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Women and their Work





JUNE will soon be here with its band of charming brides. If you number one of them amongst your friends your mind naturally turns to entertaining her to the best of your ability. Bridges and luncheons are the order of the day but nothing quite takes the place of the popular bridal shower.

Every hostess wants to make her party a success, and half the battle is finding something which will be a little different and so make her affair distinctive.

One good point to remember when arranging your party, shower or otherwise, is to hold it in plenty of time before the wedding. So many leave it until almost the last week; the bride-elect is then so rushed that she is often too tired to enjoy herself. Also, parties lose some of their thrill when they come too close together.

The decorations of both the room and the table add greatly to any affair of this kind. Of course the hostess gives a good deal of thought and care also to her menu for the happy occasion. It looks dainty and attractive, when possible, to keep everything in pink and white.

A new idea for a shower cake is as follows:

be outstretched as this gives them the appearance of flying.

There are many ways of doing a pretty table. The following is a novel idea for a luncheon but would do just as well for a shower tea-table. The centre piece represents a hope chest surmounted by a bridal doll and surrounded with asparagus fern. Four candlesticks containing delicate pink candles and twined around with white crepe paper flowers complete the picture.

The hope chest is easily made by covering a suitable sized box with white crepe paper, banding the lid with gold paper and making tiny hinges of gold also. On the lid of the box place at one end a large, pale pink tulle bow. At the other end stands the doll. Dress her in white crepe paper. To do this make three paper skirts. These are made by gathering strips of paper along one edge. Cut a little sleeveless waist of paper also. Finish her outfit with a white tulle veil and give her a bouquet made of tiny white flowers showered with narrow ribbon.

To make the white crepe paper flowers which are around the candlesticks, cut three-inch wide strips, lengthwise, from roll of white crepe paper. Fold from left

Make any good butter cake mixture. Bake in a large angel-cake tin. Ice with butter icing colored a faint pink. Place marshmallows on the end of toothpicks and stick them in the top and sides of cake. Dip a pointed toothpick into diluted cochineal and draw a heart on each side of every marshmallow. In round opening of centre of cake place a small vase containing a pink rose. This makes a truly fascinating looking cake.

Small cakes are always much appreciated as they are so easy to handle. Here is a very simple way to make cocoanut cones. These are quite inexpensive as they do not require any eggs.

Mix together thoroughly with a fork one medium-sized tin of sweetened, condensed milk with as much desiccated cocoanut as it will absorb. It takes about one pound of cocoanut to obtain required consistency, as mixture must be stiff or it will spread in baking. Shape into small cones about two inches in height and one and a half inches across base. Arrange on greased baking sheet and bake in a medium oven until a delicate brown in color. This quantity makes about four dozen dainty cones.

Another cake novelty is to make a tiered cake having a different mixture in each tier. Bake in a set of round, tiered tins, having three tins to a set. For the bottom tier have a white fruit cake, in the middle tier a cocoanut cake and for the top have any good white cake mixture. Place cakes on top of each other and stick by means of white of egg. Cover with a boiled icing and decorate with pink candies.

KEWPIE dolls and white wedding bells, hung from every available point, make an effective decoration for your room. Narrow white ribbon should be used to suspend them. The kewpies’ arms should

to right in one-inch folds. Round off top edge with scissors. Slit down, through all folds, each side of folded strip to within one inch of plain edge. Open cut. Paper is now joined in one-inch sections with rounded top edges. These form petals and five of them make a flower. Divide your strip into sections of five petals. Take some yellow stamens, which can be obtained from any department store, and twist your five petals around them. Fasten with spool wire. Cover this with apple green crepe paper. Join flowers in bunches by means of wire. To make smaller flowers cut your strip narrower and fold in smaller folds.

A Novel Bouquet

AVERY attractive idea for any party for a bride-to-be is to present the young lady with a bouquet made from clothes pegs. These bouquets are very original and quite simple and inexpensive to make. The clothes pegs have the appearance of some kind of strange orchid. All you require to make one is: Five dozen new, ordinary clothes pegs; some florist’s wire; five yards of narrow white ribbon; one sheet of white tissue paper; one fancy paper flower frill from florist, such as you see round a Valentine corsage; some pieces of asparagus fern, and one and a half yards of pink ribbon.

Cut the wire into strands eight inches in length. Wire the heads of the clothes pegs, just as you would if you were wiring a rose or any other flower. Wire about four dozen in this manner. Bunch all your wired pegs together as if they were flowers and you were making an old-fashioned nosegay. Then place pieces of foliage, asparagus fern is best, between the pegs and all around the outside of bouquet. After this is done bind all wire stalks together and cover with wrapping of tissue^ paper.

Cut out a small hole in centre of paper frill, pull bouquet through this. Be careful that you do not cut this hole too big for your stalks. If you do the frill will not stand up as it ought to. Cut the white ribbon into various lengths, varying from twelve inches to three quarters of a yard. Tie these ribbons on to the mouths of

some of the pegs and allow to fall down in shower effect. Fasten the remaining clothes pegs on to the ends of the showered ribbon.

Finish bouquet with a large bow of pink tulle or ribbon, tied under the paper frill. This gives a touch of color which it really needs as the pegs are colorless. You will be surprised how natural looking this bouquet is.

There are many different ways of presenting the shower gifts. Everyone has seen the prettily decorated clothesbasket and the bedecked tea-wagon, but the following is quite unique:

Take a small pine tree, an evergreen shrub, or even a branch of a tree. Place it

in a box or a pot of some kind. Decorate this with pink and white crepe paper. Trim your tree with hearts and cupids cut from pink paper. Tie the presents on the tree with pretty ribbons, putting the heavy parcels around the bottom, and the lighter ones on top.