Contents of February Magazines

February 1 1909

Contents of February Magazines

February 1 1909

Contents of February Magazines

Architecture and the Arts.

Travelers and Photography ; How to Secure Good Results. Dudley Kidd—Travel and Exploration. The Amateur Artist. A. M. Mayor—Living Age (Jan. 9). Modern German Art. Christian Brinton—Scribner. Is American Art Captive to the Dead Past ? William L, Price—The Craftsman. What Does the National Academy of Design Stand For ? Giles Edgerton—The Craftsman. The Future of American Art. Birge HarrisonNorth American Review. The Private Art Collections of Chicago. Giselle D’Unger—World To-Day. Exhibition of Paintings of Eastern Oregon By Childe Hassau. Charles Erskine Scott Wood —Pacific Mthly.

Army and Navy.

Defence of the Pacific. H. Evans—Sunset (Jan.) The Blessings of Naval Armaments—Fortnightly Rev. (Jan.) A Midnight Conference. Salmon P. Chase— Scribner’s. Building a Nine-Hundred-Foot Steel Ship. Lawrence Perry—World’s Work. The Fighting Forces of Great Britain and Germany. Arnold White—London Mag. Our Navy on the Land. George Kibbe Turner— McClures.

Is Our Naval Administration Efficient ? RearAdmiral G. W. Melville, U.S.N.—North American Review.

Business and Industry

Qualifications of a Successful Advertiser. Fred G. Kaessman—Brains (Jan. 2).

Pointers From Outside the Counter. Frank Farrington—Brains (Jan. 2).

Latter Day Tendencies in Shorthand Writing. Clyde Marshall—Shorthand Writer (Jan.)

Canadian Manufacturers and British Preference. Edward Porritt—North Am. Rev.

Owners of America ; The Armours. Arthur Brisbane-Cosmopolitan.

First Lessons in the Art of Advertising. Geo. French—Profitable Advertising.

Big Business Created by Advertising—Profitable Advertising (Jan.)

The Giant Trust of the Future. Earl Mayo— Metropolitan.

The United States Patent Office. Joanna Nichols Kyle—Overland Mthly.

The Bank Clerk and His Work, Jas. P. Gardner—Book-Keeper (Jan.)

Making a City to Order. Ernest Cawcroft—BookKeeper (Jan.)

Employer’s Liability. Frank N. Lewis—Atlantic Mthly (Jan.)

Cornering Corn. H. M. Hyde—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 23).

The Buy End. Jas. H. Collins—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 23).

The Modern Cotton-Spinning Factory. W. H. Booth—Cassier’B (Jan.)

Machine Grouping and Factory Arrangement. C. H. Stilson—Cassier’s (Jan.)

The Slum as a National Asset. Charles Edward Russell—Everybody’s.

A Prophet of Prosperity. Walt. Mason—Suburban Life.

The Sum of a Thousand Short Cuts. Daniel Casey—System (Jan.)

Making a Business Distinctive. A. H. Reveil— System (Jan.)

The Skirmish Line of Profits. 0. N. Manners— System (Jan.)

The Battlefields of Business—System (Jan.)

From Debt to Dividends. A. S. Atkinson—System (Jan.)

Advertising : Its Action on Products. Edwin Balmer—System (Jan.)

The Greatest Game in the World. Walter H. Cottingham—System (Jan.)

A New Year’s Greeting. James W. Van Cleave —American Industries.

Business Conditions of the United States—American Industries (Jan.)

The National Council of Commerce—American Industries (Jan.)

The Advance Agent of Prosperity—American Industries (Jan.)

The Extension of American Commerce. Avard L. Bishop—Atlantic Mthly.


How You Can Help Your Boy. Orison Swett Marden—Success.

Which is the Better Way to Bring up a Boy ? —Suburban Life.

A Boys’ Band of Easily Made Instruments. A. Neely Hall—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Training of Poor British Children in India, R. Carstairs—Asiatic Quarterly.

Education and School Affairs.

Self-Government in the Public Schools. Henry Lincoln Clapp—Education.

The Two Aims of High Schools. Professor Arland D. Weeks—Education.

How to Teach Commercial Geography. Professor F. 0. Carpenter—Education.

Drawing as an Aid to Teaching the Other Manual Branches. Dr. James P. Haney— Education.

A Neglected Phase of Practical Education. Professor R. T. House—Education.

Indian Students in England. John Pollen.LL.D. —Asiatic Quarterly Review (Jan.)

Essays and General Literature.

Ruwenzori to the Congo—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

Products of India—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

A Measured Training of the Color Sense—Professor A. H. Munsell—Education.

An American Scholar.—Outlook (Jan. 2).

The Epitaphie Literature of India. John Kennedy—Asiatic Review (Jan.)

Crimean Papers. Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell. Bart—Cornhill Mag. (Jan.)

Milton, the Typical Puritan. Dr. John Clifford, M.A.—Young Man (Jan.)

The Central Problem of the International Congress on Moral Education. Professor J. H. Muirhead—Hibbert Jrnl. (Jan.)


Margarita’s Soul. Ingram Lovell—American Magazine.

The Master-Weaver. Maude Radford Warren—Atlantic Mthly. (Jan.)

Marriage A La Mode. Mrs. Humphrey Ward— McClure’s.

The Revenge of Big Joe. Lyman Eastman—Century (Jan.)

The Lion Rampant. Mary Roberts Rhinehart— Munsey's (Jan.) :

For the Workers.

Workers for the Common Good. Anne Forsyth —Circle (Jan.)

Interest Beyond the Envelope. J. Wirchers—System (Jan.)

How I Handle My Personal Work. G. E. Turner —System (Jan.)

Fattening Pay Envelopes. George F. Stratton— Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 9).

Half a Million Out of Work. II. Hamilton Fyfe —London Mag. (Jan.)

On Thoroughness. Nora Tynan O’Mahony—Irish Mthly. (Jan.)

The Food of the City Worker. Hollis Godfrey— Atlantic Mthly.


Hand-Made Rugs, the Revival of an Old Handicraft. Mabel Tuke Priestman—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Health and Hygiene.

The Modern Moloch. Woods Hutchinson, A.M.. M.D.—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 16).

The Opium Question. Britannicus—North American Review.

Does the Mind Rule the Body ? Dr. Woods Hutchinson—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 23).

Physical Culture To-day. F. E. Dorchester, N. S.P.E.—Rod and Gun.

The New Surgery. Roland Phillips—Success.

An Effective Anti-Tuberculosis Campaign at Last. 0. F. Lewis—World’s Work.

What Nervous People Should Eat. Mrs. S. F. Rorer—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.


House, Garden and Farm.

A Model Stock and Dairy Farm. Mabel Luke Priestman—Country Life in America.

Orchard Fruit Grown in Pots. Richard Barton —Garden Mag.

English Effects With Hardy Trees. Wilhelm Miller-Garden Mag.

How to Increase Your Tomato Crop. L. E. Pauli—Garden Mag.

Tomatoes from the Garden in June. Mrs. Jos. C. Brown—Garden Mag.

The Best Carnations for the Amateur. W. C. McC.—Garden Mag.

Business Methods on the Farm. J. 0. Curwood —Book-Keeper (Jan.)

Love Among the Chickens. P. G. Wodehouse— Circle (Jan.)

Four Moderate-Priced Houses. A. H. Dunning— Suburban Life.

Starting the Garden Under Cover. Parker Thayer Barnes—Suburban Life.

A Fireproof House. P. R. Cole—Suburban Life.

A Farmer Whose Son is also a Farmer. Edward Berwick—World’s Work.

My Dairy and My Herd of Cows. Kate V. Saint Maur—Woman's Home Comp.

A Summer Home for $3,500. Hugo Erichsen— Woman’s Home Comp.

Why Many Amateurs Gardeners Fail—House and Garden.

Starting Seeds in the House. L. J. Doogue— House and Garden.

Helpful Hints on House Plants. C. L. Meller— House and Garden.

Root Pruning of Fruit Trees. W. R. Gilbert— House and Garden.

Japanese Garden Development. Mrs. Phoebe Wrestcott Humphreys—House and Garden.

House Warming in Winter. E. Stanley Mitton— Westward Ho.

The Use of Anesthetics for Plants. S. Leonard Bastin—Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Few Neglected Fruits. E. P. Powell.—Am. Homes and Gardens.

What England Can Teach us About Formal Gardens. Wilhelm Miller—Country Life In America.

Immigration and Emigration.

The European Population of the United States —Living Age (Jan. 16).

The Salvation Army and England’s Unemployed Agnes Laut—Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

Investments, Speculation, Finance.

Corporations and Liability of Stockholders— Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 16).

A Puzzling Problem in Interest—Book-Keeper (Jan.)

The Need of Postal Savings Bank. G. V. L. Meyer—Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

Money is King. Walter Eden—Watson’s Jeffersonian (Jan.)

Indian and Colonial Investments—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

Policy Conditions—Sat. Rev. (Jan. 2).

Keeping One’s Money at Work—W'orld’s Work.

Insurance for Travelers in Tropical Countries— World’s Work.

A Report to the Stockholders of the United States. Arthur W. Page—World's Work.

Getting Insurance Prospects in Line. A. L. MacBurn—System (Jan.)

Safe Investments—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 9).

Co-operative Apartments. Isaac F. Margosson— Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 9).

Labor Problems.

The Contempt Decision of Justice Wright. Jas. A. Emery—American Industries (Jan.)

The Conviction of Labor Leaders—Outlook

(Jan. 2).

The Contract Labor Case—Outlook (Jan. 2).

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Poe, the Weird Genius. Elisabeth Ellicott Poe— Cosmopolitan.

Augustus Thomas : Reporter, Playwright, Orator. Paul Teitjens—Home Mag.

"Father Abraham.” Ida M. Tarbell—American Mag.

Dickens and Charles Whitehead—L. P.’s Weekly (Jan. 8).

The Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln—St. Nicholas.

The Most Famous Woman in New York. C. B. Davis.—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan. 23).

Elihu Root : World Statesman. Walter Wellman —Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

From Deckhand to Governor : the Picturesque Career of Napoleon Broward. Ralph D. Paine—Everybody’s.

Tsu Hsi, the Late Empress of China. E. J. Dillon—Fort. Rev. (Jan.)

Outline Study of Abraham Lincoln. Principal Arthur Deerin Call—Education.

George Grey Barnard—World’s Work.

The New Archbishop of York. W. L. Williams —Young Man (Jan.)

Cleveland, the Man. George F. Parker—McClure’s.

Simon Fraser. E. 0. S. Scholefield—Westward Ho.

Ex-Mayor Carey, with Reminiscences of Lord Dufferin—Westward Ho.

Queen Victoria, as Seen by an American. Saille Coles Stevenson—Century (Jan.)

Grover Cleveland : A Princeton Memory. Andrew F. West—Century (Jan.)

Edgar Allan Poe, the Most Original Genius of American Literature. Morris Bachelier— Munsey’s (Jan.)

Walt Whitman’s Early Life on Long Island. Willis Steell—Munsey’s (Jan.)


The Right to Work. Bart Kennedy—London Mag. (Jan.)

Good Manners and Good Form. Mrs. Burton Kingsland—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

A Substitute for Matrimony. Anna Steese Richardson—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Tramp’s Philosophy of Life. Rev. T. E. Ruth—Young Man (Jan.)

The Dissidence of Doubt. Rev. John Wills— Young Man (Jan.)

Alcohol and Society. Henry Smith Williams— McClure’s.

An Audience with Lincoln. T. B. Bancroft—McClure’s.

Reclaiming the Desert. Forbes Lindsay—Craftsman.

How the Founder of Arbor Day Created the Most Famous Western Estate. Paul Morton —Country Life in Am.

Why Should Anyone Pay $1,000 for a Hen ? F. H. Valentine—Country Life in Am.

The Yak : A North American Opportunity. Ernest Thompson Seton—Country Life in Am.

The Social Conscience of the Future. V. Scudder—Hibbert’s Jrnl (Jan.)

New Facts on Our Survival of Death. Principal John Graham—Hibbert’s Jrnl. (Jan.)

A Young Man and His Mission—Young Man (Jan.)

A Humorist of Worth, John P. Wynne—Young Man (Jan.)

A Survey of the World. Tom Dolan—Watson's Jeffersonian (Jan.)

The Aristocracy of Cats. Virginia Roderick— Everybody’s.

Little Stories of Real Life—Everybody's.

The Opposition in the Commons. Auditor Tantum—Fort. Review (Jan.)

How I Know that the Dead Return. W. T. Stead—Fort. Rev. (Jan.)

The Earthquake—Sat. Rev. (Jan. 2).

The Intervening Providence. Arthur E. McFarlane—Circle (Jan.)

Mr. Taft’s New Year Resolutions—Circle (Jan.)

Bores—Living Age (Jan. 9).

In Praise of Cats—Living Age (Jan. 9).

The Mounting of Fish. C. H. Hooper—Rod and Gun.

The Trials of an Unmarried Clergyman—Success

The Well-dressed Man. Alfred Stephen Bryan—


New Foods for New Millions. Walter Weyl—Success.

In Search of the Washington Family Crest. Frank Fayant—Travel Mag.

Two Neglected Memories. M. C. Keogh—Irish Mthly. (Jan.)

A Thought for Each Day of the Month—Irish Mthly. (Jan.)

King Cotton's Impoverished Retinue. Daniel J. Sully—Cosmopolitan.

Sixty Years in the Wilderness : Some Passages by the Way. Henry W. Lucy—Living Age (Jan. 16).

Literary Taste and How to Form it. Arnold Bennett—T. P.'s Weekly (Jan. 8).

The Quality of Courage. Edward Marshall— Metropolitan.

The Inspiration of Japan. Herbert G. Pointing, F. R. G. S.—Metropolitan.

Abbreviated Utilitarian Studies. Arthur Inkersley—Overland Mthly. (Jan.)

The Liquor Problem. T. M. Gilmore—Overland Mthly. (Jan.)

The Law of Compensation. H. M. Johnston— Book-Keeper (Jan.)

Yawning Craters of the Moon. H. G. Hunting— Technical World (Jan.)

What is to Become of our Sixteen Million School Children ? James Creelman—Pearson’s Am. (Jan.)

Municipal and Local Government

Rate Regulation of Electric Power. Samuel S. Wyer—Cassier’s (Jan.)

The Transvaal of To-day. E. T. Baines—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

The Value of the Poor Law. Harold Cox, M. P.—Fort. Rev. (Jan.)

Retributive Taxation—Sat. Rev. (Jan. 2).

The Night Riders : A Trust of Farmers. Edward A. Jonas—World’s Work.

The Long Arm of the Secret Police. E. Alexander Powell. F.R.G.S.—Sat. Evening Post (Jan. 9.)

A Great Reform in the Treatment of Criminals, Lucy C. Bartlett—Hibbert Jrnl. (Jan.)

The Town that Went Broke. H. F. Day—Sat. Eve. Post (Jan 23).

State Control of Water Power. C. E. Lakeman —Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

New Campaign for Civic Betterment. P. U. Kellog—Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

Nature and Outdoor Life.

A Naturalist’s Trip to New Guinea. Charles Bethune Horsburgh—Travel and Exploration.

Lincoln's Love for Nature and Animals—Suburban Life.

Winter Birds and Summer Homes. John Boyd— Suburban Life.

Political and Commercial.

The Crisis in Germany. Harry Thurston Peek— Munsey (Jan.)

The Balkan States, the Storm Centre of Europe F. CunlifTe-Owen—Munsey’s (Jan.)

The Solid South a National Calamity. Hannis Taylor—North Am. Rev.

The Power Behind the Austrian Throne. Edith Sellers—Living Age (Jan. 16).

A Pivot of Imperialism. F. L. Harding—Metropolitan.

American Democracy and Corporate Reform.

Robert R. Reed—Atlantic Mthly. (Jan.) Hard Times Force Millenium. Samuel 0. Dunn —Technical World (Jan.)

Canada and American Tariff-making. Andrew MacPhail—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Who are the English ?—Scribner's.

The Break-up of the Parties. Charles Edward Russell—Success.

The Pulse of the World. Howard Brubaker—Success.

The American Invasion of Mexico. Elisha H. Talbot—World’s Work.

Some Random Reminiscences of Men and Events.

John D. Rockefeller—World’s Work.

The Tariff Hearings—Outlook (Jan. 2).

An Educated Democracy—Outlook (Jan. 2). Paying for Waterway Development—Outlook (Jan. 2).

Despoiling a Nation. William Dudley Foulke —Outlook (Jan. 2).

India : the Company and the Crown—Asiatic Quarterly Review (Jan.)

The Wealth and Progress of India : Facts and Fiction. Charles McMinn, M.A.—Asiatic Quarterly Review.

What We May Learn from Ancient Chinese Statesmen. E. H. Parker—Asiatic Quarterly Review.

Vital Problems of Canada. Bram ThompsonWestward Ho.

The Passing of the Reactionary in American Politics. Judson Welliver—Munsey’s (Jan.) England and Germany—Empire Rev. (Jan.) Bohemia and Austro-Hungary—Empire Review (Jan.)

Italy and Austria—Empire Review (Jan.)

The Haytian Revolution—Empire Rev. (Jan.) Russia and the Slavs'—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

Two Policies : Cobden’s and Bismarck's. W.

Frank Hatheway—Empire Rev. (Jan.) Europe and the Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mil R. Ivanovitch—Fortnightly Review (Jan.)

The Future of Parties in America. A. Maurice Low—Fort. Rev.

Nonconformity and Politics : A Word from Within—Fort. Rev. (Jan.)

English Politics Through American Spectacles.

J. R. Marriott—Fort. Rev. (Jan.)

Japan and America—Living Age (Jan. 9). Sketches of Persia in Transition—Living Age (Jan. 9).

The Rule of the Empress Dowager. Sir Henry A. Blake—Living Age (Jan. 9).

A Decade of American Rule in the Philippines.

W. Cameron Forbes—Atlantic Mthly. Changing Conditions in the Caribbean. Robert A. Wilson—World To-Day.

The Coming Struggle in the Far East. Ching Chun Wang—Pacific Mthly.

Railroad and Transportation.

Aerial Flight. H. Massac Buist—Travel and Exploration.

A Era of Better Railroads. C. M. Keys—World’s Work.

Effective Railway Advertising. J. W. Standard— System (Jan.)

The Cause of Automobile Accidents. C. 0. Morris—Country Life in Am.


What is Christianity ? The Theology of Jesus Christ. Lyman Abbott—Outlook (Jan. 2).

The Doctrines of the Earth-Soul and of Beings Intermediate Between Man and God. Prof. William James—Hibbert’s Jrnl. (Jan.)

Psychotherapeutics and Religion. Dr. H. Rutgers Marshall—Hibbert’s Jrnl. (Jan.)

The Message of Modern Mathematics to Theology. Prof. C. J. Keyser—Hibbert’s Journal (Jan.)

Christian Missions as Affected by Liberal Theology. Rev. J. W. Burton—Hibbert’s Journal (Jan.)

Religious and Social Aspects of the Cult of Ancestors and Heroes. Dr. Lewis R. Farnell— Hibbert’s Jrnl. (Jan.)

Science and Invention.

Queerly Mixed Verdict of Science on Spiritualism. M. A. Lane—Home Mag. (Jan.)

Typewriting by Wireless. Cecil Bembridge—Technical World (Jan.)

Power from the Farm Brook. D. C. Shafer— Am. Rev. of Revs. (Jan.)

Piping in Steel Ingots. J. F. Springer—Cassier’s (Jan.)

Hydro-Electric Instalations. H. Lester Hamilton —Cassier's (Jan.)

Modern Steam Tractors Road Haulage Service. William Fletcher—Cassier's (Jan.)

What the Incubator Has Done for the Poultryman. Arthur L. Blessing—Suburban Life.

Roofing Materials Old and New. Thomas R. Hood—Suburban Life.

Turning Waste into Fuel. M. A. Rogers—System (Jan.)

First Photograph Ever Made of a Paper Nautilus. Charles Frederick Holder—Country Life In America.

Some Recent Investigations by the Society for Physical Research. Hon. G. W. Balfour— Hibbert’s Jrnl. (Jan.)

Sports and Pastimes.

American Speed Record Broken at Savannah. Percy H. Whiting—Home Mag. (Jan.)

Hunting the Gray Wolf. Brig.-Gen. Roger D. Williams—Recreation (Jan.)

Ski-Riding in America. Frank Lynam—Recreation (Jan.)

Canoeing Around the Calendar. F. M. Foulser— Recreation (Jan.)

A Taste of Old-Fashioned Wildfowl ShootingRecreation (Jan.)

A Winter Holiday in the White Mountains. Carlyle Ellis—Recreation (Jan.)

A Vacation on Snowshoes. J. N. Trainer—Recreation (Jan.)

The Revival in Rowing at Princeton. W. S. Quigley—Recreation (Jan.)

Motoring in Many Lands. H. Massac Buist— Travel and Exploration.

Enjoying the Canadian Winter. L. M. Mabee— Rod and Gun.

Bird Shooting on the Prairies—Rod and Gun.

The Qualification Climb of Mt. Hermit. D. B. Taylor—Rod and Gun.

Hunting the Rhinoceros and the Hippopotamus in Africa. Lieut.-Col. J. H. Patterson— World’s Work.

Motoring on the ‘‘Bear Flag” Trail in California. A. E. Beyfuss—Travel Mag.

Winter Sports in Southern Resorts. Day Allen Willey—Travel Mag.

The Stage.

Opera and the People. Mary Garden—Everybody’s.

Mme. Melba to Operatic Aspirants—Success.

Building a Play. Glenmore Davis—Success.

Stage Children Who Grew Up. Robert Sloss— Woman’s Home Comp.

Theatrical Scenes and Portraits—Cosmopolitan.

The Drama of the Month—Metropolitan.

A Few First Aids to Disillusion in the Theatre. Barnett Franklin—Overland Mthly. (Jan.)

Two Plays by Charles Rann Kennedy—Atlantic Mthly. (Jan.)

Travel and Description.

Off the Irish Coast. Cale Young Rice—Century (Jan.)

On the Top of a Tram-Car. Katharine Roche— Irish Mthly. (Jan.)

In Darkest Africa. Rudolph Dirks—Cosmopolitan.

The Romance of Panama : Remains and Reminiscences of Past Centuries. Hugh C. Weir— Putnam’s (Jan.)

The Danish Expedition to Northeast Greenland. Lieut. A. Trolle—Travel and Exploration.

Travel in the Balkans. M. Edith Durham—Travel and Exploration.

A Journey into the Primeval Forests of Tropical Peru. L. C. Bernacchi—Travel and Exploration.

Fresh Light on the Voyage of Captain John. Hayes. Ida Lee—Empire Rev. (Jan.)

Chief Canim Tl’kope of the Skagits. Bonuycastle Dale—Rod and Gun.

A Winter in Northern Ontario. J. W. Holland' —Rod and Gun.

A Cheerful Journey Through Mississippi. Fool-tr T. Washington—World’s Work.

The Romance of the Amazon. Sir Martin Conway.—Travel Mag.

W;here the Caribs Live. M. A. Hays—Travel Magazine.

Eleven Days in Sicily. Alice B. Muzzey—Travel Magazine.

A Calendar of Travel—Travel Mag.

Around the World With Burton Holmes : Java —Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Man Who Discovered Australia. W. H. Fitchett, B.A.—Cornhill (Jan.)

The Spirit of the West. Blanche E. Holt Murison—Westward Ho.

The Prairie. D. D. Ross—Westward Ho.

A Street a Thousand Miles Long. Alexander Hume Ford—World To-Day.

Yaqui Land. Charles R. Price—Pacific Mthly. Messina : A City that Was. H. F. Alexander— World To-Day.

Women and the Home.

The Journal of a Neglected Wife. Mabel Herbert Urner—Everybody’s.

The Woman’s Invasion. William Hard—Everybody’s.

Homes Worth Living In—Circle (Jan.)

A Farmer's Wife and Glad of it. Mrs. T. Wilson Hall—Suburban Life.

What the Women of One Town Have Done. Mrs. Edward W. Biddle—Suburban Life.

The Ideas of a Plain Country Woman—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

When College Girls Make Merry—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Is This the Trouble With the Farmer's Wife ?—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Clever Economies on Little Things. Mrs. Ralston—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Well-Made Furniture, With Working Designs.

John D. Adams—Woman’s Home Comp.

For the Girl Who Earns Her Own Living. Anna Steese Richardson—Woman’s Home Comp. Furnishing a House of Six Rooms for $1,500— House and Garden.

Practical Talks to Women. Elinor S. Moody— Shorthand Writer (Jan.)

The Empire of Woman. Valerie Vectis—Westward Ho.

A New Method of Housekeeping. Rosika Schwimmer—Am. Homes and Gardens.

Problems in Home Furnishing. Alice M. Kellogg —Am. Homes and Gardens.

Woman’s Position. Duchess of Marlborough— North American Rev.

The Best All-round Flower of Winter. W. C. McCollom—Garden Mag.

A Conservatory Made of Newspapers. William Promberger—Garden Mag.

For the Woman with Engagements. H. E. Ising

—Book-Keeper (Jan.)