Contents of March Magazines

March 1 1909

Contents of March Magazines

March 1 1909

Contents of March Magazines

Architecture and the Arts.

A Stenciling Lesson for Girls. Lilian Barton Wilson—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Art in Everyday Life. R. Cleveland Coxe— World’s Work.

How we Learned to Stencil. Mary T. Bradley —Suburban Life.

Art and American Society. Mabelle Gilman Corey—Cosmopolitan.

Art Treasures at Belvoir Castle. Lady Victoria Manners—Connoisseur.

Homes of American Artists. Ralph De Martin —Am. Homes and Gardens.

A Pioneer in Distinctive American Art. Giles Edgerton—Craftsman.

Modern German Art. M. Irwin MacDonaldCraftsman.

Army and Navy.

The Navy Sixty Years Ago. Admiral John Moresby—Living Age.

Handling Big Guns and High Explosives on Our Battleships. Rear Admiral R. D. Evans —Hampton’s Broadway.

The Navy Department. Truman II. NewburyNational.

The Education of Army Officers—Outlook (Jan. 30).

One Night With the Big Fleet. Richard BarryCosmopolitan.

Business and Industry

The Retailers Mailing List. W. W. Hines— Brains (Feb. 6.)

Pointers From Outside The Counter. Frank Farrington—Brains (Feb. 6.)

Evolution of Store Systems. Leroy Metzgar— Brains (Feb. 6.)

The Creation of New Capital. Saturday Review (Jan. 30.)

The Abundance of Money—World’s Work.

Why Men Fail In Business—World’s Work.

When Does Profit Become Usury ? Dr. Alexander Graham Bell—World-s Work.

Digging Coal Under The Sea. Arthur Frankland—Pacific Monthly.

How I Handle My Customers. F. J. Seiden-System.

The Quality Man In Business Edwin W. Moore —System.

Factory Design That Pays Dividends. J. W. Stannard—System.

Basing Estimates on Accurate Costs. J. W. Stannard—Sy stem.

Giving Property Sales Momentum. David Lay— System.

Retailing By Wires Lynn Sumner—System.

A Self-Checking Cost System. Edward Wade— System.

The New Banker-Business Ally. George H. Cushing.—System.

Fur Trading with Indians in the Far North—

Rod and Gun.

Collections. James H. Collins—Sat. Evening

Post. (Feb. 13).

New Ideas About Financial Advertising. David G. Evans—Profitable Advertising, (Feb.). Process Color Printing and Lithography.—Profitable Advertising, (Feb.).

The Manufacture and Use of High Speed Steel.

O. M. Becker—Cassier's Magazine, (Feb.). Depreciation. A. Winder—Cassier’s Magazine.


A Plea For Less Coal. George Ethelbert Walsh —Lippincott's.

The American Tobacco War. Chamber’s Jrnl.


How I Trained My Boys to Be GentlemenLadies' Home Journal.

Nature and Science for Young Folks—St. Nicholas.

A Child’s Chariot. J. J. Bailey—Suburban life.

Education and Schooi Affairs.

How The University Helps. Warren Cheney— Sunset.

The Development of The Mechanical Engineer.

Geo. F. Stratton—Cassier’s Magazine, (Feb,) The Public School and Industrial! Education.

Charles King—Education.

A Neglected Phase of Practical Education. R. T. House—Education.

A Problem For Boys’ Boarding Schools—Education.

Working For an Education In a Southern School. Katherine Glover—Craftsman.

Essays and General Literature.

"Democracy” In American Education. Herbert W. Howill—Living Age.

"Corruption” In Ancient Rome and Its Counterpart In Modern History—Putnam’s Maga-

The Normal School Ideal. Frank Webster Smith —Education.

ft Needed God : The Task That Was Bigger Than Abraham Lincoln. James Oppenheim— Circle (Feb.).


The Helping Hand. Robert Barr—Metropolitan.

A Knight Errant In Broadway. Rupert Holland—Lippincott's.

Expert Advice. Louis Graves—Blue Book. ,

An Error In the Equation. W. Y. Sheppard— Scrap Book.

For the Workers.

Those Contented Clerks. Will Payne. Saturday Evening Post (Feb. 6).

Not the Salary But the Opportunity. Or ison Swett Marden—Success.

Health and Hygiene.

Verdict of Science Against Alcohol. M. A. Rosanoff—McClure's.

Getting Pure Air In The Factory. M. A. Rogers —System.

General Law's of Exercising. Frank E. Dorchester-—Rod and Gun.

Headache. Woods Hutchinson, A.M., M.D.—Sat. Evening Post, (Feb. 13.).

The Mistake of Eating Meat. Luther H. Gulick, M.D.—Ladies' Home Journal.

Good Health In One Simple Exercise—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Prohibition In Georgia. S. Mays Ball—Putnam’s Magazine.

What Health Is Worth To Us. Frances Maule Bjorkman-—World’s Work.

Pure Food and Decent Food—Outlook (Jan. 30).

Pure Milk and Human Life. Walter Weyl—Suc-

A Fresh Air Sleeping Room. Mary H. Northend —Suburban Life.

Is Smoking Injurious ?—Young Man.

Roller Skating For Health. G. T. Burroughs—

Young Men.

House, Garden and Farm.

A Busy Man's Garden of Old Fashioned Flowers H. S. Adams—Country Life in America.

Incidental Care of The Fruit Garden. S. W. Fletcher—Garden Magazine.

What America Can Teach England About Shrubs. W. Miller—Garden Magazine.

Some Garden Annuals That Will Self-Sow. I. M. Angelí—Garden Magazine.

Tomatoes On Irrigated Land. R. H. Forbes— Garden Magazine.

A $2,000 Southern Cottage. Robert C. Spencer, Jr.—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Just How To Prune Your Shrubs. Frances Duncan—Ladies’ Home Journal.

The Garden of The Rented House. R. W. Snow —Suburban Life.

Golden Rules for the Gardener—Suburban Life.

Poultry Houses For Small Flocks. Ruth Phila —Suburban Life.

The Roadway and the Grounds. John Carey Edwards—Am. Ifomes and Gardens.

Roses For Winter. Edith B. Welsh. American Homes and Gardens.

What PIngland Can Teach Us About Rose Gardens. Wilhelm Miller—Country Life in Ann-r-

The Japanese Garden In America. Henry Saylor—Country Life in America.

How To Plan a Better Vegetable Garden. Lukens Hayan—Country Life in America.

Investments, Speculation, Finance.

How The State Safeguards Insurance—World’s Work.

Famous American Financiers. Marc M. Reynolds—Moody’s Magazine. (Feb.).

Gold Depreciation and Interest Rates. Prof. Irving Fisher—Moody’s (Feb.).

True Currency Reform. John Gofer Shirley— Moody’s Magazine (Feb.).

The Stock YTards of New: York. John Parr— Every body’s.

Savings Bank Insurance—Outlook (Jan. 30).

A Woman's Investments. Alexander Dana Noyes —Woman’s Home Companion.

An Income From Taxes. American Review of Reviews.

From a Professional Bond Appraiser—American Review7 of Reviews.

New7 York’s Model Banking Laws—American Review of Reviews.

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

La Follette. Political Evangelist. O. K. DavisHampton’s Broadway.

Lincoln, Our Lincoln—Circle (Feb.).

The Personality of The New President—Century.

A Great Chinese Official. W. Manchester—Young Men.

Queen Helena, Italy's Heroine—American Review Of Reviews.

George Bernard Shaw. Matthew Dataren—English Illustrated.

Melba. Agnes Murphy—London Magazine (Feb-).


The Farmer and The Roll-Top Desk. William Atherton Du Puy—Circle.

Slav Susceptibilities—Saturday Review. (Jan. 30).

The Rich and The Poor Rich—World's Work.

The Heavy Cost of Innocence—World’s Work.

Adventures of a Somnambulist. Samuel Hopkins Adams—American.

The Literary Society. Harvey Peake—Bohemian.

Professors Of Columbia University. Duncan McLaughlin—Bohemian.

Adventures In a Flower Garden. Martha McCulloch-Williams—Suburban Life.

Curious Hobbies of Royalties—Scrap Book.

Making Over an Old House. Charles Brendon— Suburban Life.

Turning Points In Mr. Taft's Career—Century.

Our Responsibility For The Poor. Canon Barnett—Young Man.

The Genius To Get On—Young Men.

The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research. Herbert T. Wade—American Review of Re-

owners Of America—The Swifts. Emerson Hough—Cosmopolitan.

The Social Code—Lone Hand.

A Socialist Community In International.

Northern Ttaly—

A Runaway Pony Coat. Charas Livingstone Bull—Metropolitan.

A Question of Tactics. Henry Cartwright—System.

How I Keep my Work Up-to-Date. George L. Stephens—-System.

On The Trail of the Random Prospect. Alfred Clover—S\ stem.

Kicked Into Millions. Henry M. Ilyde—natur day Evening Post (Feb. 6).

What The President Can and Cannot Do. Richard V. Oulahan—Ladies' Home Journal.

A Stranger In New York. Elliott Flower Putnam's Magazine.

Ways of The Hour— Lippincott's.

Why I Went To The Philippines. President-elect Taft—National.

Bureau Of Etymology. Director L. O. Howard— National.

American Consul. His Work. \\. J. Carr— National.

On Pin-Money. Charles Battell Loomis—Smith's Magazine.

Wilful Waste—Chamber's Journal (Feb. 1).

A Gigantic Scottish Undertaking—Chamber's Journal (Feb.).

Some Celebrities I Have Known. A Stoddard Walker—Chamber's Journal.

The Art of The Orator—Chamber's Journal.

Reclaiming The Desert. Forbes Lindsay—Crafts-

Municipal and Local Government.

Government and The Smoke Problem. John Llewellyn Cochrane—American Review Of Reviews.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

What Country Life May Become—World's Work.

Our Presidents Out of Doors. Calvin Dill Milson—Century.

Political and Commercial.

Dubious Japan—Saturday Review (Feb. 6).

The Folly Of Free Trade. Arthur J. Dodge— Moody's Magazine, (Feb.L

Why M'omen Should Not Have The Vote. Mrs. Frederic Harrison—London Magazine. (Feb.).

The Commonwealth Crisis. C. H. Kermiss— Lone Hand.

Austria, Hungary and The Balkans—International (Feb.).

The “New Liberalism-' In Germany—International, (Feb.).

The Mysterious Forbidden City. Isaac Taylor Headland—Metropolitan.

Yesterday and To-Day in Bulgaria. Frederic Blair Jacket—Metropolitan.

The Commercial Prospects Of The Panama Canal. G. A. Ballard—Living Age.

The Return To The M'hite House. Mr. Parker—


Selling Goods in China. Li Sum Ling—System.

The Crisis In China. Louis J. Stellman—Sunset.

Costa Rica : A Central American Republic That Is Peaceful and Prosperous. Henry M'ack— Putnam’s.

The Future of The Democratic Party. Miiliam Jennings Bryan—Munsey's.

Secretary Knox. The Head of President Taft’s Cabinet. M'illiam S. Bridgman—Munsey'*


The New Czar—Ferdinand Of Bulgaria. Theodore S ch warz.—M u n sey ' s.

M'omen In The Making Of America. H. Addington Bruce—Smith's.

The Advantages Of The Indian Financing Of Indian Railways—M’ed. Review.

The Engineering Of British Collapse—Saturday Review, i Jan. 30).

President Taft and His Quiet Courage—M'orld's M'ork.

The Difficulty Of Making Good Federal Appointments—M'orld's M'ork.

The Ever-Rising Cost Of Government—M'orld's Work.

The Difficulty of Self-Government in Cuba— M'orld’s M’ork.

Railroad and Transportation.

Highways and Automobiles—Cassier's Magazine (Feb.).

Competition Between Steam and Electric Railways. G. E. M'alsh—Cassier’s Magazine (Feb)

American Railway Developments—Cassier's Magazine, (Feb.).

A Trip On a Great Lakes Freighter. James Oliver Curwood-—-Putnam's Magazine.

Minimizing The Dangers of Ocean Travel. Thaddeus S. Dayton—Munsey's.

The New Era In M'aterway Improvement— M'orld's M'ork.

The Story Of the Northern Pacific. M'. F. Bailey—Pacific Monthly.

The Inland M’aterways of Europe and The United States. Grant Foreman—Pacific Monthly.

Commodore Vanderbilt And The New York Central. Irving Bachelier—American Magazine.

The Automobile. C. 0. Morris—Country Life In America.


M'hat Is Christianity ? The Moral Teaching of Jesus Christ ? Lyman Abbott—Outlook (Jan. 30).

The Failure Of Chinese Missions-—International, (Feb.).

Denominational Union In Canada— M'orld ToDay.

Science and Invention.

The M'hite Coal of Sweden. John George Leigh —Cassier's. (Feb.).

The Modern Cotton Spinning Factory. M'. II. Booth—Cassier’s (Feb.).

Live Loads and Working Stresses In Railway Bridges. Conrad Cribble— Cassier's (Feb.).

Length and Voltage of Transmission Lines. Alton D. AdamsCassier's (Feb.).

The Wireless Telegraph In U.S. Army Field M'ork. Paul Beck—Overland Monthly.

The M'ireless In \etion—Outlook (Jan. 30).

Sports and Pastimes.

Where The President Will Hunt. I. R. MacMeehen—McClure’s.

A Successful Moose Hunt In New Brunswick. Hon. Charles Scott—Rod and Gun.

Duck Shooting In Manitoba. F. Manning—Rod and Gun.

The Ideals Of Sportmanship—Rod and Gun.

Hunting and Fishing In Kootenay, B.C. M. Dainard—Rod and Gun.

Fascinations of Flying. Frank Hedges Butler— London Magazine (Feb).

Hunting Ahead of Roosevelt In East Africa. Capt. Fritz Duquesne—Hampton’s Broadway.

The Record Woodcock Bag For Southern Japan. A. M. Tracy Woodward—Badminton (Feb.).

Single Handed Punt Gunning. Stanley Duncan— Badminton (Feb.).

When Roosevelt Gets To Africa—Everybody’s.

Africa As The Hunter Knows It. C. B. Taylor —Everybody’s.

Roping Lions In The Grand Canyon. Zane Grey —Field and Stream, (Feb.)

Snowshoes And Their Uses. S. E. Sangster— Field and Stream (Feb.).

The Amateur Championship Shoot. A. C. Bar rell—Field and Stream.

Hunting In Central Africa—The Sportsman's Outfit—Travel and Exploration.

The Stage.

Hope For American Drama. Littell McClung— Sunset.

Our National Stage. James L. Ford—McClure’s.

Preachers and The Stage—Hampton’s Broadway.

Two Musical Centenaries : Mendelssohn and

Chopin In 1909. Daniel Gregory Mason— Putnam’s.

The Grip Of The Stage. Clara Morris—Munsey's Magazine.

The Extraordinary Personage, The Theatrical Press Agent. Barnett Franklin—Overland Monthly.

How Actors Invest Their Money. Otis Karlin— Green Book.

The Understudy. George Jean Nathan—Bohemian.

The American Idea In Music. David Bispham— Craftsman.

Travel and Description.

A Novel Holiday Trip In New Brunswick. Rita M. Elliott—Rod and Gun.

Over The Indian Ocean To Ceylon. Burton Holmes—Ladies’ Home Journal.

More About Notable Australians—Chamber’s Journal (Feb.).

Trinacria The Stricken. Maude Speed—Badminton (Feb.).

Around The World With The Y.M.C.A. Hugh C. Weir—Circle (Feb.)

A Return To The Lion Country. Lieut.-Col. J. H. Patterson—World’s Work.

The Adirondacks In Summer. A. P. Williams— Field and Stream.

A Winter Cruise In the West Indies’ Algernon E. Aspinall—Travel and Exploration.

Among The Veddas Of Ceylon. Dr. C. G. Seligmann—Travel and Exploration.

A Hundred-Mile Ride In Persia. Ella Sykes— Travel and Exploration.

Idle Days In Southern Spain. S. L. Bensusan— Travel and Exploration.

Women and the Home.

No Votes for Women. Mrs. Frederick Harrison —London Magazine (Feb.).

How Women are Swindled In Music—Ladies’ Home Journal.

Intemperance Among Women. Professor Munsterberg—Ladies’ Home Journal.

The Women Of The South Rise To The Occasion. Jane Clifford—Putnam’s.

An American Girl’s Diary. Mrs. John Van Vorst—Smith's.

Our Servant Girls : What We May Do For

Them. Anna O’Hagan—Smith’s.

The Woman and The Club In California. Evelyn Crawford'—Overland.

The Woman’s Invasion. William Hard—Everybody’s.

Social Disease and The Family—Outlook (Jan.


The Blessing Of Middle Age—Woman’s Home


Banking at Home—Woman’s Home Companion.

Mother and Daughter. Margaret E. Sangster— Woman’s Home Companion.

The Spoiled Parent : What He Can Learn From His Children. Woods Hutchinson, A.M., M.D. —Success Magazine.

The Morality of Woman. Professor Frederick Starr'—Red Book.

What The Farm Home Needs. Professor Charles W. Burkett—Good Housekeeping.

Color Harmony Tn Home Decoration—Good Housekeeping.