October 1 1909


October 1 1909


Architecture and Arts.

Decorating China With Roses Correctly. Sara Wood-Safford—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Modern British Art. M. Irwin MacDonald— Craftsman.

Lessons in Practical Cabinetmaking and Metal Work—Craftsman.

Interesting Modern French Work in Jewelery and Engraved medals—Craftsman.

The Layman Art Lover. Jane Dearborn Mills— Lippincott’s.

French Models in the Making. M. E. Clarke— Pall Mall.

China Painting for Beginners. Sophie Kerr Underwood—Woman's Home Companion.

Concrete Ornaments and How to Make Them. R. C. Davidson1—American Homes and Gardens.

The Byrdcliffe Colony of Arts and Crafts. Poultney Bigelow—American Homes and


The Spirit of California Art. Mabel U. Seares —Sunset (Sept.)

The Story of Dutch Art—St. Nicholas.

Army and Navy.

What’s the Matter With the Militia ? Rupert Hughes—Saturday Evening Post (Sept. 18.)

The Ethical Value of Military Training. Professor Wallace Stearns—Education.

Our First Army Flying Machine. C. H. Claudy —Technical World.

A Reconstructed British Army—American Review of Reviews (Sept.)

Hitting Power of the American Navy—American Review of Reviews.

Business and Industry.

Cutting Out the Losses. Harvey Preen—System (Sept.)

Making Invoices Serve as Ledger. J. M. Cobb— System (Sept.)

Gleanings From Business Fields. Thomas Drier —Business Philosopher.

Chicago as a World’s Market. George W. Sheldon—World To-Day.

The Kettle River Valley. G. R. Belton—Westward Ho.

Advertising a City. Percy F. Godenrath—Westward Ho.

The Mission of Irrigation. C. W. Pederson— Westward Ho.

The Power of the Mercantile Agencies—Abraham

D. Sallee—Saturday Evening Post (Sept. 18.) A Great Canadian Enterprise—London Magazine. Extraordinary Bookkeeping and Auditing—Book-

Keeper (Sept.)

Up-To-Date Treatment of Accounts Payable. W.

E. Baer—Book-Keeper.

Opening Entry in Corporation Account—BookKeeper (Sept.)

Advantages of Card Ledger—Book-Keeper (Sept.) Mail Order Trade in India—Book-Keeper (Sept.)


Misunderstood Children. Elizabeth Harrison— Ladies’ Home Journal.

Raising Children by “Fletcherism.” Ivy Fletcher Van Someren—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Are We Spoiling Our Boys Who Have the Best Chances in Life ? Professor Paul Van Dyke— Scribner’s.

Education and School Affairs.

The Value of Classics in Engineering Education —Outlook (Sept. 18.)

Social Education. Colin A. Scott, Ph.D.—Education.

The Philosophy of the Elementary Language Course. D. W. La Rue—Education.

Arithmetic as a Science. Willard A. Bartlett Education.

History in the Elementary Schools. .Josephine W. Heermans—Education.

Origin of the Common School. Warner Van Norden—Van Norden Magazine.

The College of the City. John II. Finley—Van Norden's Magazine.

Educating American Manufacturers. L. S. Johns—Van Norden's Magazine.

Training for Industrial Efficiency in New England—Advertising and Selling.

Abbreviated Utilitarian Studies. Arthur Inkersley—Overland Monthly.

Technical Education Abroad—Business World.

Winchester College in the 'Seventies. J. E. Vincent—Cornhill.

Essays and General Literature.

The Most Interesting Thing in the World. Rupert Hughes—Red Bool:.

Vision the Source of Achievement. Mary F. Roberts—Craftsman.

Politeness. Thomas L. Masson—Lippincott's


Summer Day Philosophizing. Pierre N. Beringer —Overland Monthly.

The Meaning of Dreams. II. Addington Bruce— Success Magazine.

Do It to a Finish. Orison Swett Marden—Success Magazine.

Around the Bridge Table. Arthur Lorlng Bruce —Ainslee’s.

In Musicland. William Armstrong—Ainslee’s Ma-

On Moss Gathering. Charles Battell Loomis— Smith’s Magazine.

Vegetarianism and Physical Degeneration. Herman Erskine—Saturday Review (Sept. 4.)

The Other Side of Mortality. Henry Mills Alden—Harper's Bazaar.

Opportunity. Elbert Hubbard—Business Philosopher (Sept.)

Disappointments. George Landis Wilson—Business Philosopher (Sept.)

For the Man With a Grouch. Paul J. Barrett— Business Philosopher (Sept.)

The Theft of Truth—Young Man.

Service and Reward. Theodore Roosevelt—Young Men.


The Personal Conduct of Belinda. Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd—Ladies' Home Journal.

Engaged Girl Sketches. Emily Calvin Blake— Ladies' Home Journal .

The Forbidden Guests. John Corbin—Ladies'

Home Journal.

The Man Who Went Back. Woolsey R. Hopkins —McClure’s Magazine.

Fio,mer Goes Suffragette. Helen Green—McClure’s Magazine.

The Problem. Oscar Graeve—McClure’s Magazine

The Child of the Mist. Allan K. Stuart—Westward Ho.

The Romance of a Coal Dock. Charles Dorian— Westward IIo.

The Modern Politician. Charles Lowe Swift— New England Magazine.

Phineas and the Motor Car. E. II. Porter— New England Magazine.

An Old-World Episode. William J. Locke—Saturday Evening Post (Sept. 21.)

The Danger Mark. Robert W. Chambers—Sat.

Evening Post (Sept. 25.)

The New Governess. F. Marion Crawford—Pall Mall Magazine.

For the Workers.

The Girl in the Bank. E. Mallett—Book-Keeper. Living Guaranteed to Every Honest Man. Anne Hard—Technical World.

Proof Reading and Type-Setting. Anna Steese Richardson—Woman's Home Companion. Workers and Workless—Sat. Renew (Sept. 4.) Your Work and Yrou. Glenwood S. Buck—Business Philosopher (Sept.)

The Vice of Work. William Marion Reed—Business Philosopher.

Health and Hygiene.

Physical Culture for Girls. Doctor Lilian L.

Beatley—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Sea Sickness : The Worst Peril of the Deep. Woods Hutchinson, M.D.—Sat. Evening Post (Sept. 25.)

The School Desk and the Health of Children.

Principal Kilpatrick—Education.

Short Cuts to Health. Woods Hutchinson.

M.D.—Woman’s Home Magazine.

How I Slept Out of Doors. Edith Hartley— Woman’s Home Companion.

An Invalid’s Pleasures. C. H. Bradley—Moman's Home Companion.

How to Keep well in the Woods. M. R. C.

Latson—Outing Magazine.

Nervous Poise, and How to Get It. Rev.

Samuel McComb—Harper’s Bazaar.

Sane Treatment of Wrinkles—Harper's Bazaar. Asepsis in the Home. John Lewis Meeker, M.D. —Harper’s Bazaar.

Treating a Rattlesnake Bite. R. L. Williams— Recreation.

Hereditary Transmission of Disease—American Review of Reviews.

Some Facts About Leprosy—American Review of Reviews.

Health and Athletics—Literary Digest (Sept. 11A

House, Garden and Farm.

Planting Peach Trees in the Fall. Thomas J. Steed—G arden Magazi ne.

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Flowers. W. G. McG. —Garden Magazine.

English Effects With Hardy Climbers. Wilhelm M i 11er—G arden M agazine.

The Feathered Hyacinth. T. MoA.—Garden Mallow to Plant the Hardy Border in Fall.

Robert Cameron—Garden Magazine.

An Historic House on the Hudson. Natalie Curti s—C rafts m a n.

The Reclamation of the Old Colonial Farmhouse C. H. Hooper—Country Life in America. Desert Farming Without Irrigation. John L.

Cowan—Te eh n i e a 1 W o r 1 d.

Novel Method of Plant Forcing. Dr. Alfred Grandenwitz—Technical World.

Agricultural Opportunities in New England. G. F. Nourse Advertising and Selling iSeit.l

Chance to Make Big Money in Apples. W. W. Williams—Advertising and Selling.

Caring for Cannas and Other Roots During Winter—Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Florida Fruit Farm—Am. Homes and Gardens

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

The Most Powerful Ylan in America. Burton J. Hendrick-—McClure's.

An Afternoon With Walter Crane. M. Irwin MacDonald—Craftsman.

Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy. Alfred Farlow—New England Magazine.

The Wife and Son of Henry Hudson—New England Magazine.

A Philosopher Chancellor. Frederic W. Wile— London Magazine.

Joan of Arc at Chinon. Marion Ilarlaud—Woman's Home Companion.

Old Names That Still Live. M. S. McLean— Van Norden Magazine.

Representative Hollanders in America To-Day— Van Norden Magazine.

McCormick : A Pioneer of Big Business. H. N. Casson—System (Sept.)


What Are a Father's Rights ?—Ladies' Home Journal.

A Little Talk With Americans. Marie Corelli— Ladies’ Home Journal.

The Insolence of New7 York. F. Hopkinson Smith—Ladies' Home Journal.

The Vampire of the South. Marion Hamilton Carter—McClure's Magazine.

How to Get a Title. Maude Radford Warren— Sat. Evening Post (Sept. 25.)

Official Insolence. Frank M. Bicknell—Lippincott’s.

The Presumption of Innocence. Arthur C. Train —Sat. Evening Post (Sept. 18.)

The Adventures of a Suburbanite. Ellis P. Butler—Country Life in America.

New Luxuries Keep the People Poor. C. F. Carter—Technical World.

The Call of the Moors. J. Kingland—Pall Mall Magazine.

In the West End. Mrs. Pepys—Pall Mall Magazine.

What New England’s Newspapers Can do for New England's Prosperity—Advertising and Selling.

Some New England Possibilities—Advertising and Selling.

Utility of the Eucalyptus. F. D. Cornell—Sunset (Sept.)

A Unique Prison Cell. M. Hudson—Overland Monthly.

Municipal and Local Government.

The Municipal Problem : The Form of City Government—Outlook (Sept. 18.)

Safeguarding the Public Services : How the New York Commission is Working Out Its Task. J. S. Kennedy—Sat. Evening Post (Sept. 25.)

How to Have Good Dirt Roads. D. Ward King —Technical World.

Town Planning or Town-Training ?—Saturday Review (Sept. 4.)

Are Our Prisons Commercial Betterments. G. J. Griffith—Business Philosopher.

Team Work in Municipal Progress. E. M. Skinner—World To-Day.

How a Library Woke up a Town. Sarah B. Askew—House and Garden.

Political and Commercial.

The Ominous Hush in Europe. H. R. Chamberlain—McClure's.

European Expansion and East Africa. N. I). Harris—Forum (Sept.)

The Persian Situation. Edwin Ma.vey—Forum (Sept.)

The Tariff and the Next Campaign. II. L. West—The Forum (Sept.)

Holland's Possessions in the Western Hemisphere. T. Greidanus—-Van Norden Magazine.

Terrorism in India. Saint Nihal Singh—Van Norden Magazine.

The War Game. Henry Jay Case—Van Norden Magazine.

Paternal Institutions in Greece. G. W. Cooke— Chautauguan.

Mohammedan Pow7er in the Orient. George Washburn—Chautauquan.

Parliamentary Collapse in Greece—Saturday Review7 (Sept. 4.)

Darwinism and Politics. Sidney Low—Fortnightly Review (Sept.)

China in Transformation. Archibald Colquhoun —Fortnightly Review.

Roman Imperialism. Granvelle—Contemporary Review (Sept.)

The Persian Revolution—Contemporary Review (Sept.)

Racial Problems in> Hungary. Contemporary Review (Sept.)

Railroad and Transportation.

The Railways of Italy. C. F. Beach—Moody's Magazine.

Canada's Railway Commission. W. R. Givens— Moody’s Magazine.

A Unique Railway. R. Sinclair—Westward IIo.

Motor Car Developments, With the Coming of the Aeroplane. Major C. G. Matson—Badminton Magazine.

A Century of Steam Navigation. S. Ward Stanton—Travel Magazine.

With the First Train Into Nyasaland. Mary Bridson—Travel and Exploration.

Three Hundred Miles Overland With a Steamer. W. F. Nixon—Travel and Exploration.

The Position of English Railways. W. M. Ackworth—North American Review7.


Mr. Alexander’s New7 Gospel Hymns—Ladies’ Home Journal.

A Modern Nonconformist On Early Christianity —Saturday Review7 (Sept. 4.)

Spiritual Forces in India. Rev. N. MacNicol— Contemporary Review.

Christianity and Subjective Science. E. M. ('aillard—Contemporary Review.

Are the Colleges Undermining Faith and Morals ?—Current Literature.

Financial Crisis of the Churches—Literary Digest (Sept. 1.)

Catholic Enmity to the Saloon—Literary Digest (Sept. 11.)

Literary Aspects of the Old Testament—Living Age (Sept. 11.)

Science and Invention.

Science and Warfare—London Magazine.

Making Collisions Impossible. Sidney S. Carlyle—Technical World.

World’s Best Alcohol Made From Sawdust. H.

G. Hunting—Technical World.

The Work of the Illuminating Engineer. D. C. Shafer—Am. Review of Reviews.

The Artificiality of Man’s Sense of Space—Current Literature (Sept.)

The Tyranny of Scientific Dogma—Current Literature (Sept.)

Sports and Pastimes.

Around the Hunter’s Camp Fire. C. E. Reane -—New England Magazine.

Hunting Wild Bees in Vermont. Marshal 0. Howe—New England.

The New Sport of Flying. Augustus Post— —Country Life in America.

Golf Etiquette—Country Life in America.

The Big Game Paradise of the New Ontario. James Oliver Curwood—Book-Keeper.

Summering by Subterranean Fires. J. Ingram Bryan—Pall Mall.

Some Methods of Fishing in China. Surgeon G. Moir—Badminton.

Larger Shore Birds, From the Sportsman s Point of View—Badminton.

Developments With Bat and Ball. Sir Home Gordon—Badminton.

Game Birds at Close Range. Herbert K. JobOuting Magazine.

Turkey Tracks in the Big Cypress. A. W. Dimock—Outing Magazine.

Hunting the Adirondack Grouse. Todd Russell— Outing Magazine.

Rifles and Shotguns of To-Day. Charles Askins —Outing Magazine.

A Tenderfoot Goes a Hunting. Stephen Chalmers—Outing Magazine.

A Lady's Hunting Trip. Mrs. A. G. Adams— Rod and Gan.

Fish Culture in Newfoundland. H. M. Mosdell Rod and Gun.

Deer Hunting on tho Moira River. Ontario. W. II. Allison—Rod and Gun.

The Stage.

Some Dramas of tho Day. Louis I . De Foc Red Book.

The Stage And Its Feople. Annie Russell— Ladies' Home Journal.

The New Boston Opera House. Eben D. Jordan —New England Magazine.

The Theatre's New Rival. Day Allen Willey— Lippincott’s Magazine.

Players Who Draw the Public. Hypokrites— London Magazine.

Eight Strong Scenes From the Eight Strongest Plays of 1909—Woman's Home Companion.

Drama Under the Dog Star. John A. Dreams— Van Norden’s Magazine.

The London Stage. Oscar Parker—English Illustrated (Sept.)

Straight Talk to Stage Struck Girls. Paul Armstrong—Success Magazine.

The Business Side of the Theatre. Hartley Davis—Everybody's Magazine.

The F.volution of Clyde Fitch—Current Liter

Travel and Description.

A Wanderer in Asia Minor. Edward Noel—Wide World.

With Pen and Camera in Nigeria. F. W. Emett —Wide World.

Farthest South : The Dash for the Pole. Lieut. Shackleton—McClure’s.

Rails and Trails. Agnes Deans Cameron—Westward Ho.

Three Old Dutch Roads and the Houses Along Them—Country Life Tn America.

Glorious Old Georgia—National Magazine (Sept. >

America’s Hardest Working River. Winthrop Packard—Technical World.

New Steamhoating on the Big Muddy. Charles Dillon—Technical World.

North Pole Reached at Last. William T. Walsh —Technical World.

The Real New England of To-Day. George French—Advertising and Selling.

Oregon’s Marble Halls. Joaquin Miller Sunset Magazine.

Bournv'lle. the Model Village—English Illustrated (Sept.)

Mexico’s Unhunted Wilderness. Dillon Wallace— Outing Magazine.

Comfort While You Travel. Edward Hungerford—Outing Magazine.

How An Explorer Can Know VThen He Reaches the Pole. Anthony Fiala—Travel Magazine.

The North Shore of Lake Superior. Martin Hunter—Rod and Gun.

A Successful Moose Hunt in Quebec. H. A. McCrea—Rod and Gun.

The Characteristics of a Fine Backwoods Guide —Rod and Gun.

Women and the Home.

Originality in the Decoration of Walls. M. B. Edson—Country Life In America.

Women as Business Builders. E. W. Gearing— Book-Keeper.

Colonial Interiors. A. Raymond Ellis—Woman's Home Companion.

The Librarian and the Woman’s Magazine—Woman’s Home Companion.

Furnishing the Nursery. Edith Haviland Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Meaning of Home Economics. Helen L. Johnson—Harper's Bazaar.

Anomalous Position of Unmarried Women. C Shipman—North American Review.