Women and their Work

MacLean's Question Box

EDWINA SETON August 1 1927
Women and their Work

MacLean's Question Box

EDWINA SETON August 1 1927

MacLean's Question Box


NOTE : When a personal reply is asked for, a stamped, self-addressed envelope must be enclosed. No notice will be taken of anonymous communications. Writers must sign their names, not for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. Information about educational institutions and business places is confined to Canadian ones.

Question—Mrs. P., Ont: We have a lovely place near Toronto, and are anxious to become known. How shall we attract tourists here?

Answer—Get in touch with the Toronto Convention and Tourist Association, Secretary-Treasurer, E. R. Powell, with headquarters at Hotel Waverley, Spadina Avenue, Toronto.

Question—J.S., Man.: How could I obtain a position in one of our railway companies? I am a boy, now finishing the final year in high school.

Answer—As Winnipeg is your nearest centre, you could apply to the railway offices there, also register at the Employment Service of Canada, which has a branch in each of our leading cities. You do not say what branch of the service you are interested in, and there are a great many. You should take a course in stenography or telegraphy before applying, if an office post is what you have in mind.

Question—Miss N., N.B.: Can you help me to locate any greeting cards printed in Canada and ready for tinting; also where can one obtain artists’ supplies. There is so little variety in the choice here.

Answer—Rous & Mann, 172 Simcoe St., Toronto, have cards for tinting. I have sent you several addresses where art supplies may be purchased.

Question—M.S.: Can you tell me if there is any institution in central or eastern Canada that gives short courses in arts and crafts? I would like to take such a course, but could not spare more than four to six months to do it.

Answer—While Arts and Crafts comprise one of the courses taught in such schools as Nova Scotia College of Art, Halifax, N.S., and Mount Allison Ladies’ College, Sackville, N.B. they require more time than you have to spare. At the Ontario College of Art, Grange Park, Toronto, certain subjects could be studied

without having to take the whole course. The Central Technical School, Toronto, also teaches the applied arts, and special subjects can be taken there. Perhaps other technical schools in Canada would offer the same advantages of very low fees and a choice of whatever crafts may appeal.

Question—M.W, Maritimes: I am twenty-six years old, a graduate in Arts and in Household Science. For three years I have been teaching Household Science, and now want to get a position out of the Maritimes but in Eastern Canada. What course should I take?

Answer—Before you would be allowed to teach in Ontario, you would have to get a certificate from the Deputy Minister of Education, Parliament Buildings, Toronto. Send to him your original certificates and diplomas and make application for a certificate to teach. Having obtained this you could then make application for a post to the School Administration Board, and to private schools, whose announcements you will find in Canadian Homes and Gardens’ advertising section.

Question—G.J., Ont.: Kindly tell me if it is necessary to have bees examined by a Government inspector before they can be sold? I have a number of colonies to dispose of, having no time to attend to them, but have been told one is liable to a fine if they are not inspected.

Answer—Yes, it is necessary to get a permit before selling any bees. Address Professor F. E. Miller, Provincial Apiarist Guelph, Ont.

Question—J.. Alta.: Where could I apply for a position on a steamship in any capacity, something not calling for previous experience? I am twenty-two years old, with two years’ school teaching experience.

Answer—Write to Col. C. G. Williams, Secretary, Navy League, 34 King Street West, Toronto.