Women and their Work

Maclean's Question Box

EDWINA SETON February 15 1925
Women and their Work

Maclean's Question Box

EDWINA SETON February 15 1925

Maclean's Question Box


Question—A.B.S., Toronto:—Kindly tell me some trade papers or magazines giving information regarding the manufacture of pottery, also the names of firms which sell to the retail trade. My idea is to learn as much as possible about the countries from which the various potteries, china, etc., come before entering into the retail business.

Answer—Your best plan will be to spend an afternoon in the Reference Library, College Street, where in an index of trade journals you will find a number of such to choose from. There is also a i special shelf containing a number of books of reference on pottery, china, etc. You might also spend a good deal of time with profit in the Art Museum, Bloor Street, where you will have every opportunity of studying examples of a great number of kinds of pottery and porcelains.

Question—M.B., Ont.:—Where could I obtain a correspondence course in handicrafts at which a teacher’s diploma would be given? Is this a good vocation, and is there any demand for teachers?

Answer—This is scarcely a subject that lends itself to tuition by mail. It involves many processes and the use of many kinds of material and tools. Both the Ontario College of Art and the Central Technical School, Toronto, teach such crafts as modelling in clay, metal work, wood carving, stained glass, and give teachers’ certificates. Possibly the new course to be given in occupational therapy by the University of Toronto next autumn would interest you. If so, send in your application early. Physicians are now having nervous patients instructed in craft; work, and while the field is rather limited for graduates, it is gradually expanding.

Question—L.J., Ont.:—Kindly let me know if there still exists a Carnegie Organ Fund to purchase organs for churches.

Answer—The Carnegie Corporation ceased providing money for the purchase of church organs in May, 1917.

Question—H.M., Ont.:—Kindly give me the address of a reputable song publishing house.

Answer—Here are five firms who publish songs of various types: Leo Feist Music Publishing Co., Toronto, popular music; Anglo-Canadian Music Publishing Co., Toronto, semi-classic; Oliver Ditson Co., Boston, Mass., high-class songs, ballads, juvenile songs; Witmark & Sons, New York, popular and high-class songs; G. Schirmer Co., New York, ballads, high-class, semi-high and juvenile.

Question—Mrs. J. H. M., Man.:—Can you give me information about a hand loom for weaving rag rugs?

Answer—Mme. Blanchard, Caraquet, N.B., will be able to give you the address, of a man who makes these looms, but without personal instruction I fear it would be difficult to operate one. But there is a way of making “hooked” rugs on a simple frame, pulling the rags through a canvas foundation; that would be easy to do without help from a teacher.

Question—S.M., Toronto:—If you could advise me in the following problem I would be extremely grateful. Ill-health has kept me from getting ahead in my business life, although I am well educated.

I have had two years’ experience in banking and generaL office work, including typing; and would' now like to get a position in a doctor’s office or in a studio. How could I locate something different?

Answer—You do not say if you can write shorthand. If so, a secretary’s post would probably give you the interesting work you wish. I am sending you the address of a successful school in Toronto that trains girls for secretarial positions, and often is able to place graduates in excellent openings. If you do not want to take such a course, your next best plan will be to watch the papers for advertisements, and make enquiries for a likely opening among the people you know.

Question—Mrs. F. W., Quebec:— Could you tell me the name and address of a firm that makes over and dyes rugs and carpets?

Answer—The Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co., 67 Lombard Street, Toronto, will either cut up your carpet into rugs, or ravel out the wool and re-weave it for you. They also dye carpets.

Question—Mrs. M.,Ont.:—My daughter is in her junior matriculation year, and wishes to specialize in art and literature. She would like to begin on a newspaper, as a reporter. Where could she take a special course in art and literature, and how long would such a course be?

Answer—The four-year Arts course at j the University would be an excellent one | to take, being specially valuable in giving a sound knowledge of English, literature and general knowledge. But if she wants to go in for Art, with the idea of teaching it, she would have to spend a number of years at an art school. How long would depend on the amount of talent she possesses and the perseverance she brought to the study. Both the Ontario College of Art and the Toronto Central Technical School give courses in art.


R.S.C., and others: Miss Rosamond de Wolfe Archibald’s book, “King’s English Drill,” is no longer published by a Toronto firm, as was stated in this department recently. You may procure it by writing to Barnes and Co., St. John, N.B., who supply the khaki edition for schools for seventy-five cents; and the royal blue limited autographed reproduction of the copy accepted by Queen Mary for $1.25. Copies may also be procured direct from the author, Wolfville, Nova Scotia,