April 1 1925


April 1 1925


FOR the guidance of investors and the public generally a large number of pamphlets and brochures is published periodically by large Canadian financial houses, banks and brokerage irms. These are distributed to the public free for the asking, and give advice regarding the making of wills, purchasing of bonds and stocks, etc. They also give information on the subject of succession duties, income tax, and general statistics of Canada’s trade and natural resources.

The following is a list of some of the recent pamphlets:—

“ Analysis of Canadian Stocks" : A compiled analysis of upwards of 90 leading: preferred and common issues. The essential facts which should be known by aiiy investor before purchasing. Published by Greenshields and Co., 17 St. John St., Montreal.

"Become Financially Independent" : Information regarding the purchase 'of bonds on the partial payment plan. Greenshields and Co., 17 St. John St., Montreal.

"Catalogue of High Grade Canadian Investments, Analyzed and Described": A description of bonds and stocks, how they are secured, their yield, interest dates, etc. This booklet also contains a chapter on income tax and investment yields. Greenshields and Co., 17 St. John St., Montreal.

"The Greenshields Review": A brief

summary based on authentic statistics of the current state of business in Canada. Greenshields and Co., 17 St. John St., Montreal.

"Canada Life Assurance Co. Annual Report": This is the seventy-eighth

annual report of the Canada Life Company and gives information regarding the board of directors, and an analysis of the business of the company during 1924. It also contains the address of the president at the annual meeting, which reviews, the operations of the various departments of the company and discusses the placing of investment funds, mortality experience, etc. A condensed financial statement may also be had. Published by the Canada Life Assurance Co., Toronto.

"Canada of the Future”: A booklet of seventy-two pages. An analysis of Canada’s agricultural, industrial and mineral resources by provinces. It also contains information regarding Dominion finances and of taxation, banking, incorporation of companies, in the different provinces. It also deals with the tariff of Canada and British Empire preferential tariffs. Considerable space is devoted to railways, ports of shipping, labor, water power and immigration. Published by the Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal.

"Investment Items": Published every

alternate month. A review of domestic and international trade conditions, business and financial outlook, Canadian security market, and Canadian trade. A number of government and municipal, public utility and industrial bonds are analyzed, also the stocks of outstanding public utility and industrial corporations. Published by the Royal Securities Corp., Montreal and Toronto.

"Gibson's Fortnightly Mining Reneib : A chatty and informative review of Canada’s gold and silver mines, particularly those of Northern Ontario. Each issue contains a price range of Canadian mining securities covering a two year period, and current quotations. Published bv Homer L. Gibson and Co., Bank of Hamilton Bldg., Toronto.

"Power Development in Canada”: Description of Canadian water power resources and possibilities. Power development in the various provinces is fully dealt with, together with the financing of developments and Dominion laws and regulations. Published by Nesbitt, Thomson and Co., Ltd., Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

"Modern Trusteeship": A description of the modern administration of trusts and other matters of interest to will makers. Published by the National Trust Co., Ltd., Toronto. .

"Some Remarks on M ills" and "Practical Hints on Making I our Will”: Information regarding the drawing up of wills and suggested clauses and simple forms of wills. Published by the Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

"Life Time Trusts or Donations in the

Province of Quebec’' : Information regarding the appointment of an executor or trustee. This booklet also gives information regarding investments for trust funds, succession duties, income tax, etc. It also describes some of the essential features of a life time trust or donation made in accordance with the laws of Quebec. Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

“Management Service" and “What We Can Do For You": An account of some of the services performed by the trust company. Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

“The Income Tax and the Individual" : This booklet is for the guidance of all those who have to make income tax returns. It has been compiled from authoritative sources and from the experience gained by the income tax department of the trust company publishing the booklet. The booklet is revised to January 1, 1925. A full text of the Income Tax Law is published. A table is also given showing the amount of tax payable according to income. Information is also given regarding exemptions, deductions on account of depreciation and the calculation of income tax. Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

“Quebec Succession Duties" : Published for the benefit of those interested in the subject of Succession Duties—a tax imposed on the transmission of any kind of property owing to death. Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

“Safe Custody of Securities": How a'

trust company will receive and hold bonds and stock certificates for safe custody and collect the relative coupons, interest and dividends, and dispose of such collections in accordance with the wishes of its client. Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

"A Woman and Her Will”: For the guidance of women in drawing up their wills so that their heirs may be protected. Published by the Royal Trust Co., Montreal.

“Wills": Some of the special advantages which a modern trust company possesses over the individual in the administration of estates. What a will is. How it is executed, etc. Published by the Montreal Trust Co., Montreal Trust Bldg., Montreal.


Question—Would appreciate your

opinion of the undermentioned bonds from an investment standpoint. I have, at present, $12,000 in government and provincial bonds yielding around five per cent., but would like to raise the yield. I have $1,500 to invest now. What do you think of the following list : Belgo-Canadian bonds, 6 per cent., due 19f3;East Kootenay bonds, 7 per cent., due 191,2; Howard Smith Paper bonds, 6 per cent., due 193f; Southern Canada Power bonds, 6 per cent., due 1918; St. Maurice Power, 6l/z per cent., due 1953. Would you suggest anything else?—B.M.C., Barrie, Ont.

Answer—You do not state in your letter whether you are at present holding the bonds outlined, or whether you are contemplating purchasing such bonds. However, the list you give could hardly be improved upon. They are all highclass bonds and well regarded. The average yield of the four bonds is around six per cent. Since you have already $12,000 in government and provincial bonds you are entitled to go out after a higher yield. You will certainly get this higher yield in all, or any of the bonds listed in your letter. Other suggestions might be Dominion Power and Transmission preferred stock at par, to yield seven per cent.; Consumers Gas at 164, yielding 6.06.

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