College Fraternity Question—Cornhill.

Teaching Elementary Algebra. Prof. F. H. Somerville—Education.

The Teachers’ Health. Prof. T. S. Lowden— Education.

Examinations on "Franklin’s Autobiography."

Miss Kingsley—Education.

Correct School Age. Prof. J. M. Tyler—Good Housekeeping.

Where High School Fails. W. McAndrew— World's Work.

New Kind of Country School. 0. J. Kern.— World's Work.

School Nurse and Her W'ork. A. I. Hefiern— Craftsman.

Essays and General Literature.

President Roosevelt Presents a Suggestion to You. T. Roosevelt—Home Mag.

Socrates. J. Brooks—Lippineott's.

Zelphine in Warwickshire. A. H. Wharton—Lippincott’s.

The Artist and His Wife. J. Huneker—Red Book Honest Literary Criticism. C. M. Thompson— Atlantic Mthly.

Thoreau's "Maine Woods." F. H. Eckstram— Atlantic Mthly.

Ibsen Harvest. A. Henderson—Atlantic Mthly. Wail of the Under Dog. 0. Kildare—Bohemian. Bit of a Philosopher—Spectator (Aug. 1).

The Moorland Summer. A. T. Johnson—Idler. Literary Indebtedness of England to France.

Prof. C. Collins—Fort. Rev.

Rousseau at Venice. F. Gribble—Fort. Rev. Some Literary Landmarks on the Cornish Coast C. T. Bateman—Windsor.

A Border Burn—Chambers's Jrnl.

Foreign Parasites and Their American Prey. V. Thompson—Broadway.

In the Wonderland of Delirium. C. Roman—American.

Shuffling Families in Souix Falls. Geo. Fitch— American.

Darwin-Wallace Celebration—Living Age (Aug 8)

Milton—Living Age (Aug. 8).

Over-Delicacv of Speech—Living Age (Aug. 8).

Malapropism—Living Age (Aug. S).

Influence of Eng. Thought on the French Mind. Y. Guot—Living Age (Aug. 1).

Francis Thompson's Cricket Vs. E. V. Lucas'— Living Age (Aug. 1).

Conversation of Coleridge—Living Age (Aug. 1)

Art of Compliment—Living Age (Aug. 1).

Bad Relations. B. Capes—Cornhill.

Old Deeside : Its Songs and Stories. A. I. Shand—Cornhill.

On Being Exclusive—Good Housekeeping.

My Lord Hamlet. J. McGovern and J. E. Hall —National.

Priests in Fiction. K. Roche—Irish Mthly.

On Letter Writing. M. Wynne—Irish Mthly.

St. Sechnall's Hymn to St. Patrick—Irish M.

The New Forest—Young Man.

Recent Literature on Plan of the Earth. Prof. J. W. Gregory—Geographical Jrnl.

Present Position of Darwinism. A. R. Wallace— Cont. Rev.

Why Take Life So Seriously ? 0. S. Marden—


The Campaign Orator. J. T. McCutcheon—Appleton's.

Proper Moment to Apologize—Metropolitan.


(Complete Stories).

The-Sort-of-a-Girl-Who-Came-From-Heaven. A. Applin—Pearson’s (Am.)

Many a Tear. M. P. Shiel—Pearson's (Am.)

Elizabeth's Lover. A. and C. Askew—Canadian.

Trouble on Lost Mountain. J. C. Harris—Home Mag.

Japheth vs. Valleyview. E. L. Sabin—Home Mag.

Investigation at Holman Square. N. M. Hopkins.—Lippincott's.

Child of a Widow. L. Copinger—Lippincott's.

Chaperoning of Sheila. M. Kelly—Ladies Home Jrnl.

Who Calls ? Sir G. Parker—Red Book.

Jerry. Mrs. J. Futrelle—Red Book.

King's Son of Palemban. W. J. Hopkins—Atlantic Mthly.

In Goose Alley. L. Pratt—Atlantic Mthly.

Priscilla Passes. M. Dickinson—Good Housekeeping.

Baby's Fate. T. Masson—Good Housekeeping.

Man With Diamond Eyes. M. F. Wilcox—Bohemian.

X. G. 7 Parquet. S. E. Smythe—Bohemian.

Easy Money. B. Atkey—Idler.

The Slacker’s Game of Golf. L. Evans—Idler.

Gates of Brass. Mrs. A. Richardson—Grand.

The Detective. V. A. Tikonofl—Grand.

The Mistaken Jest of Monsieur Bonamy. W. Hereford—Scribner.

Mrs. McCafíerty Explains. E. Jordan—Scribner.

The Lowest Rung. M. Chorlmondelay—Windsor.

Ladies and Gentlemen vs. Players. P. G. Wodehouse—Windsor.

Qu' Appelle ? Who Calls ? Sir. G. Parker—Windsor.

How he Sailed Into His Earldom. J. B. Dunn— Gunter’s.

A Hunt Without a Clue. E. »Walker—Gunter's.

Young Lord Stranleigh. R. Barr—Pearson's.

Selling a Pybosch. B. Rain—Pearson's.

Love Went Out When Money Was Invented. F. C. Philips—Eng. Illus.

The Patent—and the Price. H. Cartwright—System.

Father Open the Door. Max Nordau—Pacific M.

Antinous and the Maenad. F. Benguiat—Pacific Mthly.

Miss Flotsam Jetsam’s Adoption. A. Mathews— Pacific Mthly.

Soap Caliph and the Hat Cleaner. 0. Henry— American.

The Great Water. D. Deamer—Lone Hand.

Courage of Kitty. L. Bell—Smart Set.

The Better Right. J. Morton—Smart Set.

A Negative Sequence. L. G. Giltner—Overland Mthly.

The Messenger front Brush. V. D. Hyde—Overland Mthly.

When in Rome. W. F. Boericke—Sunset.

Hercules and Aphrodite. L. Merrick—People’s.

Catching of Lysander. E. Walker—People’s.

The Beggar at Your Gate. C. B. Davis—Sat. Eve. Post (July 25).

A Leaf in the Wind. S. Carleton—-Smith’s.

Rivals of Elisha. E. Phillpotts—London.

Act of Sequestration. R. Sabatini—London.

The Moosehorn Maids. H. Day—Good House-


Too Many Cooks. R. Kirby—Good Housekeeping

Our Street. C. B. Davis—Collier’s (Aug 8).

Transferred Tote. I. Alexander—National.

Wisdom of an Oniga Board. A. R. O’Hara—National.

In the Days of Dog. M. Hill—Broadway.

Pied Piper of One-Track Gulch. F. Lynde— Broadway.

Diana and the Duke. E. Pottle—Success.

Orita’s Father. M. Fenellosa—Success.

Girl in the Mirror. H. Footner—Woman’s Home Comp.

Dare You to Love Me. A. H. Donnell—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Veiled Mariposa. Mrs. W. Woodrow.—Ainslee’s.

Men are Such Fools. E. P. Oppenheim—Ainslee’s.

A Man and His Mate. H. R. Durant—Popular.

No Wedding Bells. A. M. Chisholm.—Popular.

Early Days in Isle of Man. H. Caine—Appleton’s

Loveliest Woman in Galoway. M. Kelly—Appleton's.

Case of Alaboneur. A. Colton—Metropolitan.

Comedy of the White Rat. Dr. R. A. Bachmann —Metropolitan.

The Storm Centre. F. V. Greene—Argosy.

Locked Out. K. Eggleston—Argosy.

Turn of the Flood. M. H. Vorse—Craftsman.

Saturday Night. A. Brown—Craftsman.

(Serial Stories).

The Ghost Kings. H. Rider Haggard—Gunter’s.

The Gorgeous Isle. G. Atherton—Smart Set.

For the Workers.

The Tide. G. Sidney—Young Man.

At the Threshold of Flight. A. \V. Vorse—Success.

Would I Change My Work ? E. Markham—Success.

Workers for the Common Good. A. Forsyth— Circle.


Encouraging Native Handicrafts. K. Reid—Canadian.

Choosing a Craft. A. Wilson—Good Housekeeping

Raffia in the Normal School. M. H. Northend— Am. Homes and Gardens.

Health and Hygiene.

Keeping Well Without a Doctor—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Sleeping Outdoors in House—Ladies' Home Jrnl

How to Live to a Hundred. H. A. Milton—London.

The Teacher’s Health. Prof. T. S. LowdenEducation.

Children of the White Plague. C. S. Bailey— Good Housekeeping.

Experiments on Animals. S. Paget and Hon. S. Coleridge—Cont. Rev.

As a Doctor Sees Us—Success.

Physical Culture for the Blind. S. Johnson— Craftsman.


Quebec Tercentenary—Fort. Rev.

Court and Crowd at Exeter Hall. T. H. S. Escott—Fort. Rev.

Recent Bit of Plistory of Colorado. C. P. Connelly—Pacific Mthly.

Story of Some Burns Relics—Chambers’s Jrnl.

A Spanish Robinson Crusoe—Chambers's Jrnl.

■“Lincoln County War. J. E. Sligh—Overland M.

Sidartha Gautama Buddha, the Enlightened One. A. D. Call—Education.

Socrates and His Contemporaries—l'oung Man.

China and the Roman Empire. E. Foord—Cont. Rev.

Reminiscences of an Old New Yorker. P. Gassner—Metropolitan.

Tercentenary of Quebec. Sir G. Parker—Empire Rev.

House: Garden and Farm.

New York’s Improved Tenements. Jno. W. Russell—House and Garden.

Forcing Bulbs. E. E. Rexford—House and Garden.

Warming Homes by Water. E. C. Moses—House and Garden.

Mantels. A. S. Smith—House and Garden.

Window Gardens for Practically Nothing. F. Duncan—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Decorating Rooms with Stencilling. V. Demarest ^Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Wild and Run-wild Tulips of Europe. W. Miller —Garden.

New Yellow Lily. T. McAdam—Garden.

Growing Wild Flowers from Seed. F. L. Marble —Garden.

Starting Greenhouse Business on Small Capital. S. W. Fletcher—Garden.

Home Grown Daffodils for Christmas. A. M. Kirby—Garden.

Herbaceous Spiraes Worth Growing. W. E. Pendleton—Garden.

Ornamental Fruits of Sept. A. Rehder—Garden.

Shellbark. Best of our Native Nuts. J. W. Kerr —Garden.

Hickory Nut Grafting. C. 0. Drake—Garden.

Early Fall in Southern Gardens. T. .1. Steed— Garden.

Little Jobs Worth Doing—Garden.

Two Very Hardy Shrubs. A. L. Jack—Garden.

Advantage of Buying Good Seed—Garden.

Thimble Flowers in North and West. W. M.— Garden.

Wild Plants for Shaded Places. W. M. Beals— Garden.

Disposing of Surplus Plants. A. G. Hill—Garden

The Mourning Iris. T. McAdam—Garden.

Kieffer Pears in December. A. M. Miller—Garden

Jerseys, the Ideal Family Cow. C. 0. Morris— Garden.

Secret of Good Muskmelons—Garden.

Country and Suburban Homes. E. Stanley Mitton—Westward Ho.

Tree Sculptures. M. Woodward—Pearson’s.

The Coming of the Concrete Age. S. E. Thompson—Suburban Life.

Dwelling Houses Built of Concrete. R. L. Plympton-—Suburban Life.

Varied Uses of Concrete. A. L. Way—Sub. Life.

Ventilation. L. Verbeek—Suburban Life.

Seasons for Planting Bulbs. H. H. Henry—Suburban Life.

How Shall I Heat My House ? A. W. Rogers— Suburban Life.

Lilies for Fall Planting. P. T. Barrit.-—S ; roan Life.

New England Home Among the Trees. H. W. Taylor—Suburban Life.

It I Were to Build Again. ÍI. W. Clark—Suburban Life.

House Proof Against Fire. L. Dadmun—Suburban Life.

From City to Country. E. C. Powell—Suburban Life.

Lighting Fixtures. R. Morton—Suburban Life.

Moderate Priced Houses of Pleasing Design. L. R. Scott—Suburban Life.

Home Use of Paint. G. E. Walsh—Sub. Life.

What a Household Should Know About Plumbing. F. Stoddard—Suburban Life.

House Decoration and Health—Chambers's Jrnl.

Practical Plans for Home Builder. Daedalus— Overland Mthly.

Recreation Houses. H. W. Foohne—Recreation.

The Naturalistic Garden. N. Blandían—Country Life in Am.

Growing Tulips Like Wild Flowers. W. Miller— Country Life in Am.

Poison Ivy and its Eradication. F Pupean— Country Life in Am.

Transformation of a Suburban Corner. E. G. Tabor—Country Life in Am.

Flagstone Walk of Concrete. J. S. Leonard— Country Life in Am.

Mushrooms in Home Cellar. M. E. Stowell— Good Housekeeping.

Farm Life oi To-day. J. B. Burris—Good Housekeeping.

Ain Impromptu House. L. Shrimpton—Good


Good Taste in Furnishing. A. B. Perrett—Good Housekeeping.

Endieott Garden at Denvers. S. M. Londer— Am. Homes and Gardens.

French Rhea and Cassowary Farm. J. Boyer— Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Bark Cabin. D. Sythe.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Gate. E. C. King—Metropolitan.

Immigration and Emigration.

West as a Field of Immigration. R. E. Gosnell —Westward Ho.

Investments, Speculation and Finance.

French Finance. S. Dewey—Atlantic Mthly.

The Next Budget—Spectator (Aug. 1).

Consols and Rentes—Chambers's Jrnl.

Next Year's Finance. H. Spender—Cont. Rev.

How Life Insurance Can Serve You. W. J. Graham—World To-Day.

Mortgages as Investments. J. L. Houghteling— World To-Day.

Constant Crop of Promoter's Victims—World's Work.

Surplus Money Must Work. D. G. Evans—Success

Gold. F. W. Fitzpatrick—Metropolitan.

Labor Problems.

Mr. Gompers and His Two Million Men. Jas. Creelman—Pearson’s.

Minimum Wage for Home Workers.—Spectator (Aug. 1).

Labor : Most Important Subject Before American Citizens. C. W. Post—Am. Bus. Man.

Unemployment—Chambers's Jrnl.

New Future for the Wage-Earner. C. H. ForbesLindsav—Smith's.

English Maids for the South. E. J. Watson— Good Housekeeping.

Labor Co-partnership. F. Maddison. M.P.—International.

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Grover Cleveland. W. Wadill—Home Mag.

Mighty Hunter and His Dogs—Rod and Gun.

Sir T. G. Shaughnessy. Wm. Blakemore—Westward Ho.

Simon Fraser. E. 0. S. Scholefield—Westward Ho.

Cleverest Tramp in America. L. G. Wright—Bohemian.

Chevalier Ginistrelli. A. E. T. Watson—Badminton.

Thos. B. H. Cochrane. J.P., D.L., At Home— World (Eng.) (July 29).

David Masson. R. S. Rait—Fort. Rev.

Richard Mansfield. P. Wilstach—Scribner.

Chronicle of Friendships. W. H. Low—Scribner.

John Muir. B. Mittard—Suburban Life.

Private Portrait of Emperor William. O. Mirbeau—American.

Tragedy of Michael Stamp. J. Barnett—Cornhill

At Home With John Muir. G. G. Clarkson— Overland Mthlv.

Ruler, and Sportsman too. Biumantle—London.

Jas. S. Sherman. W. E. Weid—Am. Rev. of Rev's.

Jno. W. Kern. F. A. Ogg—Am. Rev. of Rev’s.

Mr. Cleveland at Princeton. H. Van Dyke—Am Rev. of Rev's.

Grover Cleveland as a Public Man. St. C. McKelway—Am. Rev. of Rev’6.

Great American Journalist—Am. Rev. of Rev’s.

Two Live Men of Battle Creek. E. Hubbard— Human Life.

Jas. S. Sherman. G. Ranlett—Human Life.

Millionaires Who Work for a Living. E. Wildman—Human Life.

Jas. R. Keene. A. N. Lewis—Human Life.

How We , Three Visited Fra Elbertus. A. H. Lewis—Human Life.

Hon. Jim Horse James. E. Cave—Recreation.

One Man's Life. G. W. James—National.

Senator Isaac Stephenson—National.

C. F. G. Masterson, M.P., B. Mathews, B.A.— Young Man.

Hilaire Belloc, M.P., B. Mathews, B.A.—Young Man.

Two Princes of Science. R. Hudson—ïoung Man

John Barrett, R. A. Wilson—World To-Day.

Grover Cleveland. H. N. Carson—Broadway.

Last of the Cattle Kings. F. Strother—World's Work.

Impressions of John D. Rockefeller. F. N. Doubleday—World’s Work.

A Born Philanthropist. C. Morris—Circle.

Romance of an Empress. K. Durland—Woman's Home Comp.

Mr. Jos. Bruce Ismay—World (Eng.) (Aug. 5).


Spiritualism. R. Hughes—Pearson’s (Am.)

Man of Ambition and His Home. Hon. C. S. Deneen—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

What Money is Really Good For. L. Abbott— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Remittance Man. W. E. Edmunds—Westward Ho.

The Case of the S.S. Arran. P. Vaux—Westward Ho.

Diminishing Increase of Population. W. G. licssiter—Atlantic Mthly.

Collecting Antique Chairs. A. B. Perrett—Good Housekeeping.

Fight Against Duelling in Europe. A. de Bourbon—Fort. Rev.

The Contracting Engineer. B. Brooks—Scribner.

Some Sundials—Eng. Illus.

An Old Scrapbook. J. Oldworthy—Eng. Illus.

Is Alaska Becoming a Rich Man’s Preserve ? W. T. Prosser—Pacific Mthly.

What to do About the Negro. R. S. Baker— American.

The Sampler, Beautiful and Otherwise. K.


Advanced Thought : Incorporated. A. E. Thomas —Collier's (Aug. 8).

Nationalities of Hungary. Count J. Mailath— Cont. Rev.

The King Plays. G. C. Widnev—World To-Day.

Mohammedan Constabulary in Mindanao. J. G. Harbord'—World To-Day.

Making an American Aristocrat. W. A. Johnson —Broadway.

Country Clubs and Club Life. J. G. Speed— Broadway.

Strange Musicians from Strange Lands. 0. Bainbridge—Travel.

White Race in the Tropics. S. P. Verner—World’s Work.

Reign of Lawlessness in Kentucky. J. L. Mathews—Success.

Making the Desert Blossom. W. E. Weyl—Success

Irrigation Problems—Success.

One Church and the Social Problem—Woman’s Home Comp.

House of Wistaria Water. J. Webster—Woman's Home Comp.

The Nature Man. Jack London—Woman's Home Comp.

Does Prohibition Pay ? T. White—Appleton’s.

Osteopathy. E. M. Downing—Metropolitan.

Brussels Sugar Conference. Dr. R. Broda—International.

Old Age Pensif,in Australia—International.

Festal Service Extension—Craftsman.

Ethics and Aesthetics of the Push Cart. M. Winthrop—Craftsman.

Municipal and Local Government.

Working Local Option Law in Small Kentucky Townf A. Sachs. Jr.—Am. Bus. Man.

Good Roads Campaign—Overland Mthly.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

Collection of Carnivorous Plants. S. L. Bastin —House and Garden.

Hop Toads. E. M. Beals—Flouse and Garden.

Manitoban Collection of Native Wild Fowl. R. M. Matheson—Rod and Gun.

How Amateurs Handle Wild Animals. B. Dale— Westward Ho.

Sketching from Nature. J. Kyle, A.R.C.A.— Westward Ho.

Eulogy on the Dog. G. G. Vest—Westward Ho.

Story of Bully. C. D. Stewart—Atlantic Mthly.

The Wasp. II. Bastin—Pearson’s (Eng.)

Two Birds, a Toad and a Squirrel. E. H. Stratton—Suburban Life.

Gum Trees. B. Young—Lone Hand.

Luminous Owls and the “Will o' the Wisp.’’ T. Digby—Living Age (Aug. 1).

How I Trap Wild Florses. C. P. Barnum—Sunset

Game Birds of the Pacific. H. T. Payne—Sunset

Aristocratic Persian Cat. F. H. S. Morrison— Country Life in Am.

How Horses Should be Shod. R. W. Woolley— Country Life in Am.

Love Among the Chickens. B. G. Wodehouse— Circle.

Political and Commercial.

Glance in Passing. Don Marquis—Home Mag.

Trail-Blazers of Commerce. Agnes D. Cameron— Home Mag.

F’olitical Campaigning in Eng. and Am. E. Porritt—Atlantic Mthly.

Alleged Desire to Isolate Germany—Spectator (Aug. 1).

Turkish Revolution—Spectator (Aug. 1).

Mr. Birrell's Triumph—Spectator (Aug. 1).

The Persian Crisis. A. Hamilton—Fort. Rev.

Socialism—Real and So-called. E. B. Box—Fort. Rev.

Towards Union in S. Africa. J. S. Mills—Fort.. Rev.

British Agriculture and Tariff Reform. J. H. Schooling—Windsor.

Turkey and Europe—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1).

The Success of Preference—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1). The Vicious Circuit—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1). Harnessing Socialism. E. Poole—American. American Loyalists and Australia. J. O'Byrne— Lone Hand.

Government by Execution. Count L. Tolstoi— Living Age (Aug. 8).

The American Election—Living Age (Aug. 8). I’olitical Nervousness in Germany—Living Age (Aug. 1).

Anarchy. M. G. Kidder.—Overland Mthly.

Mr. Bryan's Convention. S. E. Moffett—Am. Rev, of Rev's.

What Are Japanese Doing in Formosa ? W. C.

Gregg—Am. Rev. of Rev's.

A King of Canada. C. F. Hamilton—Collier's (Aug. 8).

Denver Convention. J. M. Chappie—National. My Socialism. H. G. Wells—Cont. Rev.

Consul’s Busy Day. A. P. Wilder—World To-'Day Dollars Behind the Ballots. F. A. Ogg—World To-Day.

Colonialism. P. S. Reinsch—World To-Day. Campaign Contribution. A. H. Lewis—Broadway Present-day Slavery in Mexico. C. Malato—International.

Danger of War Between Italy and Austria. F. Tellmann—International.

Extermination of Natives in German Southwest Africa—International.


Too Late. J. P. Haverson—Canadian.

August—S. A. White—Canadian.

The Haunted Brother. F. L. Stanton—Home M. The Gentle One. E. Barker—Lippincott's.

Find of the Road. E. C. Litsey—Lippincott’s. The Prairie. B. E. H. Murison—Westward Ho. Kiss Her. T. A. Daly—Westward Ho.

Morrice Water. S. N. Cleghorn—Atlantic Mthly. Merry Minded Gardner. B. E. Wade—Sub. Life. Song Up Summer. C. E. S. Wood—Pacific Mthly The Interval. H. French—Living Age (Aug. 8). The Hidden Word. M. Ë. Martin—Living Age (Aug. 8).

The Able Seaman. W. L. Randell—Living Age (Aug. 1).

The Fire Bearer—Living Age (Aug. 1).

He Did. 0. W. Noble—People's.

Squandered Lives. FL C. Dolson—People's.

Give Me a Man. W. P. Hatch—National. Gladness of Nature. W. C. Bryant—National.

A Child’s Birthday. D. F. MacCarthy—Irish M. An October Night. J. 0. Trvon—Broadway.

The Grey Town. A. Fitch—Broadway.

Across the Hills. C. B. Going—Success.

Wind of the Atlantic. C. B. Going—Success. Glow-worms. W. Struthers—Ainslee's.

The Cry. T. Garrison—Ainslee's.

The Poet. A. Trebor—Appleton's.

The Sentinel Scott. R. G. Welsh—Apuleton's. Midnight Lunch Room. E. Barker—Craftsman.

In an Old French Garden. G. H. Conkling— Craftsman.

Railroads and Transportation.

Am. Railroad Rates Compared with European.

S. Thompson—Am. Bus. Man.

Railroad Regulation in America. C. S. Vrooman —International.

Religion and the Church.

Education of the Poor—Irish Mthly.

Abbe Loisy and Modernism—Cont. Rev.

Salvation of Christianity. Rev. C. F. Asked— Appleton’s.

Evolutionary Vistas. E. Reich—International.

Science and Invention.

Telegraphy. J. Corbin—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Story of the Picture that Moves. J. R. Meader —Bohemian.

The Aeroplane. R. Schaeffer—Lone Hand.

Electric Theory of Matter. W. A. Shenstone— Living Age (Aug. 8).

The Gyroscope. A. G. Webster.—Am. Rev. of Rev's.

Some Applications of the Gyroscope. J. F.

Springer—Am. Rev. of Rev's.

Sight and Sound Magic in Wireless Agency. R. Sloss—Broadway.

Airship is Here. F. Todd—World’s Work. Australia's Share in Solar Research. W. G. Duffield—Empire Rev.

Technical Age. Dr. R. Broda—International. Present and Future of Aerial Navigation. J. H. Ledeboer—International.

Progress of Polar Exploration. Dr. R. Hennig— International.

Developments in Wireless Telegraphy.—International.

Calming Sea by Compressed Air.—International Owen’s Bottle-making Machine—International.

Sports and Pastimes.

A Poacher of Renown. E. Hickson—Canadian. Not All of Hunting to Hunt. Pen—Rod and Gun Fishing Around Montreal—Rod and Gun.

Duck Hunt in New Territory. Sagwa—Rod and Gun.

Nocturnal Duck Hunt. L. W. Bengay—Rod and


Successful First Deer Hunt—Rod and Gun. Morning Shoot in the West—Rod and Gun. Sporting Outing in Sask.—Rod and Gun.

Facts About Bass. M. W. G. Purser—Rod and Gun.

Royal N.S. Yacht Squadron. N. M. Browne— Rod and Gun.

Muscallonge For Two—Rod and Gun.

Northern Ontario Moose Hunt. S. R. Dubrie— Rod and Gun.

N. S. Guides and Fish and Game Protection— Rod and Gun.

Romance of Motoring. H. C. Green—Atlantic M. Natiopal Game. R. L. Hartt—Atlantic Mthly.

A Cromarty Shooting—Scottish Field.

Game Prospects for 1908. A. Acland-Hood— Badminton.

Salmon Angling in Galway. Corrigeen—Badminton.

Motor Gossip. H. B. Money-Coutts—Badminton, ton.

Champagne of Cricket. Sir H. Gordon—Badmin-

Aftcr Reindeer on the Vandrefjeld. R. A. Cross —Badminton.

Sailing on Terra Firma. A. P. Knowles—Badminton.

Portable Pastimes—Windsor.

Love vs. Polo. M. V. Wynter—Badminton.

Throwing the Discus and Javelin. G. S. Robertson—Badminton.

Playing the Game—Spectator (Aug. 1).

Olympic Victor. Jas. B. Connolly—Scribner's.

English and Foreign Styles at Henley. R. P. P. Rowe—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1).

How Mountains were Made in the Depths of the Sea. Prof. T. J. J. See—Pacific Mthly.

Trout Streams of the Missions. C. F. HolderPacific Mthly.

Hunting Extinct Animals in Alaska—Overland Mthly.


Pleasures of Caravaning. I. H. Stone—London.

Hunting the White-Tailed Deer. Jos. S. Seabury—Recreation.

Off-Shore Sailing. W. S. Quigley—Recreation.

Duck Shooting in the Dakotas. C. Tinan—Recreation.

Solution of the Sunday Problem. S. H. Birchall —Recreation.

Future of Wing Shooting. E. McGaffey—Recreation.

Two-Wheeled Camping Excursion. W. L. Churchill—Recreation.

Timely Suggestions for Sportsmen—Recreation.

Greatest Shooting Dogs in the World. C. Askins —Recreation.

Amateur’s Experience Photographing Wild Moose and Deer. C. M. Whitney. M.D.—Coun. Life in Am.

Learning to Drive a Motor Car. C. H. Claudy —Country Life in Am.

How I Built My Portable Hunting Lodge. W. L. Hudson—Country Life in Am.

Fly Tying for the Novice. B. W. Douglas—Country Life in Am.

American Motor Flight. J. L. Williams—Collier’s (Aug. 8).

American Athletes Meet the World. C. Ware— World To-Day.

Wonders of the Camera. G. H. Claudy—World To-Day.

Gentle Art of Photographing Rattlesnakes. D. Coolidge—Metropolitan.

The Stage.

Personality of the Actress. H. Charlesworth— Canadian.

The Actress. E. C. Hale—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Theatrical Reminiscences of Brighton. P. Mander—Eng. Illus.

Shakespeare and a National Theatre. C. Shibley —Living Age (Aug. 8).

Art of Illusion. D. Belasco—Sat. Eve. Post

(July 25).

Animal Actors. G. Hazard—National.

Other Side of the Circus. H. C. Weir—World To-Day.

The Celluloid Drama. H. M. Lyon—Broadway.

Travel and Description.

Birmingham and Highbury. E. P. LawrenceHouse and Garden.

Some Country Clubs. M. Hodges—House and Garden.

Where to go for a Tour. H. W. Perry—House and Garden.

Indian Tribes of Labrador. C. II. Easton—Canadian.

How I Helped to Make a Railway—Rod and Gun With Campers of Alpine Club of Canada. D.

B. Taylor—Rod and Gun.

From Algonquin Park to Lake of Bays by Canoe—Rod and Gun.

Scientific Travelers in Alaska—Rod and Gun.

The Ruined Cities of Ceylon. F. Burnett—Westward Ho.

Prince Rupert. 0. D. Fleming—Westward Ho.

The West as a Field of Immigration. R. E. Gosnell—Westward Ho.

Newport—City of Luxury. J. T. Lincoln—Atlantic Mthly.

Life in an Indian Compound. M. A. Chamberlain—Atlantic Mthly.

Glenbuck House—Scottish Field.

Musselburgh and Its Environs—Scottish Field. London. Then and Now. C. Van Morden—Pearson's (Eng.)

London Sea-side Suburbs—Eng. lllus.

Oyster Beds of Concale. G. Brook—Eng. Illus. Short Cut from Upper Lakes to Atlantic—Canada (July 25).

Luxurious Adirondack Camps. A. M. Kellogg Broadway.

From the Oldest World. L. Esson—Lone Hand. Week in Canadian Backwoods—Chambers’s Jrnl. Old Mansions of Paris. P. H. Ditchfield—Chambers's Jrnl.

Tomb Hunters of Egypt—Chambers’s Jrnl.

Tiie Simplon Tunnel—Chambers's Jrnl.

Gaping Ghyll. R. Farrer—Living Age (Aug. 1). San Francisco—Overland Mthly.

Building Operations in San Francisco—Overland Mthly.

Uona Rita's Relics. M. F. Hudson—Overland M. Romantic House of the Castros. S. NewsomOverland Mthly.

Fragment of Ancient Continent of Lemuria. A.

H. Taffinder—Overland Mthly.

Guatemala's Transcontinental Route. M. A. Hays —Am. Rev. of Rev’s.

Forest Preserve Near the Metropolis. Dr. E. L.

Partridge—Country Life in Am.

Augusta : A Model Town. E. S. Johnson—Good


Amongst Valaisian Villages. J. F. Leask Young Man.

Douglas Glacier and Its Neighborhood. J. M. Bell—Geographical Jrnl.

Exploration of Prince Charles Foreland. W. M.

S. Bruce—Geographical Jrnl.

Note on Survey in Newfoundland. H. C. Thomson—Geographical Jrnl.

Southern Cyclonic Belt. Col. H. E. Rawson— Geographical Jrnl.

Dunderbergs and Their Environs. E. West—Travel.

Suoqualmie Falls. W. McCully—Travel.

Enchanted Land of the Yoho. K. L. SmithTravel.

Automobiling About Westchester. G. I. Colbron —Travel.

Coaching ' in the British Isles. C. W. Jacobs— Travel.

Ascent of Jungfrau by Electric Railway. D. Welch—Travel.

Rolling Bridge of St. Malo. Z. H. Beekley— Travel.

Simple Travel in England. H. Fairgrieve—Travel

House of A. C. Bartlett. Esq. B. Ferree—Am-

Ilomes and Gardens.

Residential Park Near Philadelphia. R. de Martin—Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Terraces. F. D. Nichols—Am. Homes and Gardens.

From Vienna to the Black Sea—Appleton's.

Scenery in Rhodesia. Hon. Mrs. W. Fox—Empire Rev.

Come to Western Australia. F. A. Wells—Empire Rev.

Woman and the Home.

What Being a Woman Has Meant to Me—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Renting Rooms to Young Men. T. Grenfel—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Bridal Showers for Autumn Brides—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Which Novels are Wise for the Young. H. W. Mabie—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Smart Little Touches for Girls—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

What Nature Really Intended us to Eat—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Well Dressed Woman in Simple Clothes—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Girl Who Makes Her Own Clothes. H. Koues— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Helpful Suggestions for the Stout Woman—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

What it Means to be an Enfranchised Woman. E. Meredith—Atlantic Mthly.

Pretty Girl at Washington. A. Lanston—Bohemian.

Defeat of the Hooligan. C. T. L. Clarke—Idler.

Business of Millions a Year Managed by a Woman. M. II. Salt—Am. Bus. Man.

Sexusability and Adult Suffrage. T. BillingtonGreig—Fort. Rev.

Good Variety of Pickles. A. B. Maynard—Suburban Life.

The Store Girl's Chance. A. Austin—Smith’s.

Methods ol Reducing Your Weight. F. Augustine —Smith's.

Passing of the Untrained Woman. M. B. Hartt— Good Housekeeping.

Emancipation from the Dressmaker. M. McC. Williams—Good Housekeeping.

Is the Cellar Clean ?—Good Housekeeping.

Betty-Bob Housekeeping Co. M. 11. H. Morse— Success.

Women—To-day and Yesterday—Appleton's.

Kind of Women Colleges Produce. G. S. Hall— Appleton’s.