Contents of April Magazines

April 1 1909

Contents of April Magazines

April 1 1909

Contents of April Magazines

Architecture and the Arts.

Sir W. S. Gilbert as an Artist. E. S. Valentine—Strand.

The Favorite Portraits of Grand Opera Artists. —Strand.

The Value of Permanent Architecture as a Truthful Expression of National Character—Craftsman.

A Greater Sincerity Necessary for the True Development of American Art—Craftsman.

The Place of Photography Among the Arts.

Giles Edgerton—Craftsman.

Mural Painting in Relation to Architecture. William L. Price—Craftsman.

Rustic Architecture at its Best. Theodore M.

Fisher—Country Life in Am.

The Art of Ignacio Zuloaga. Charles H. Caffin —Metropolitan.

Bristol Corporation Plate—Connoisseur. (Mch.) Loan Exhibition of Old Pewter at Glasgow— Connoisseur, (March.)

The Fry Collection of Bristol Porcelain—Mrs. Willoughby Hodgson—Connoisseur. (March.)

Army and Navy.

Dangers that Threaten Our Battleships in Action. Rear-Admiral Robley Evanß—Hampton's Broadway.

Where Will the Navy Get its Men ? Arthur H.

Dutton—Overland Mthly.

Leonard Wood as Commanding General of the American Army in the Philippines—Pearson's Mag.

Getting Ready for Our Next War. General Jas. Drain—Pearson’s Mag.

The Great Coastwise Fleet of the United States.

Lawrence Perry—World's Work.

Breaking the World’s Record at Naval Gunnery.

Stewart E. White—World's Work.

What Our Navy Costs Us. Lucia Ames MeadWorld To Day.

The Return of The Battle Fleet—The Outlook. (March 6.)

Sea-Dogs, Captains, and Calico-Captains—William H. Rideing—Pall Mall.

The New Scare about the Navy—Living Age. (March 13.)

War at the Present Day—Living Age. (March 6.) A Call for a Re-organized Navy—Current Literature, (March.)

Business and Industry

The Unsolved Mystery of the Salmon. Bonnycastle Dale—Rod and Gun.

Where the Ostrich Feather Crop is Grown. Jas.

McClintock—Suburban Life.

Imagination in Business. Lorin F. Deland—Atlantic Mthly.

Business Opportunities for Young Men in the Canadian West. James Oliver Curwood— Book-Keeper (March).

An Overdose of System. Clarence Hoyt Stilson —Book-Keeper (March).

Wanderings in Business Vagabondia. Thomas Dreier—Book-Keeper (March).

The "Trust” vs. Competition. Meredith N. Stiles—World’s Work.

A Rag'Fair Day in Rome : Description of a Foreign Bargain Counter. Gardner Teall— World To-Day.

The Sardine Fisheries of Passamaquoddy—World To-Day.

The Quality Man in Business. Edwin W. Moore —System (March).

The New Banker : Business Ally. George H.

Cushing—System (March).

Basing Estimates on Accurate Costs. J. W. Stannard—System.

In the Business Eye—System (March).

The Daily Life of a Banker’s Clerk. Charles Inee—Pall Mall, (March.)

Underground Railway Construction in Paris. A J. Thompson—Cassier's.

The Oil Industry in California—Pacific Monthly.


The Square Deal for the Babies. Rheta Childe Dorr—Hampton's Broadway.

That Boy : His Companion. Everett T. Tomlinson—Woman's Home Comp.

What Stories Shall We Tell Children. Helen Rhodes—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

What Mothers Can do for Nervous Children. Katharine Rolston Fisher—Ladies' Home


For the Older and Younger Children. Mrs. Ralston—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

How to Teach a Boy to Save Money. William McKee ver—Pearson's.

Teaching the Boy to Save—Pearson's Mag.

Education and School Affairs.

IIow the University Helps. Warren Chcny—Sunset (March).

How to Teach Drawing. Hermann W. Williams


Obstacles to Elementary Science Teaching. Isaac Thomas—Education.

The Waste of Life in College—Education.

High School Fraternities. S. S. Travis—Education.

The New Education in China. Paul S. Reinscb —Atlantic Mthly

A Boarding School Experience—World's Work.

Essays and General Literature.

The Last Stand of the Indian. Emerson Hough— Hampton’s Broadway

"Too Much” English. Jack London—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Trade and Trail of Tuskers. Eleanor Stuart —McClure’s.

Guglielmo Ferrero on Nero—McClure’s.

What Journalism bas Done for Persia—AmRev. " of Revs.

Past and Present of the German University— Am. Rev. of Revs.

A New Psychical Era in Literature—Current Literature (March).

The Pedigree of Christian Science—Current Literature (March).


Pearlie Wipes Out the Stain. Nellie L. McClung —Woman’s Home Comp.

The Reconciliation. John Barton Oxford—Red Book.

When Elise Came—Olive Higgins Prouty—American.

The Good Samaritan. Robert Russell—Argosy.

An Old-Fashioned Woman. Mary Angela Dickens—London (March).

For the Workers.

Moral Courage. M. Grier Kidder—Overland Mthly.

Muscular Work. Appetite and Energy. Elliott Flint—Young Man.

The Secret of Success—Chambers’ Journal.

Making the Best of Things. Alice Katharine Fallows—Good Housekeeping.

Health and Hygiene.

What to Eat and Why. Woods Hutchinson. M. D.—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Home Milk Supply. Clarence B. Lane— Woman’s Home Comp.

Vegetarian Viands. Fannie A. Dawson—Woman’s Home Comp.

Why We Should Try to Stand Erect. Harry Koopman—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Opium Habit. Elliott Flower—Pearson's.

Wiping Out the Spinal Meningitis Plague. Burton J. Hendrick—McClure’s.

Alcoholism : Its Causation and Its Arrest. Samuel McCoomb. D.D.—Everybody’s.

The Opium Crusade in China. John Stuart Thomson—World’ To-Day.

Getting Pure Air in the Factory. M. A. Rogers —System (March).

Tuberculosis: the Disease and its Causes. 1». F. Lewis—Metropolitan.

House, Garden and Farm.

Landscape Gardening on the Modest Estate. II. F. Major—Suburban Life.

One Town’s Anti-Fly Orusade. E. J. Emmons —Suburban Life.

Porch and Window Gardening. Samuel Armstrong Hamilton—Woman’s Home Comp.

Tw'o Five-Dollar Gardens for a small Lot. Ina Tabor—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

A New Way to Preserve Wild Fruits. John Henry Frome—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Beautiful Homes and Gardens—Strand.

Inexpensive Little Houses. Helen Lukens Gaut —House and Garden.

Buying Trees. L. J. Doogue—House and Gar-

The Rose : Its Care and Culture. Eben E. Rexford—House and Garden.

Genealogies Found in a Garden—House and Gar-

Planting Trees and Shrubs for Ornament. David McIntosh—Garden Mag.

English Effects with Broad-Leafed Evergreens. Wilhelm Miller—Garden Mag.

Planting Grapes in Waste Places. W. H. Jenkins—Garden Mag.

Planting List for a Half-Acre Garden—Garden Mag.

Growing Exhibition Blooms of Sweet Peas— Garden Mag.

Feeding the Growing Chicks. F. H. Valentine— Garden Mag.

Improved Methods of Fruit Handling. Francis John Dyer—Garden Mag.

Things to Consider When Buying a House—Suburban Life.

Converting Backyards into Gardens. Mary Rankin Cranston—Craftsman.

The Proper Consideration of Lawns and Gardens. C. A. Byers—Craftsman.

Porto Rico as a Fruit Garden. Herbert M. Lome—World To-Day.

Some Beautiful Roses You Can Have. Leonard Barton—Country Life in America.

How Qne Working Farmer Lives. A. P. Hitchcock—Country Life in Am.

The Farmer and the Automobile. C. 0. Morris —Country Life in Am.

Decorative Features in the Small Home. Alice M. Kellogg—American Homes and Gardens.

The Use of Concrete in the Building of the Small Country House. Benjamin A. Howes —Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Making of an Iris Garden. Samuel Howe —Am. Homes and Gardens.

The Foundation of Good Gardening. Frank A. Waugh—Woman's Home Comp.

Investments, Speculation, Finance.

George H. Earle, Jr.. Surgeon General of Finance, Richard Jarvis—Hampton's BroadSavings and Investments, John B. Stanton— Pearson's.

A Higher Interest Rate—Am. Rev. of Revs.

What the English Investor Expects.—Am. Rev. of Revs. »

The Machinery of Investment. John Stanton— Pearson’s Mag.

The Way of the Skilled Investor—World’s Work.

What the Insurance Departments do for the Insured. E. E. Rittenhouse—World’s Work.

A Hireling of Wall Street. By a Manager— Everybody’s.

Romance of Life Insurance : Insuring the Masses William J. Graham—World To-Day.

The Imaginary Terrors of Wall Street. Henry Hall—Moody’s Mag.

Morality of Margin Trading—Moody’s Magazine (March).

Famous American Financiers. Marc M. Reynolds—Moody's Mag.

News of the Mining and Metal Markets. Dr. Francis C. Nicholas—Moody’s Mag.

How They do Business in Turkey. E. Alexander Powell—Sat. Evening Post (March 20).

Stock Manipulation. Edwin Lefevre—Sat. Evening Post (March 20).

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

How Mr. Knox Became Secretary of State. Walter Clark—World's Work.

The Late John Wiggins. Ellis Parker Butler— Everybody’s.

Misce. ïaneous.

The Long Road. John Burroughs—Atlantic Mthly.

The Forty Immortals. Jeanne Mairet—Atlantic Mthly.

The Muses in the Back Street. Rollin Lynde Hartt—Atlantic Mthly.

Will Your House Burn ? G. W. Wharton— World's Work.

The Game Gets You. John Parr—Everybody’s.

Little Stories of Real Life—Everybody’s.

The Disadvantage of Specialization. Sidney Morse—Craftsman.

The Fair That Will be Ready. Louis P. Zimmerman—World To-Day.

Older and Newer Ideals of Marriage. W. I. Thomas—American.

Intrigue and Crime in San Francisco. Will Irwin—American.

How the Red Cross Society Began. M. G. Medcalf, B.A.—St. Nicholas.

Pope and the Modern Woman. J. St. Loe Strachey—Cornhill (March).

The World's Wealthiest Women—London Mag. (March).

Personalities—Hampton’s Broadway.

Night Riding: A Reign of Fear. Eugene' P. Lyle. Jr.—Hampton's Broadway.

How Psychotherapy Works. W. P. Parker— Woman’s Home Comp.

The Trail of Exchange. Michael White—Red Book.

Cleveland's Opinions of Men—George F. Parker— McClure's.

Crime and the Crystal. F. A. H. Eyles—Strand

My Reminiscences. Harry Lauder—Strand.

Bishop Hartzel in Africa. Ferdinand Iglehart— Am. Rev. of Revs.

Preserving the Nation’s Fish. Cyrus Macmillan —Rod and Gun.

Canadian Forestry Association—Rod and Gun.

Our National Ash-Heap. R. J. Lawrence— Smith's Mag.

Chicago's Renaissance : An Old Italian Pageant in a New World Setting. Martyn Johnson— Putnam's.

America's Oldest and Oddest Capital. John L. Cowan—Putnam’s.

An Experiment in the Sulphitic Theory. Will Scarlet—Putnam's.

Cometerles of the Future. Howard Evarts Weed —Suburban Life.

The Scholarly Monks of San Lazzaro. Venice. Prof. John W. Harchberger—Education.

Character in Letter Writing—The Young Man (March.)

The Secret Service not a Spy System—Outlook (March 6.)

True Stories of the French Revolution—Pall Mall (March.)

The American of To-Day—Living Age (March 6.)

Political Interludes. Comic and otherwise— Blackwood's (March.)

Finding Work for the Handicapped. Lyman Beecher Stowe—Circle.

Small Beginnings of Big New York—Scrap Book (March.)

The Awakening of the Northwest. William Allen—Van Norden (March.)

Municipal and Local Government.

Shall We Burn the Court House ? Melville Post —Pearson’s.

What Industrial Civilization May do to Men. Edwin Bjorkman—World’s Work.

How Boston Goes About Civic ImprovementCraftsman.

Nature and Outdoor Life.

The Part Played by the Forests in Everyday Life—Suburban Life.

Political and Commercial.

Ministers and Their Critics. E. T. Cook—Contemporary Review.

The Morocco Agreement. Dr. E. J. Dillon Contemporary Rev.

Africa in Transformation. Cyrus C. Adams— Am. Rev. of Revs.

The New Union Among the States. W. J. McGee—Am. Rev. of Revs.

What is Britain Really Doing in India—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Cabinet Changes in Turkey—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Federation of British Africa—Am. Rev. of Revs.

Sicily : The Land of Unrest. Emily James Putnam—Putnam’s.

The Ultimate Race Problem. Kelly Miller—Atlantic Mthly.

Fur Traders as Empire Builders. Charles M. Harvey—Atlantic Mthly.

Does Japanese Trade Endanger the Peace of Asia ? Adachi Kinnosuke—World's Work.

San Francisco Against the Nation for the Yosemite. E. F. Strother—World’s Work.

Progress in American Cities. William Allen White—American.

Prosperity and the Tariff. Martin Ilsen— Moody’s Mag. (March).

The Development of Mexico Under Diaz. Elisha Talbot—Moody's Mag.

Imperial Federation and Social Reform—Empire Rev. (March).

Lord Morley’s Indian Reforms. Sir Andrew Fraser—Empire Rev. (March).

The Labor Party in Parliament—Fortnightly Rev. (March).

Imperial Telegraphy at a Popular Tariff. Chas. Bright—Fort. Rev. (March).

Railroad and Transporta Lion.

The Heart of the Railroad Problem. Charles Edward Russell—Hampton’s Broadway.

Safety of Travel on the Modern Liner. E. A. Stevens—Am. Rev. of Revs.

The Motor Car and Its Owner. Ralph Estep— Am. Rev. of Revs.

Employes as Partners in Railroad Interests— Am. Rev. of Revs.

The Automobile as the Agent of Civilization. Will Barry—Overland Mthly.

An Auto Suggestion. Edward I. FarringtonSuburban Life.

The Railroads and Efficiency of Service. James 0. Fagan—Atlantic Mthly.

The Panama Railroad. Ernest Cawcroft—BookKeeper (March).


Religion and Temperament. George Hodges— Atlantic Mthly.

TheSpiritual Unrest. Ray Stannard Baker— American.

The Hero as Missionary. George Brown, D.D.— The Young Man, (March.)

Spiritual Interviewas.—The Young Man, (March.)

The Candor of the New Testament—Living Age (March 13.)

On Christian Name-Places—Living Age (Mch 13.)

A Fourteenth Century Life of Christ—Living Age, (March 6.)

The American Passion For Righteousness—Current Literature (March.)

Science and Invention.

Men of the Wireless : the ‘‘Hurry Call" of the Sea and Those Who Send It. Arthur Smith —Putnam’s.

Making Rivers Work. John L. Matthews— Everybody’s.

The Panama Canal and the American Institute of Mining Engineers—Outlook, (March 6.)

Harnessing Wind for Generating Electricity— Chambers' Journal (March.)

Chance and the Inventor—Scrap Book, (March.)

Copper Sheets and Wire Direct from Raw Ore. F. A. Talbot—Technical World, (March.)

Engineering Progress—Technical World, (March.)

Marvels of Modern Surgery. C. F. CarterTechnical World (March.)

Genius Discovers New Motive Power. Edwin Wildman—Technical World (March.)

Conquering the Ocean’s Perils. Gustav Schwab —Van Norden’s (March.)

Sports and Pastimes.

Canoe and Pack Strap. A. J. Algate—Rod and Gun.

A Fishing Trip up the River Mersey. N.S. H. H. Burnaby—Rod and Gun.

A Moose Hunt in New Brunswick—Rod and Gun.

Bass Fishing in Florida. Ezra P. Young—Rod and Gun.

A Nova Scotian Fishing Experience. Harold Whidden—Rod and Gun.

A Ladies’ Moose Hunt in New Brunswick—Rod and Gun.

When the President Plays Golf. E. A. FowlerSuburban Life.

Concerning Winter Sport. George Cecil—English Illustrated (March).

Americans at Play—World To-day.

Hunting Wolves by Automobile. Charles Noreau Harger—World To-Day.

The American Chariot Races. Charles Frederick Holder—World To-Day.

A Hunting Trip in British Columbia. Lord Hindlip—Travel and Exploration.

Racing : Past and Future—Badminton (March).

Motoring in the Alps. Charles L. Freeston— Badminton (March).

Making an Artificial Trout Stream—Coun. Life in America.

Hunting in British East Africa. Percy C. Madeira-Metropolitan.

The Stage.

How I Built My Theatre. Maxine Elliott— Woman ’s Home Comp.

Hope for American Drama. Littell McClung— Sunset (March).

The Founders of French Opera. Rupert Hughes— Smith's Magazine.

Theatrical Art Studies—Smith’s Mag.

Scenes From the Latest Plays—People’s.

The Decline of the Stage Villain—Barnett Franklin— Overland Mthly.

The London Stage. Oscar Parker—English Illustrated (March).

New York the Greatest Opera City in the World. W. J. Henderson—World’s Work.

Ambitions : a Chronicle of the Hopes of Fourteen of our Popular Actresses—Bohemian. The Drama of the Slums. John Corbin—Sat. Evening Post (March 20).

Travel and Description.

Across France in a Motor Car. Amy Gretton— Travel and Exploration.

Servia From Within. Arnold White—London Mag. (March).

What Mr. Roosevelt May See in South Africa.

Sir H. H. Johnston'—Youth’s Comp.

Into Africa With Roosevelt. Edward B. Clark —Am. Rev. of Revs.

A New Brunswick Lost Lake Found. Arthur L.

Slipp. LL.B.—Rod and Gun.

A Day at “The Orifice.” C. J. Mitchell—Rod and Gun.

A Day in the North Woods. Charles Cameron —Rod and Gun.

The Speed Mania of the Sea. William De Wagstaffe—Travel Mag.

Foreign Shops that Allure Americans. Alice Lounsberry—Travel Mag.

The Panama Canal. Forbes Lindsay—Travel

Gibralter : the Lock of the Mediterranean.

Charles Neville Buck—Travel Mag.

Through Darkest Africa. Arthur W. Page—Travel Mag.

The Romance of the Volga River. Harry De W'indt—Travel Mag.

Travel Letters. Charles Lorrimcr—Overland


My Escape From Tenement. Life to Arcadia.

Della Fenton—Suburban Life.

Day and Night in Venice. Katherine Bethune Ellis—English Illus.

Motoring in Many Lands. H. Massac Buish— Travel and Exploration.

Idle Days in Southern Spain. S. L. Bcnsusan —Travel and Exploration.

Mogador : A Potential Winter Resort—Cham-

bers' Journal (March.)

Something About Sicily—Chambers’ Journal (March.)

Women and the Home.

Problems of the Business Girl—Woman's Home Comp.

The Business Girl’s Clothes. Anna Steese Richardson—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Money Question Between Husband and Wife—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Best Books for Young Home-Makers. Hamilton W. Mabee—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

How a Girl Can Live in a Small Room. Laura A. Smith—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Canning of Vegetables. Mrs. S. T. Roer —Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Right Way to Select Furniture. Vesper Lincoln George—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Poor Tools that Women Use—Ladies Home Jrnl.

The Proper Way to Make Tea. Olive Brown Sarre—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Women in the Making of America. H. Addington Bruce—Smith’s.

The Women Who Work for Us. Anna O’Hagan —Smith’s.

The Woman's Invasion. William Hard—Everybody’s.

Why Women Should Vote. Evelyn Sharp—London Mag. (March).